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Old Dominion University College of Business & Public Administration The State of Our College August 23, 2011 Dr. Gilbert R. Yochum, Dean.

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1 Old Dominion University College of Business & Public Administration The State of Our College August 23, Dr. Gilbert R. Yochum, Dean

2 Teaching: Output, Productivity and Student Quality
Who We Are: Our Research Identity CBPA and the Metropolitan University Achievements The Coming Year

3 Average time to graduation (undergraduate) = 5.2 years
Graduation Trends Doctorates Masters Bachelors (including second degrees) Average time to graduation (undergraduate) = 5.2 years

4 CBPA Student Headcount Trends Fall 2006 – Fall 2010
Undergraduate includes both Intended and Declared majors.

5 CBPA Student Credit Hour Trends Fall/Spring Semesters
5-year increase = 10.3%

6 Total Student Credit Hours
2006/2007 2009/2010 % Change CBPA 70,791 78,042 10.2% University 473,903 555,200 17.1% * Source = ODU Institutional Research and Assessment ** Total SCH includes Fall, Spring, & Summer

7 CPBA Proportion of Total Student Credit Hours by Academic Level
Annual Data 2009/2010

8 Full-time/Part-time Faculty Trends
Faculty Headcount Full-time Part-time Full-time faculty: +4.3% Part-time faculty: +40.9%

9 Student Credit Hour Trends
% SCH by Faculty Type

10 CPBA Student Credit Hour Trends Mean SCH by Faculty Type
Full-time Part-time

11 Distribution of Total Student Credit Hours and
Total Full-time Faculty by CBPA Department Department % of Total College SCH Taught ( ) % of Full-time Faculty Accounting 13.2% 13.4% DS/IT 21.3% 23.7% Economics 15.3% Finance 13.5% Management 20.8% 18.6% Marketing 11.9% 10.3% USPA 4.0% 7.2%

12 Full-time Faculty and University Professional Staff
Fall 2006 Fall 2010 % Change CBPA Faculty 93 97 4.3 % ODU Faculty 669 740 10.6 % ODU Professional Staff 561 684 21.9 % * Source = ODU Institutional Research and Assessment AACSB 2007 Accreditation Report Action Item: “conflict between high quality academic programs and enrollment growth”

13 Student Quality: Incoming Students
2007/08 2008/09 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 MBA (GMAT/GPA) 544/3.2 550/3.24 543/3.2 544/3.25 552/3.24 MA - Econ (GRE/GPA) 1108/3.1 1090/3.04 1167/3.16 1144/3.2 1116/3.3 MS – Acct. (GMAT/GPA) 565/3.49 558/3.07 552/3.43 574/3.3 580/3.3 MPA (GRE/GPA) 979/3.2 950/3.2 960/3.2 966/3.2 966/3.3 PhD – BUSN (GMAT/GPA) 617/3.5 640/3.6 640/3.7 647/3.7 665/3.7 PhD - PA&UP (GRE/GPA) 1060/3.8 1080/3.62 1097/3.67 1058/3.7 1230/3.8 UG Business Intended (SAT/GPA) 1039/3.2 1030/3.2 1044/3.2 1052/3.2 1025/3.3

14 CBPA Student Quality: Raising the Bar
Revised BSBA admission policy – now a two-step process Retains resume requirement Adds BUSN 110 to courses that must be completed with a grade of C or better (Retains ENGL 110, MATH 162, ACCT 201, ECON 202) Adds Step 2: Complete 12 hours of 300/400 level courses at ODU, including at least 6 hours of 300/400 CBK courses (students may not complete more than 18 hours when attempting to complete Step 2) Have an overall cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in all courses taken at ODU Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in all 300/400 level courses taken at ODU New BSBA continuance policy Requires BSBA students to maintain a cumulative GPA in the CBK courses of at least 2.0 If cumulative GPA in the CBK falls below 2.0, student is place on “academic alarm” Any student on “academic alarm” who earns a semester GPA in the CBK of less than 2.0 will be terminated from the BSBA program

15 CBPA Student Quality: Modeling the Way
MBAA initiatives to enhance the program’s focus on ethics: implemented the MBA Oath Project; MBA speaker series theme of issues in ethics (James Squires, CFO of Norfolk Southern, kicked off the speaker series) RRAP Committee annual Major/Minor Fair; new informational brochure Career Management Center staff reviewed nearly 1500 student resumes, the majority for the purpose of admission to the BSBA Department of USPA introduced the Public Service Minor (Summer 2010) 10 students graduated in May with the new minor 62% of PS minor students perform community or volunteer service regularly, they average 14 hours per month PAUPERS, the student organization of graduate students in Public Administration and Urban Policy, hold monthly “Scholarly Café” meetings to help students build confidence as academic researchers

16 CBPA Student Quality: Beyond the Classroom
MBA Corporate Partners Program The goal of the program is to immerse groups of students into a firm to provide assistance on a real problem facing the firm. The program was piloted this summer with a project for Liberty Tax where students, under the direction of Dr. Kiran Karande, Professor of Marketing, were tasked with helping Liberty Tax identify unmet financial needs of the “Millennial” generation. The results will guide Liberty Tax in the creation of products and services for this specific population. The pilot was a complete success and the MBA will move forward with rolling out a formal program this academic year.

