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+ Student-led Cooperative Organizing Ruby Levine and Eric Recchia CoFED.

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1 + Student-led Cooperative Organizing Ruby Levine and Eric Recchia CoFED

2 + Values of student food coops Meeting real needs Many student coops are meeting un-met needs in the campus community for food aligned with students’ values and wallets in a convenient location Autonomy Students are often carving out a space for them to control, using cooperative principles, within their campus and the food system Affordable prices Most student coops are committed to making their food affordable, allowing customers to shop their values Sustainable, just, and delicious food Most coops have commitments to local, organic, justly-produced, and/or “real” food. Taste is almost universally a top concern.

3 + CoFED’s Role Support student cooperatives with direct coaching, resources, and technical support Organize student cooperatives across campuses in a regional and national solidarity network Cultivate and create resources for students from mentors to business models to in-person trainings

4 + CoFED’s Game Plan OrganizingPlanningCampaigningFundraising Core TeamConcept DesignSpace SearchAsks and Events Coordinators and Committees Market Research and Business Plan Power-Mapping and Relationship Building Campus Loans/Grants/ Green Fees Publicity and Labor Policy and Operations Plan Lease Negotiations Money Management

5 + Case studies of student coops

6 + Buying Clubs

7 + Grinnell Local Foods Co-op

8 + UCLA Student Food Collective

9 + Nonprofit or University Affiliated Collectives

10 + Mixed Nuts, Hampshire College

11 + Berkeley Student Food Collective

12 + Pomme De Terre Foods, University of Minnesota Morris

13 + Formal Cooperatives

14 + The Second Kitchen, Boulder CO

15 + Food Coalition, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

16 + And so many more!

17 + How can non-student coops be accessible to students? make sure prices are affordable offer an installment plan for membership direct outreach to colleges environmental clubs food-centered organizations campus life/orientation planning financial aid department (buying in bulk saves money!) make leadership opportunities for students in your co-op

18 + How can non-students support student coops? Join the CoFED mentors network Encourage students you know to get involved in the student coop movement Shop at your local student food coop Donate to CoFED or your local student food coop

19 + Questions?

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