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INTEGRATING TECHNOLOGY Flipped Learning. Visual Auditory Tactile DIFFERENT LEARNER STYLES (“learners,” learners)

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2 Visual Auditory Tactile DIFFERENT LEARNER STYLES (“learners,” learners)

3 CREATING VIDEO CONTENT Flipped learning Software tutorials Accessible anywhere * with most devices Content engagement for students when absent * the absent is you or the student ("Students cloud," Students cloud)

4 FLIPPED CLASSROOM Same as homework of the past…reading the textbook at home Similar to normal classroom lecturing with the ability to pause, play, rewind and view again Is the flipped classroom appropriate for Tech Apps courses? Affords the opportunity to connect with each student in class ("Service-support-guidance," Service-support- guidance)

5 WHY A FLIPPED CLASSROOM Invoke curiosity Allow for higher-order thinking skills Challenge students and get them to ask questions Allow for collaboration among classmates Technology motivates students ("Higher Order Thinking," Higher Order Thinking)

6 Characteristics of the flipped classroom ("Pre-flip vs. post-flip," 2013)

7 Be careful how much you ask students to do at home Know what works for your students Sage on Stage vs. Guide on the Side (Knewton, flipped- classroom)

8 VIDEO PRESENTATION SOFTWARE Camtasia Studio the mother load of screen capture software Camtasia Studio Screencast-O-Matic (free or $15/yr license) quick and easy with many features (similar to Camtasia) Screencast-O-Matic Quicktime 7 (free on Mac OS and $29.95 for Windows) records video screen and voice but not simultaneously Snagit ($29.95 for academic license) snag images/videos and add effects or create quick videos. Snagit Jing (needs account) free screen capture - better than print screen

9 REMINDERS FOR VIDEO  Check your mic volume  Check your focus  Check your zoom-ins  Script your dialogue – have a plan  Stay on task  Don’t waste your student’s time ("reminder," reminder)

10  Don’t just read your notes  Animate your voice – speak with inflection  Know your material  Plan your collaboration  Edit your transitions  Make your handwriting legible REMINDERS FOR VIDEO (Ilyushka88, Stop hand)

11 AIRSERVER & DOCERI AirServer is similar to AppleTV, broadcasting device screens Doceri displayed through AirServer on appropriate devices Wirelessly project portable devices on screen Stream content or mirror your portable iOS device or current Mac OS

12 Resources Cisco. (2013). The flipped classroom: Empowering students to take charge of their learning. Retrieved from Diaz, V., McDaniel, S., & Bonamici, A. (2013). 7 things you should read about flipped classrooms. Educase. Retrieved from Pre-flip vs. post-flip. (2013). Retrieved from Learners [Web Graphic]. Retrieved from Students cloud [Web Photo]. Retrieved from Service-support-guidance [Web Graphic]. Retrieved from 000019268980_287.jpg 000019268980_287.jpg Flipped classroom [Web Graphic]. Retrieved from Reminder [Web Graphic]. Retrieved from Ilyushka88. (Artist). (2009, December 4). Stop hand [Web Graphic]. Retrieved from Higher Order Thinking [Web Photo]. Retrieved from

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