17 Increasing Student Support
CBPA Student Quality – Increasing Student Support Larry (MBA `75) & Colgate Kittelberger $25,000 endowment to support program activities in the MBA program $25,000 scholarship endowment (undergraduate business student) Dr. Jesse (faculty emeriti) and Mrs. Sue Hughes $25,000 scholarship endowment for a graduate student in Urban Studies & Public Administration with a focus on public sector financial management This is the second endowment established by Dr. and Mrs. Hughes Dr. Bruce L. Rubin Endowed MBA Scholarship Funded by donations from MBA graduates and “Rubinites” across the country Initial goal, $100,000; over $75, 000 raised to date Scholarship will support one part-time student each year in honor of Dr. Rubin’s service to the MBA program

18 Faculty Research – Journal Articles
Academy of Management Learning & Education Accounting and Finance ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems Advances in Accounting Alliance Journal of Business Research American Review of Politics Applied Economics Applied Physics Express Asia Pacific Journal of Management Athens institute for Education and Research Atlantic Economic Journal Behavior and Information Technology Business Expert Press Behavioral Research in Accounting China Review International Communications of the ACM Compensation and Benefits Review Corporate Governance: An International Review CPA Journal Data and Knowledge Engineering Dictionary of Transport Analysis Eastern Economic Journal Economic Inquiry Economic Record Enterprise Information Systems Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice European Financial Management European Journal of Information Systems Global Education Journal Health Psychology Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly IEEE Transactions on Education IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Part A: Systems and Humans Indian Journal of Economics and Business Information Systems Research International Handbook of Maritime Economics International Journal of Accounting Information Systems International Journal of E-Business Research International Journal of Electronic Business International Journal of Emerging Markets International Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications International Journal of Public Administration International Marketing Review Issues in Accounting Education Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science Journal of Advertising Research Journal of the American Academy of Business and Economics Journal of Applied Psychology Journal of Asian Economics Journal of Banking and Finance Journal of Behavioral Finance Journal of Business Research Journal of Cleaner Production Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship Journal of Economics and Finance Journal of Education for Business Journal of Electronic Commerce Research Journal of Financial Quantitative Analysis Journal of Futures Markets Journal of Global Academy of Marketing Sciences Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research Journal of Housing Research Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering Journal of International Business and Cultural Studies Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting Journal of International Trade and Economic Development Journal of Macroeconomics Journal of Macromarketing Journal of Managerial Psychology Journal of Management, Spirituality, and Religion Journal of Marketing Management Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice Journal of Property Investment and Finance Journal of Public Affairs Education Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education Journal of Real Estate Research Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development Journal of Software Maintenance and Evolution: Research and Practice Journal of World Business Management & Organization Review Managerial Auditing Journal Marketing Education Review New Dimensions of Business Reporting and XBRL Perspectives in Business Policy Studies Journal Production and Operations Management Public Administration Quarterly Public Administration Review Public Finance Review Public Personnel Management Public Voices Public Works Management and Policy Real Estate Economics Resources, Conservation and Recycling Review of International Political Economy Review of Marketing Research Southern Economic Journal State and Local Government Review The Future of Higher Education Transportation Transport Policy Virginia Social Science Journal Waste Management Faculty Research – Journal Articles In , research by CBPA faculty was published in over 100 refereed journals

19 Grants and Other Funding
Dr. Harry Zhu, Dr. Mohammad Najand, Dr. Bruce Rubin, Dr. Li Xu – “Improving Programming and Financial Literacy Education Using Student- Developed Games,” National Science Foundation, $197,746 Dr. Larry Filer, “ACCESSEU,” a comprehensive plan to build alliances and partnerships between Hampton Roads and Europe, United Nations’ “Getting to Know Europe Grants Competition,” $157,000 Dr. Vinod Agarwal and Dr. Gilbert Yochum - “Marginal Returns to Tourist Advertising” ODURF (Barker, Campbell and Farley), $96,048 Dr. Wayne Talley – Reverse Logistics Project, SEVA Port, $64,500 Center for Economic Education – Virginia Council on Economic Education, $60,000 Dr. Michael Seiler - “Strategic Default in the Context of a Social Network: An Epidemiological Approach,” Research Institute for Housing America (RIHA) of the Mortgage Bankers Association, $39,000 Dr. Leona Tam, “Human Dimensions in Public Engagement and Support for Environmental Resiliency Policies,” ODUOOR fund for research in support of the university’s Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Initiative (CCSLRI), $37,456 Dr. Michael Seiler - “The Rent versus Buy Decision: Investigating the Necessary Appreciation Rates and Lengths of Ownership to be Indifferent between Renting and Owning in Property Major Metropolitan Areas,” REALTOR® University Research Center, $15,000 Dr. Wie Yusuf – “Effectiveness of Popular Financial Reporting,” Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Gil Crain Research Grant, $5,000 Grants and Other Funding $ 671,750

20 International Scholarship
Dr. John Ford Visiting Professor of Marketing, IESEG School of Business, Catholic University of Lille (France) Visiting Professor of Marketing, Kent Business School, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK Visiting Professor of Marketing, University of Metz in Ile du Saulcy, France. Dr. Russell Haines Visiting Professor and Research Fellow, European Research Center for Information Systems at the Muenster School of Business and Economics Dr. William Judge Keynote speaker, Asian Corporate Governance conference, Hong Kong, China Coordinator, international conference on “Corporate Governance and the Global Financial Crisis” at the Wharton Business School; over 90 papers were presented by scholars from over 30 countries. Elected to serve on the Executive Committee for the Corporate Governance & Strategy Interest Group for the Strategic Management Society. This interest group contains nearly 1,000 scholars and practitioners from all over the world. Dr. Shaomin Li Invited speaker, the Conference on China, Claremont McKenna College Visiting Chair/Professor, National Taiwan Normal University Visiting Senior Fellow, Skolkovo Institute for Emerging Market Studies (SIEMS), SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management Dr. Wayne Talley Honorary Chair Professor, Institute of Traffic & Transportation, National Chiao Tung University, Taipei, Taiwan Honorary Visiting Professor, Centre for Shipping, Trade, and Finance, Cass Business School, City University, London, UK Honorary Guest Professor, Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai, China Keynote Speaker, 4th International Conference of Asian Shipping and Logistics, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan Keynote Speaker, International Conference on Marine and Maritime Affairs, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, U.K. European Conference on Shipping, Intermodalism and Ports, Chios, Greece Seminar Series, Department of Commerce, Finance and Shipping, Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol, Cyprus The Sixth City of London Biennial Meeting, London, U.K. International Jury, The Palgrave MacMillian Prize in Maritime Economics and Logistics for the Best Ph.D. Theses (worldwide), 2011. International Steering Committee and Paper Review Committee, 2012 International Research Conference on Short Sea Shipping, Portugal International Scholarship

