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What is Student Service Learning? 1 Give a Little Time, Make a Big Difference  A state graduation requirement.  A teaching method that addresses real.

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1 What is Student Service Learning? 1 Give a Little Time, Make a Big Difference  A state graduation requirement.  A teaching method that addresses real community need through meaningful service and curriculum-based learning.

2 High quality service learning promotes civic knowledge, civic engagement, academic success, character and social development in students. SSL neither substitutes for, nor replaces service to families, neighbors, and/or fellow religious organization members. 2

3 –meets a recognized need in the community. –achieves curricular objectives. –gains necessary knowledge and skills. –plans ahead. –works with existing service organizations. –develops a sense of responsibility. –reflects throughout the experience. 3 A student involved in high quality Service Learning activities:

4 Requirement Beginning with the class of 2011, MCPS students will complete 75 SSL hours for graduation. MCPS students may begin to work on this graduation requirement the summer after completing grade 5. They continue to accrue hours throughout high school. The requirement is prorated according to first time enrollment in MCPS after grade 6. 4

5 MCPS SSL Prorating Class of 2011 Enrolled in MCPSHours required for graduation Grade 675 Grade 765 Grade 855 Grade 945 Grade 1035 Grade 1120 Grade 1210 5

6 1.Specific academic courses. –grade 6 Science –grade 7 English –grade 8 Social Studies –some high school electives 2. School-sponsored clubs and organizations with service activities. 3. Pre-approved community organizations. How can students earn SSL hours? 6

7 An entertainment event (play, concert, game) qualifies for SSL if it includes a charitable component: Participation in School Sponsored Clubs and Organizations 7 a target audience is involved. or a portion of the proceeds go to a charitable cause. or donations for a charitable cause are collected for later delivery to a nonprofit organization.

8 Examples of School SSL Activities TUTOR Support other students in academic areas. CHILD CARE PROVIDER  Attend to children while parents meet for school-related functions. PARTICIPANT Design events that increase cultural awareness and appreciation for diversity. STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE  Provide student voice on school committees and meetings (PTSA, Guidance Advisory Board, Back- to-School Nights, and Open Houses) STUDENT AIDE Support instructional program as part of daily schedule STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE  Provide student voice on MSDE advisory board OR  Provide student voice on MCPS workgroup/taskforce, etc.  This SSL activity MAY be performed during the instructional day. 8 * Most service must occur outside the instructional day

9 Participation with Approved Community Organizations All SSL must be completed under the supervision of nonprofit, tax-exempt community organizations. For profit nursing homes, and assisted living facilities are the only exceptions to the nonprofit rule. All SSL activities must directly contact the patients/residents of these facilities. 9

10 All Community SSL Participation Must be Preapproved Are secular in nature. Occur in a public place. Are supervised by a nonprofit representative. (not a parent or relative) Are not compensated financially. Are not longer than 8 hours in a 24 hour period. Earn one hour of SSL for one hour of service. Preapproved with MCPS form 560-50 confirmed in advance by the SSL coordinator. 10 Listed as Pre Approved on All preapproved SSL activities in the community: OR

11 11 Three Phases of SSL: 1. Preparation 2. Action 3. Reflection

12 1. Preparation Provides students with the knowledge and skills needed for service. 12

13 Direct service provides face-to-face contact with the service recipients. These activities include tutoring young children; serving meals at homeless shelters; working with the elderly in nursing homes. Indirect Service meets a need with no direct contact. These activities include food & clothing collections and environmental projects. Advocacy shares viewpoints on issues of interest. These activities include letter writing, public comment, and participating in community activities. 2. Action 13

14 Encourages students to rethink: the need they have addressed. the service they have performed. the impact of their service on the community. what they learned about themselves. 3. Reflection 14

15 Every Middle and High School has: An SSL Coordinator who maintains SSL records on each student. MCPS SSL forms 560-50, 560-51. (these forms can be downloaded from SSL publications to share. System-wide guidelines to follow. An administrator who handles SSL disputes. Announcements regarding opportunities and system-wide deadlines for forms. 15

16 Student Responsibilities 1.Submit MCPS Form 560-50, Application for Student Service Learning Special Activity to the SSL coordinator for approval prior to performing service with organizations not listed as pre-approved. 2.Students submit MCPS Form 560-51, Student Service Learning Activity Verification to the SSL coordinator after summer service, and after first and second semester service. 3.Check SSL status on report card every 9 weeks and report discrepancies to the SSL coordinator immediately. 16

17 MCPS Awards for Exceptional Student Service Learning The Superintendent’s Student Service Learning Award Middle school students who complete and document 75 or more hours of service from May 2 to May 1 qualify. Every student who qualifies is awarded a certificate and pin. Certificate of Meritorious Service High school seniors who graduate with 260 or more SSL hours receive this award from the Maryland State Department of Education and MCPS. 17

18 supports high quality service-learning experiences for all students. promotes habits of civic participation, responsibility, and service. encourages full participation in American democratic life. 18 The MCPS SSL Program:

19 Give a Little Time, Make a Big Difference!

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