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RePe Centro de Competência TIC da ESE -Santarém ePortfolio.

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1 RePe Centro de Competência TIC da ESE -Santarém ePortfolio

2 Contents What is RePe? 1 General Principles 2 Functionalities 3 Global Characteristics 4 How to get RePe? 5

3 What is RePe? (1)  RePe  RePe – educational e- Portfolios repository – is a software tool aimed at the construction and management of learning e-Portfolios for Basic Education students.

4 What is RePe? (2)  Designed and developed by the Centre of ICT Competences of the Higher School of Education of Santarém (Portugal), in partnership with DGIDC –E-CRIE (Portuguese Ministry of Education).  Uses FLASH and PHP to access the Data Base (MySQL, PostgreSQL...)  It is a Moodle Activity.

5 General Principles (1)  RePe is a student’s tool that enables him/her to improve the learning process.  When built with this tool, the e-Portfolio:  becomes a companion of student’s course  reflects student’s competencies  is managed by the student, with teacher’s guidance

6 General Principles (2) …by appealing to the student’s active participation in the construction of his/hers knowledge, reflecting about the course taken in school and giving meaning to what has been learnt. …by appealing to the active participation of classmates and tutors in what concerns the constructive criticism of the student’s assignments …allowing the teacher to certify (to mark and authenticate) the important assignments in what regards the student’s learning and competence development. Promotes reflexion… Promotes cooperation… Enables certification…

7 Functionalities  RePe is organized in 6 sections with the following functionalities:  Identification Identification  Student’s Personal Page Student’s Personal Page  Definition of Personal Goals Definition of Personal Goals  Learning Journal Learning Journal  Assignments Assignments assignments in all digital formats are sent, put in order and researched according to several criteria personal reflexion space where classmates, teachers and tutors can make suggestions and criticisms  Self assessment Self assessment

8 Identification

9 My Personal Page

10 This year I would like to…

11 My Learning Diary

12 My Assignments

13 I achieved…

14 Global Characteristics (1)  RePe accompanies the student throughout the Basic Education.  It allows a global understanding of the student.  It allows the implementation of different strategies adequate to each student characteristics.

15 Global Characteristics (2)  RePe is an open system:  student’s data e-Portfolio are transferable between institutions  student can download his/hers e-Portfolio and publish it on the Web.  RePe is multilingual

16 How to get RePe?  RePe’s website in Portuguese:   RePe’s website in English:   In these websites you can:  Download the software  Download the Administrator, Teacher and Student manuals  Try RePe out from different points of view – administrator, teacher or tutor  Use the forum to clarify technical or other aspects

17 Repe’s team  Nuno Bordalo Pacheco  Cidália Marques  Cristina Novo Canês  João Galego  Maurício Dias  Teresa Pacheco


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