21 CBPA Hosted Journals Corporate Governance: An International Review (Dr. William Judge) 15/101 in management journals; 24/140 in business journals 147,056 article downloads in 2010 Transportation Research E: Logistics and Transportation Review (Dr. Wayne Talley) 2/18 in academic transportation journals Over 250,000 article downloads in 2010 Enterprise Information Systems (Dr. Li Xu) 22/45 in Information Systems and Management peer group European Financial Management (Dr. John Doukas) 45/74 in Business and Finance journals 59,739 article downloads in 2010 Modern China Studies (Dr. Shaomin Li)

22 Faculty Journal Associate Editors and Editorial Boards
Advances in Business Research Applied Research in Quality of Life Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics Auditing: A Journal of Theory & Practice Corporate Governance: An International Review Contemporary Accounting Research Human Resource Management International Finance Review International Forum on Shipping, Ports, and Airport Transactions International Journal of Advertising International Journal of Finance International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing International Journal of Operations Research and Information Systems International Marketing Review Journal of Academy of Marketing Sciences Journal of Advertising Journal of Advertising Research Journal of Business and Leadership: Research, Practice, and Teaching Journal of Business Logistics Journal of Business Venturing Journal of Family Business Strategy Journal of Financial Studies Journal of Forensic Accounting Journal of Housing Research Journal of International Business Studies Journal of Logistics and Sustainable Transport Journal of Macromarketing Journal of Managerial Psychology Journal of Marketing Education Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice Journal of Multi-National Financial Management Journal of Public Management and Social Policy Journal of Real Estate Literature Journal of Real Estate Research Journal of World Business Managerial Finance Public Administration Review Public Works Management and Policy Review Open Management Journal Review of Behavioral Finance SSRN History of Finance eJournal Southern Business Review Faculty Journal Associate Editors and Editorial Boards

23 “President’s Challenge”: The Metropolitan University
“It is Old Dominion University’s goal to build strong civic and community partnerships, specifically achieve national recognition as an engaged, metropolitan university; identify and respond to people, environments, and institutions in need; expand continuing education offerings; apply our expertise to community betterment; provide new opportunities for service learning and internships; and become the ‘go to’ place for solutions to Hampton Roads’ problems.” Old Dominion University Strategic Plan – “I spent 20 years in the business community before my public service career, and I recognize that a partnership between the business community and the local university is the driving force in creating jobs and strengthening our nation’s economy.” Personal letter from Senator Mark Warner to Gil Yochum - April 28, 2011

24 Our Role in the Metropolitan University and Business Gateway
Connecting Community to Classroom Executive Development Center Maritime Institute Economic Forecasting Project State of the Region Report Center for Real Estate and Economic Development Old Dominion University Economics Club of Hampton Roads Insurance & Financial Services Center Center for Economic Education Faculty Research & Service

25 Student Internships – Connecting Classroom to Community
A Place for Girls Alpha Pest Solutions AmeriCorps Vista AmeriGroup Archadeck of Virginia Beach Army Corps of Engineers Artemus Group LLC Artillery Marketing Communications Auto Haus Axial Advisory Baghe Henna/Bargain Beachwear Bay Mechanical, Inc. Bedford County Fiscal Management Dept. Bon Secours Hampton Roads Foundation Breeden Company, Inc. Burton Inc. Cape's Shipping Capitol Group Casey Auto Group Cavanaugh Nelson, PLC Chamber Solutions Charles Snader, P.C. Charlotte Bobcats Children's Specialty Group CIA City of Norfolk Coldwell Banker Professional Collins Machine Works DB Schenker Department of the Navy DesRoches & Company Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. Dominion Enterprises Dominion Power Enterprise Environmental Organizer Farmers Insurance Group Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Financial Representative First Baptist Church FISC Norfolk FitzDean Fitzwilliams Financial ForKids For Rent Media Solutions Functional Neuromodulation Inc. Geico Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast Global Real Estate Goldkey Resorts Goodman & Company LLP Grand Furniture (City of) Hampton, Dept. of Social Services Hampton Roads Military and Federal Facilities Alliance Hampton Roads Transit Health Career Hoffman Beverage Co. Howerin Construction Corp. HSBC Bank HUD Huntington Ingalls – Newport News Ship Building Hyperion Inc. INIT INOVA Mt. Vernon Hospital Integrated Logistics 2000 International Outreach J.D. Miles & Son Jackson Hewitt James City County Office of Economic Dev. Joe's Crab Shack Joint Forces Staff College Kearney Company Keller Williams Realty Kerneos KPMG Little Creek Amphibious Base Lockheed Martin Maersk Line, Limited Mambo Room Mass Mutual Financial Group MDV/Nash Finch Merrill Lynch Wealth Management MetLife Monarch Bank Moys Accounting & Tax Service Mythics, Inc. Nansemond Suffolk Academy NASA Langley Research Center Naval Medical Center Portsmouth NAVFAC Navy Federal Credit Union New York Life Nexcom Norfolk Collegiate Norfolk Ice Cream Co. Norfolk NATO Festival Norfolk Naval Shipyard Norfolk Southern Norfolk Walkabouts Norfolk Workforce Development Center Northwestern Mutual nTelos Wireless Pavilion Ocean Breeze Water Park ODU Aramark ODU Audit Dept. ODU Baseball ODU Career Management Center ODU Center for Service and Civic Engagement ODU Housing & Residence Life ODU Human Resources ODU Materiel Management ODU OCCS ODU Office of Media Relations ODU Sports Properties ODU Student Recreation Center ODU Webb Center Operation Smile Orion International Pete Sessa Assoc. Physicians for Peace City of Portsmouth Quad Chemical Corp. Razzo Restaurant RCMA Retail Alliance Rick Aviation, Inc. River House Apartments Scottrade Sears Auto Center Senior Corp. Sentara Sentara Heart Hospital Sherwin Williams Smith & Keene SOS Montross VA Starke Ideas & Designs Stecher Marketing Stewart & Company Strickland & Jones CPA Studio Center Sunglass Shack Taste of Europe TC Associates Ted Constant Convocation Center Terri D Stewart CPA PC Urban Outreach Center Tidewater Gymnastics Academy Top Dog Electric Tower 11 Tropical Smoothie U of Wisconsin LaCrosse Ultralife Corporation UNO Chicago Grill US Army US Coast Guard US Fleet Forces Command US Marine Corps Van Syckle Group Vannesa Luggage & Leather Virginia Beach Field House Virginia Beach Police Department (City of) Virginia Beach Treasurer’s Office Virginia Global Asset Management Virginia Asset Group Virginia Beach Irrigation Virginia Beach Sports Marketing Virginia Destroyers Virginia Health Services Virginia International Terminals Virginia Stage Company Virginia Toy & Novelty Virginian Pilot VITA Wachovia Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer Walt Disney World Water Country USA Waters Edge Church Wave Riding Vehicles Wilbanks, Smith & Thomas Xerox Xtuple Yes International YWCA Student Internships – Connecting Classroom to Community In 2010/2011, nearly 175 companies and agencies hosted paid and unpaid internships

