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2 The book that the teacher recommended is expensive.
The Definite article Diante de substantivos quando se quer especificá - los. Exemplos: The book that the teacher recommended is expensive. The water people drink is not polluted. The computer you sold is old. Mas Books are necessary. Water is tasteful. Computers are important. Sentido geral

3 The couple are looking at the moon.
Empregos principais Precedendo substantivos considerados únicos na espécie. Exemplos: The sun is shining. The air was cold. The couple are looking at the moon. Outros exemplos: the bible the world the weather the earth the sea the ocean the North the sky

4 Diante de adjetivos quando estes representam uma classe.
Exemplos: The poor are asking for help. The fat are eating less. The thin are eating more. Outros exemplos: the unforgivable the wealthy the talented the competent

5 Diante de nomes de acidentes geográficos.
Exemplos: Rios: the Amazon river, the Mississipi river, the Nile, the Thames. Mares: the Black Sea, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea. Oceanos: the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean. Golfos: the Gulf of Mexico, the Arabian Gulf. Cadeias de montanhas: the Rocky Mountains, the Alps, the Andes. Desertos: the Sahara desert. Canais: the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal. Grupos de ilhas: the Canaries, the Bahamas.

6 Diante de nomes de países
Cujos nomes apresentem substativos no plural; Exemplos: The Netherlands, The Philippines. Em que as palavras kingdom, republic, states ou union sejam parte do nome. Exemplos: The United Kingdom The United States The Soviet Union The German Federal Republic

7 Diante de nomes de família
Exemplos: The Carters are visiting my parents. The Clintons are denying the accusations. The Johnsons are being invited. Outros exemplos: the Rowses the Pollaks the Lorenzos the Collenders

8 Precedendo nomes de: Edifícios: The Empire State, The World Trade Center. Jornais: The Wall Street Journal, The New YorkTimes. Navios: The Queen Elizabeth, The Titanic, The Hope. Hotéis: The Copacabana Palace, The Hilton, The Sheraton. Restaurantes: The Red Lion, The Bombay Restaurant. Teatros: The Palace Theatre, The National Theatre. Cinemas: The ABC, The Odeon, The Classic. Museus: The British Museum, The Museum of Modern Art. Galerias: The Tate Gallery Instrumentos musicais: The guitar, the piano, the flute. Medidas: the ton, the pound, the mile.

9 Também se emprega “the” diante de:
Números ordinais: the first, the second, the fourth. Superlativos: the best man, the most comfortable. Em nomes de locais ou prédios com a preposição “of”. Exemplos: The Bank of France. The Houses of Parliament. The Tower of London. The Great Wall of China.

10 My brother wants to join the navy.
Antes de coletivos: Exemplos: The navy The crowd The army My brother wants to join the navy. The crowd soon came to see the singer. The army was well prepared.

11 Situações em que não se emprega o artigo “the” .

12 Diante de substantivos empregados com sentido geral.
Exemplos: Silver is a precious metal. Money is important. Coffee is tasteful. Water is necessary.

13 Precedendo nomes de pessoas.
Exemplos: Patricia is an intelligent woman. Harold has read several reports. Paul is a talented man. Bill has many relatives in Boston.

14 Diante de substantivos expressando nomes de:
Continentes: South America, Europe, Asia, Africa. Países: Brazil, Argentina, France, Germany, England. Estados: California, Texas, Georgia. Cidades: New York, Boston, Seattle. Lagos: Lake Michigan. Ruas: Fifth Avenue, Baker street, Dowing street. Festividades: at Christmas, at Easter.

15 My friend Wilson studies here. His sister Emily is going to Europe.
Diante de possessivos Exemplos: My friend Wilson studies here. His sister Emily is going to Europe. Our daughter Sue lives in Boston. Her classmate is trying to find the key.

16 Antes de certos lugares e coisas, se usados com propósito básico.
Exemplos: at church in prison in college at school in jail at hospital at home in bed

17 Complete the sentences with the definite article "the" if necessary:
1.She is going to______France. 2.______water they drink is polluted. 3.________water contains ______ hydrogen and ____oxygen. 4.______green of your eyes is wonderful. 5.________blue and red are her favorite colors. 6.______his apartment is very comfortable. 7.____Arthur always visits _____ Carters. 8.______Canada and______United States are very rich countries. 9.______Sarah and ________Melissa speak French fluently. 10.______love makes me change a lot. 11.Where is _____food for_____cat? 12.______silver is a metal. 13._____chair she is sitting isn’t comfortable. 14._____book_____Sue is reading now belongs to_______Harold. 15. ____ money is very important, but you can't buy a bit of luck with all ____ money you have. X The X X X The X X X the X the X X X the the X The The X X X the

18 16.She went to_______Boston yesterday.
17._________largest river in _____ Germany is _______Rhine. 18.He is graduated from _____ Harvard University. 19.This is _____music she loves. 20.I don't understand_____English she speaks. 21._______coffee which comes from______Colombia is______best in______world. 22._______traffic on_______Talking Heads street is so heavy that_____cars move very slowly. 23._______humans have certainly made their mark on ____earth. 24. How important was Napoleon in _____ history of ______France? 25.________Washington Post is published daily. 26. She goes to______bed early. 27._______love hurts sometimes. 28.________love I have is _____most precious thing. 29._______wine sours quickly. 30._________wine in this bottle is sour. X The X the X the the The X the the The X the X the the X The X X The the X The

19 (PUC - PR) - Fill in the blanks with the definite article:
______ Brazil is ______ most industrial country in ______ South America, while ______ United States holds ______ same position in _____ North America. Choose the correct alternative: a) the; the; the; the; the; the b) X; the; the; X; the; X c) X; the; X; the; the; X d) X; the; the; the; the; X e) the; X; X; X; the; the Test 1

20 (ITA) - Choose the correct alternative that completes the sentences below.
I- She plays______piano very well. II- _________President Reagan will visit our country. III- _____coffee is very expensive. a) the,_____, the b) the, the, the c) _____, _______, ______ d) _____, the, ________ e) the, ________, ________ Test 2

21 (UNICURITIBA) - Indique a frase correta;
a)The butter is made from cream. b)The wheat is grown in the United States. c)The honesty of Mary is unquestionable. d)The life is very hard for some people. e)The honesty is always the best policy. Test 3

22 (PUC-PR) - Choose that alternative that complete the sentence below:
______New York is ______largest city in________United States. a) the, the, the b) ______, the, the c) _____, ______, the d)The, ______, ________ e) _______, the, ________ Test 4

23 (UFSC) - Some as alternativas que estão corretas quanto
ao uso dos artigos. 01.I n their last trip to the Bahia, they had nice vacations. 02. Ayrton Senna, the Brazilian pilot, is a successful man. 04. The sun rises for the rich as well as for the poor. 08.That was the only book about fishing I’ve found. 16.They would like to visit the United Kingdom. 32. She speaks both the French and the English well. Test 5


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