26 Involving Professionals – Connecting Community to Classroom
EDC Certificate Program Melissa Buffington, former SVP, Gaylord Entertainment, MBA alumnus Dennis McLaughlin, owner/CEO, Atlantic Transportation Services, BSBA alumnus Paul Stacharczyk, TFC Recycling Norman Hoffman, former CFO, Trader Publishing Finance Club Xerxes Nabong, Maliniak & Nabong Wealth Advisory Services, LLC Charlie Nusbaum, Nusbaum Insurance Jon Wheeler, Wheeler Enterprises Cliff Wells, Century 21 Nachman Realty Krissy Matthews, Chubb Insurance Maureen Rooks and Casey O’Hearn, Thalheimer, Cushman & Wakefield Mike Disharoon, Merrill Lynch  Brandy White, USAA Bill MacArthur, Farmer’s Insurance J. Scott Adams, CB Richard Ellis  David Machupa, Thalheimer, Cushman & Wakefield  J. Van Rose, Jr. , Rose & Womble Realty Kevin Zywna, Bunting Capital Management Scott Davis, First Command Financial Services Mark Flaherty, Virginia Asset Management Jack Jacklich, Waddell & Reed Rich Freebourne, Brown & Brown Insurance Marsha Brodie and Josh Withers, The Friedan Agency Finance classes Niklas K. E. Oskarsoon, Virginia Global Asset Management John N. Duy CFA CPA, Wilbanks, Smith & Thomas Scott Guptill, financial analyst, co-founder CCM Capital Funding Steven Winter, CEO, Edgewater Asset Management Jose Garcia, `01 BSBA in Finance and Economics, CEO of Carlisle Management Company Management classes Brennan Dunn, President and CEO, We Are Titans Zack Miller, Sales Director, We Are Titans Dean Madison, President and CEO, TD Madison and Associates (panelist for business plan presentation) Richard Lally, President, Oceana Sensor (panelist for business plan presentation) Elizabeth Roark, President, EmbarkTech (panelist for business plan presentation) Gary Pekoe, President and CEO, Arkios BioDevelopment and Dalos BioPharma (panelist for business plan presentation) Mike Anderson, Human Resources Director, the Virginian-Pilot Jenny Hipple, Human Resources Manager, Charway Federal Credit Union Catherine Callahan, SPHR retired V.P. Amerigroup and independent consultant Ray Meister, Director of Corporate Employment, Navy Exchange Kermit Hobbs, Former CEO, AMADAS Industries Samuel Davis, International Brotherhood of Longshoremen Matt Yonka, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Wendi Lucas, Virginia Conflict Resolution Center CDR Marion Jacobs, Norfolk Naval Shipyard Dave Wilbur, Executive VP, Eggleston Services James Mickel, President, Norfolk Firefighters Union Blake Wingfield, Human Resources Director, Enterprise Holdings for Eastern and Central Virginia Maritime and Transportation Classes Collis Bryant, Cornerstone Systems Bill Clifford, BAE Ship Repair Eric Custar, Parsons Brinkerhoff Linda Eastland, CMA CGM (America) Roger J. Giesinger, Hampton Roads Shipping Association Venetia Huffman, CV International Trish Long, Norfolk Southern Corporation Ed McCarthy, Terminal Director, APM Terminals Virginia Captain Ed Merkle, Port of Virginia Randy Mullett, Con-way Amanda Nelson, Budget and Planning Coordinator, Norfolk Southern Corporation Bill Pitard, Parsons Brinkerhoff Delegate Harry R. Purkey - Virginia General Assembly Joseph Ruddy, Chief Operating Officer, Virginia International Terminals Michael Vanderhoof, Target Import Warehouse Ms. Melanie Wingle, Dollar Tree Urban Studies and Public Administration Chris Green, Vice President of Communications, American Cancer Society South Atlantic Division The Honorable Barbara Henley, Virginia Beach City Council Dan Edwards, Chairman, City of Virginia Beach School Board James Spore, City Manager of Virginia Beach Kathleen Drumwright, Deputy Director, Department of Human Services, Virginia Beach Claudia Gooch, Vice President for Community Planning and Development, Planning Council in Norfolk Diedre Frawley, former Fundraising Director for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (presidential campaign) Donald P. Rice, AICP, Water Resources Engineer, Newport News Waterworks Jim Ponticello, Air Quality Program Manager, VDOT Ted Henifin, P.E., General Manager, Hampton Roads Sanitation District J. Andrew Landrum, P.E., Vice President, Whitman, Requardt & Associates, LLP Bruce Utne, Plant Manager , Newport News Waterworks David L. Morris II, Natural Resources Manager, Newport News Waterworks Gordon Briggs, Operations Superintendent, Denbigh Landfill and Compost Facility, David Kuzma, MS4 Permit Administrator, Newport News Department of Engineering, Mayi Henriquez, Recycling Coordinator, Newport News Department of Public Works Mike Nealer, Assistant Director, Newport News Parks and Recreation Ved P. Malhotra, PE, Stormwater Compliance Engineer, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation Other guest speakers Roland Davis, founder of Sojomach Business Services, (Mergers & Acquisitions) Gary Lupton, Senior Vice President, TowneBank (Business Ethics) Hal Brauer, Director of Sales and WOW! Customer Service for and Dennis Kenzig, Chief Risk Officer (CRO), Amerigroup Corporation David Hodge, Regional Claim Director for GEICO Ross Winfield, Frieden Agency Involving Professionals – Connecting Community to Classroom In 2010/2011, more than 100 community professionals were guest speakers, panel members, and presenters

27 Community Connection -Student Service Learning,
Members of the student chapters of American Marketing Association and Society for Human Resource Management conducted a food drive for Samaritan House. Students in the PAS (Public Service Minor classes) completed approximately 450 community service hours at a variety of local organizations including libraries, food banks, churches, and community centers. Students in Taylor’s PAS 300 class complete a service learning project for the Dwelling Place, including renovating a playground and building a raised-bed vegetable garden. Team ODU (Dr. Yusuf, Dr. Merriman, and MPA and PAS students) participated in October 2010 March for Babies MBA students designed integrated marketing communication campaigns for Young Audiences of Virginia and the Girl Scouts of Colonial Coast. Adale Martin, PAUP PhD student, Advisory Board for the Coalition for Hearing Education and Research (CHEAR).  The position developed out of previous consulting and board training that she provided for the organization.  PAUP student member of the Governor’s Advisory Board for National and Community Service PAUP student Director of Research and Policy for the Blue Star Families organization Five accounting students worked with Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) to help low income taxpayers receive their earned income tax credit through free tax preparation services. Dr. Megan Burnham, accounting, volunteer for South Hampton Roads Earned Income Tax Credit Coalition working with Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) to help low income taxpayers receive their earned income tax credit through free tax preparation services. Ruth Cookson, economics, Board of Directors (secretary), Virginia Council for the Social Studies; three presentations for the Virginia Beach Public Library Personal Finance for Teens Lecture Series “It’s Your Money, It’s Your Life;” volunteer presenter with the Virginia Agricultural Extension Office to present “Reality Stores” for teens with the Virginia Beach Social Services Foster program and for the Guardian Federal Credit Union in Portsmouth. Dr. Samuel Coppage, Information Technology, Board of Directors of NatoFest; Commissioner, Norfolk International Airport Authority Dr. Terri Kirchner, adjunct faculty in marketing, facilitator/presenter, "Beyond the Passion: The Naked Truth - Building a Strong Board, Maintaining the Mission, and Sustaining Longevity, Cultural Alliance of Greater Hampton Roads; facilitator/ presenter, Strategic Planning Session, Young Audiences of Virginia Board. Dr. James V. Koch, Board of Visitors Professor of Economics and President Emeritus Board of Directors, MacArthur Foundation; Board of Directors Eastern Virginia Medical School Sridharan Krishnaswami, management, Board of Directors, Our House Families (Chesapeake); Board of Directors, BCK Ministries (Suffolk) Dr. John Morris, USPA, Board of Directors and Executive Committee, local nonprofit health care agency; Chesapeake Bay Foundation Clean the Bay Day, 2011. Dr. John Lombard, USPA, consulting with St. Nicholas Church, Virginia Beach on a Parish life survey. Sheila Powell, Executive Development Center, Board of Directors, Alzheimer’s Association Southeastern Virginia Chapter Dr. Bruce Rubin, finance, Board of Directors, Tidewater Chapter of the Society of Financial Service Professionals; Board of Directors, Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Virginia. Dr. Michael Seiler, finance (real estate), received a 2011 “Red Pen Award” for “service above and beyond the call of duty” in the review of articles submitted for publications in Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management. Dr. Wie Yusuf, USPA, program evaluation for local non-profit agency Hampton Roads 7 Cities Pro-Am Basketball League; symposium program co-chair, ASPA Hampton Roads 2011 Conference; site and local planning committee, Public Administration Theory Network (PATNET) 2011 Conference. Community Connection -Student Service Learning, Faculty Giving Back

28 Executive Development Center
ABNB Federal Credit Union Affinity 4 Air Force Reserve Alutiiq Amadas Industries, Inc. American Funds American Turbocharger Technologies Amerigroup Ameriprise Financial Aramark Ark Group USA LLC Artillery Marketing Communications LLC. Arviso Inc. Asheville Mica Co Ashland Atlantic Diving Supply AVW Technologies, Inc. BAH BayPort Credit Union Bethany Beach, Delaware Black Tie Logistics, Inc. Blue Force LLC Board of Supervisors, Stuart, Virginia Bon Secours Health Systems Booz Allen Hamilton Bosh Global Services Brunswick County Camber Corporation Cannon Cape Charles Capital Group Center for Child and Family Services Centerplate at VA Beach Convention Center Charles City County Chesapeake Public Schools City of Alexandria City of Chesapeake City of College Park City of Colonial Height City of Emporia City of Fairfax City of Fredericksburg City of Hampton City of Hopewell City of Laurel Maryland City of Lynchburg City of Manassas City of Newport News City of Norfolk City of Petersburg City of Poquoson City of Richmond City of Roanoke City of Salisbury City of Suffolk City of Virginia Beach City of Wilkes-Barre City of Winchester Coastal Clips, Inc. Colonial Behavioral Health Colonial Life Commercial Metals Co. Community Solutions Crescent Recovery, LLC CU International, Inc. DaiEi Papers (USA) Corp. Dataline DDC Omni Engineering Department of Defense, NAVFAC MIDLANT Department of the Navy Dominion Power E. V. Williams Inc. Earl Industries EVMS Fairfax County Fauquier County First Colony Coffee & Tea Company Fort Monroe Authority Fraim Fiorella Freedom Ford Frieden Agency Froning Success Inc. Game Stop Gloucester County Good Boy Management Goldbelt Falcon, LLC Greensville County Gstek, Inc. Gumbar Enterprises Hampton Court Service Unit Hampton University Harbor Construction Company Harbor's Edge Retirement Community Henderson Inc. Hercules Real Estate Services Heritage Bank Herrick & Hay, P.C. HSBC Infralogix Infrastructure Team Associate IRS International Marketing Association J.S.N. James City County J C Penny Kelsey Law P.C. Kerneos Aluminates Technology King and Queen County L3 Communications – Unidyne Lawyers Stuffing Inc. Liebherr-America Inc. LifeNet Health Loudoun County Maersk Line, Limited Marine Hydraulics International Maximum Hair Salon McHenry Management Group Melani Brothers Meredith Construction Co., Inc. MetLife Metro Productions Mission Mobility Morgan James Publishing NAG Marine National Institute of Aerospace Naval Audit Service Newport News Public Schools New York Times Co Nexcom NOAA Norfolk Naval Shipyard Norfolk Public Schools Norfolk Southern Corp. Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding ODU Foundations Old Point National Bank Omni Financial Orthopedic & Spine Center Outback Steakhouse Panasonic Portsmouth Commonwealth Attorney's Office Pride Industries Prince William County Prudential Towne Realty QED Systems Raytheon Riddle Associates, Inc. Ridley Construction Group RST Development Ruby Tuesday S.E. Parker Inc. Sacks & Sacks Seat Pleasant Sentara Healthcare Signature Financial Management SimIS, Inc. Strayer University Suffolk Police Department Summit Group of Virginia Susan G Komen for the Cure Tidewater Affiliate Tecnico Teledyne Tessada & Associates Tidewater Community College Total Immersion Software Town of Abingdm Town of Alberta Town of Appalachia Town of Appomattox Town of Berryville Town of Big Stone Gap Town of Boydton Town of Chilhowie Town of Damascus Town of Dumfries Town of Farmville Town of Front Royal Town of Gordonsville Town of Kilmarnock Town of LaPlata Town of Leesburg Town of Marion Town of Occoquan Town of Rocky Mount Town of Strasburg Town of Vienna Town of Washington Town of West Point Town of Windsor Town of Wytheville Troutman Sanders LLP US Army US Coast Guard Vanguard Industries East Verizon Wireless Virginia Asset Management VA Beach Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney Virginia Employment Commission Virginia Enterprises, Inc. Virginia Eye Consultants VA Port Authority Norfolk Convention & Visitors Bureau VSA Resorts W.M. Jordan Co. Westminster- Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay Willcox & Savage, P.C. William White CPA Wright Masonry WTKR-TV3 YMCA of South Hampton Roads ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Executive Development Center In 2010/2011, over 200 companies, governments, and non-profits enrolled their employees in EDC programs

29 International Maritime, Ports and Logistics Management Institute
Maritime Institute Advisory Council ODU Maritime Institute Speaker Series at Nauticus Mark Laria, Area Port Director, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Dr. Trevor Heaver, Professor Emeritus, Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada Gerard Horner, Senior Industry and Trade Analyst, Bureau of Industry and Security, Office of Technology Evaluation, U.S. Department of Commerce Mario Moreno, Staff Economist with PIERS and the Journal of Commerce First-Annual ODU Maritime Institute Alumni Luncheon Virginia Maritime Association Propeller Club – Port of Norfolk Propeller Club Port of Old Dominion University/student internships International Association of Maritime Economics Host Visiting Students of Maritime and Supply Chain Management Universidade Federal do Paraná in Curitiba, Brazil Shanghai Maritime University, China MSCM Students in Annual Research Symposium and the Target Challenge Guest speakers in Maritime and Transportation Classes International Maritime, Ports and Logistics Management Institute

30 State of the Region Report and Economic Forecasting Project
. Over 175 media interviews and approximately 75 speeches to business and government in Hampton Roads and across the state on numerous economic issues The 2010 SOR – 11th Annual Edition The Hampton Roads Economy: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going Feeling Pain: Regional Markets for Office and Industrial Space Sizing Up the Competition: Hampton Roads Versus Other East Coast Container Ports Light Rail: The Experience of Other Cities and Implications for Hampton Roads The Chrysler Museum of Art: A Longer Look Destination of Choice: The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Cinema in Hampton Roads: History and Prospects Partisan Politics in Hampton Roads: Color Us Purple How Are We Doing? The Dashboard Indicators of Vision Hampton Roads

31 E.V. Williams Center for Real Estate and Economic Development
Established “Industry Leaders on Campus” to develop opportunities for industry executives in real estate and economic development in the Hampton Roads region to participate in educational and career- oriented events on the campus of Old Dominion University. The mission of Industry Leaders on Campus is to provide the business and student communities the opportunity to interface in an interactive and engaging environment. All industry contributors are affiliated with the E.V. Williams Center for Real Estate and Economic Development (CREED) as advisory board members or participants and supporters of CREED program initiatives. Provided speakers for the following events: Finance Club meetings ASPA Hampton Roads Public Service Symposium: F. Andrew Heatwole, Senior Vice President/Partner, Ripley Heatwole Company; The Honorable Louis F. Jones, Vice Mayor, City of Virginia Beach; Charles F. Rigney, Jr., Assistant Director of Development, City of Norfolk Career Management Center Career Symposium: Robert T. Williams, President, Tri-City Developers CREED Career Roundtable: Jeff Ainslie, President, Ainslie Group Craig Cope, Regional President, Liberty Property Trust Tom Dillon, Vice President, Fulton Bank J. Van Rose, Jr., MIRM, President, Rose & Womble Enterprises Bradley R. Sanford, MAI, Dominion Realty Advisors Deborah K. Stearns, CPM, SIOR, Vice President, Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate William C. Throne, CCIM, SIOR, ALC, Vice President Commercial Sales and Leasing, Cushman & Wakefield/ THALHIMER Participated and exhibited at the MEGAVENTION, a commercial real estate exhibition sponsored by the Hampton Roads Association of Commercial Real Estate - August 2010 16th-Annual Hampton Roads Real Estate Market Review and Forecast, March 2011 - more than 640 attendees; more than 309 industry-related exhibitors and sponsors Annual meeting, June Dr. James R. DeLisle, Runstad Professor of Real Estate and Director of Graduate Real Estate Studies in the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington, discussed results of a recent national survey on commercial and industrial sales volume and activity and the impact of economic and international events on the national and regional Hampton Roads economies Dr. John Lombard, CREED Director and Chair, Department of Urban Studies and Public Administration, represented the Center at the American Real Estate Society’s annual meeting in Seattle. E.V. Williams Center for Real Estate and Economic Development

32 Old Dominion University Economics Club of Hampton Roads
Dennis M. Bushnell, Chief Scientist and Futurist, NASA Langley Research Center. Topic: perspectives on changing technology and the “massive impacts” it will have on society, both domestic and internationally. Mike Feinberg, Co-Founder of Knowledge Is Power Program and Superintendent, KIPP Houston. Awarded The Thomas B. Fordham Prize for Excellence in Education and the National Jefferson Award for Greatest Public Service by a Private Citizen in Joint with Hampton Roads Community Foundation. Trevor D. Heaver, Centre for Transportation Studies, University of British Columbia. Dr. Heaver has wide international experience in transportation and logistics issues through assignments in Argentina, Australia, China, Europe, and Korea and has served on advisory committees for both government and industry. Ms. Rayola Dougher, Senior Economic Advisor, American Petroleum Institute. Focuses on informing policymakers, the news media, and the public on energy market issues and trends. Economic Forecasting Luncheon: Forecasts by the ODU Forecasting Team of Professors Yochum, Agarwal, and Najand. Tom Revels, CEO, LivingWell Health Solutions, Charlotte, NC, a health management company specializing in providing wellness programs to reduce healthcare claims costs for small to medium sized businesses. Joint with the Virginia Business Coalition on Health. Stephen Brobeck, Executive Director, Consumer Federation of America. A federation of 300 groups with more than 50 million members, CFA is the nation's largest consumer advocacy organization.

33 Insurance & Financial Services Center & Emergent Risk Initiative
Insurance and Risk Management Opportunities Reception – attended by about 80 students, 70 professionals. Annual Founder’s Day Luncheon - attended by over industry professionals and 25 students. Keynote speaker C. Burke King, president and general manager of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Virginia Colloquium series on Demystifying Climate Change and Sea Level Rise, co-sponsored with CC/SLR Initiative

34 Center for Economic Education
Economics Institute for High Schools Teachers, in partnership with the Christopher Newport University Center for Economic Education Draw the Econ Concepts Economics in Ancient Civilizations Back to School with the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Teaching about Barter in Grades K-5 “I Want What I Want!” Teaching About Unlimited Wants Economics in Advanced Placement US History ECON 595 “Economics in the Elementary Classroom” Playing the Stock Market Game Tour the Stock Market Game Teacher Support Center Webinar Civics and Economics Tour the Stock Market Game Team Portfolio” Webinar Introduction to the Stock Market Game Program Webinar Teaching Economics in U.S. History Classes Your Money and Your Life: Decision Making and Personal Finance Virginia College Access Network annual conference presentation Fundamentals of Economics for High School Teachers Economics in the K-5 Classroom Making Choices: Teaching About Barter and Resources Join the Gen I Revolution Virginia Jump$tart Financial Literacy annual conference presentation Personal Finance Summer Institute Decision Making and Cost Benefit Analysis - Virginia Association for Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences annual conference presentation Webinar: Tour the Stock Market Game Team Portfolio Center for Economic Education 32 training programs, 128 hours, reaching 576 public school teachers

35 Walter Berry, senior lecturer of accounting (retired) was named a 2010 Super CPA Educator by the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (VSCPA) and recognized in a special insert in the publication Virginia Business Bruce Bradley, adjunct faculty, was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from ODU Dr. John B. Ford’s article “A Backward Glance of Who and What Marketing Scholars Have Been Researching, ,” was chosen by the editor of the journal Review of Marketing Research as the Best Article for 2010 and won an Emerald Publishing Literati Award. Dr. John B. Ford’s article “An Empirical Examination of the Three Dichotomies of Marketing Academe Model,” received the Marketing Education Review Best Article Award for the year 2010 Dr. Wu He, adjunct faculty of Information Technology and PhD student in Information Technology, received the 2010 Best Research Paper Award at the 28th Annual Conference of the National University Telecommunications Network (NUTN) Dr.. William Judge’s Change Management Simulation “Power & Influence” released in December 2010 is the second most popular simulation among all simulations offered by Harvard Business School Publishing Dr. Yuping Liu-Tompkins was named a 2011 Fellow by the Society for New Communications Research Dr. Jong Chool Park received a best paper award in the auditing section of the Third Annual Conference of the World Accounting Frontiers Series Conference for "Audit Quality, Agency Costs, and the Values of Cash Holdings and Capital Expenditures“ Dr. Thomas E. Poulin, adjunct faculty USPA was appointed co-editor of the Virginia Social Science Journal and as a member of the Government Affairs committee of the International Association of Emergency Managers Dr. Michael Seiler won the Best Paper in Industrial Real Estate award from the American Real Estate Society for “The Political Economy of Green Industrial Warehouses” Dr. Anusorn Singhapakdi’s article titled "The Perceived Role of Ethics and Social Responsibility: A Scale Development," published in Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 15, No (1996), has been recognized as a “distinguished article” based on citation frequency of articles published in the Journal. Dr. Darryl Wilson’s paper “Applying Mass Customization Concepts to Core Courses: Increasing Student-Centered Customization and Enabling Cross-Functional Integration,” was selected by Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education as one of the best empirical papers published in the journal in 2010/2011 Dr. Douglas Ziegenfuss was named a 2010 Super CPA Educator by the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (VSCPA) and recognized in a special insert in the publication Virginia Business Faculty Achievements

36 Student Achievements MSA Student Team Wins AGA National Case Challenge
Team members: Matthew Stewart, James Fiske, Meena Katwal, and Sara Crabtree (Team Leader) Team advisors: Dr. Laurie Henry, Dr. Megan Burnham, Dr. Douglas Ziegenfuss, Dr. Jesse Hughes (faculty emeritus), and Ms. Kelly Stefanko, an auditor from the Office of the Inspector General of the National Science Foundation

37 Student Achievements CBPA Fed Challenge Team was a finalist in the 2010 College Fed Challenge Competition (students Ronald Greiser, David McFarland, Brittany Renica, Dasha Safonova, Michael Schneider, Paul Silverman; Coach Dr. Larry Filer Sara Harding, double major in Decision Sciences and Finance (Real Estate concentration), $1000 GEICO Achievement Award Melissa Smith, senior majoring in Communications, with a double minor in Public Service and Marketing, “Most Promising Marketer” for 2011 prize by the Hampton Roads Chapter of the American Marketing Association (HRAMA) Camille Cowin, MBA student, one of 100 students advancing to the semifinal round in the Graduate Management Admission Council MET Fund’s “Ideas to Innovation Challenge”

38 ODU MBA program earned the 121st spot among 295 Part-time
ODU MBA program earned the 121st spot among 295 Part-time MBA Programs in the 2012 edition of the Best Graduate Schools by U.S. News Media Group Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) achieved “Superior Status” as an outstanding chapter for the fifth consecutive year Student Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) received an Outstanding Chapter Planning Award at the AMA 33rd Annual International Collegiate Conference Department of USPA hosted the Hampton Roads Chapter of American Society of Public Administration’s 2011 Annual Symposium “Public Service in 2011 and Beyond: Issues and Challenges” ODU MBA program rated “Best MBA in Hampton Roads” by The Virginian-Pilot for the second consecutive year Student Management Investment Fund (Finance 497) has increased the dollar value of the initial donor gift – from $250,000 to ½ million dollars Department of USPA hosted the first-annual Public Service Week at ODU with activities intended to energize the ODU community, emphasize the concept of citizenship, and increase awareness of the importance of public service in Hampton Roads College of Business ranked 100 in Public Affairs Education by US News, based on analysis of more than 1200 graduate programs Program Achievements

39 Looking forward to 2011/2012 CREED Tennis Pro-Am
Hampton Roads Financial Leadership Conference October 10-11, 2011 Public Service Week 2011 – November 7-11 Keynote address – Malaak Compton-Rock Women in Public Service Roundtable Public Service Career Explorium Executive in Residence/CBPA Alumni Public Service Award Graduate Certificate in Public Procurement & Contract Management 15 credits Housed in USPA New procurement faculty member – Stephen Gordon C REED tennis Pro-am

40 Looking forward to 2011/2012 Economics Club
Charles “Wick” Moorman, President/CEO, Norfolk Southern Corp. David Coleman, founder, Student Achievement Partners Admiral (Ret.) Craig Quigley, Executive Director, Hampton Roads Military and Federal Facilities Alliance G. Robert Aston Jr., Founder, Chairman, CEO, Towne Bank (2012 Economic Impact Award) Alice Peterson, Chief Ethics Officer, SAI Global Andrew Ross Sorkin, author & co-host of “The Squawk Box” Dr. Jeffrey Lacker, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Landmark Executives in Residence Steve Fredrickson, President & CEO, Portfolio Recovery Associates Robert Broermann, SVP and CFO, Sentara Healthcare Tim Toll, VP Global Customer Development, Campbell Soup Ting Xu, President/Founder, Evergreen Enterprises

41 2010/2011 Agenda AACSB Self-Study & Consultation
AQ/PQ Participating/Supporting Strategic Plan Coordination Maritime Program Continued Upgrade of Graduate Programs (Advertising) Forecasting and SOR Statewide Executive Development CREED: Residential Real Estate and the Urban Land Institute’s “Reality Check” MBA Business Incubator/Business Gateway Adjunct Advisory Council

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