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Measured Progress ©2014 1 OCCRA Online Item Tryout Training Scott Duquette Service Desk Manager Measured Progress.

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1 Measured Progress ©2014 1 OCCRA Online Item Tryout Training Scott Duquette Service Desk Manager Measured Progress

2 Measured Progress ©2014 2 Contact Information Introduction  Purpose of the OCCRA Administration  OCCRA Online System OCCRA Portal Overview  Test Coordinator Responsibilities OCCRA Client Overview  Test Security  Student Workstation Requirements  IT Coordinator Responsibilities  Launching the Client  Client Student Testing Interface Conclusion  Review of Responsibilities  Q&A Training Topics

3 Measured Progress ©2014 3 Oklahoma State Department of Education (SDE) For questions relating to policy or the OCCRA in general:  Joyce DeFehr, Executive Testing Director (405) 521-3341  Kurt Bernhardt, Executive Director of Research & Development (405) Measured Progress Technical Product Support For questions relating to the iTester software or any technical issues:  Monday–Friday, 6 AM to 4 PM Central  (844) 654-3571 Contact Information

4 Measured Progress ©2014 4 Introduction

5 Measured Progress ©2014 5  The Item-Tryout will be administered in reading, mathematics, and writing  The items have been written to the standards for College and Career Readiness for math and English/language arts  The sampling plan has been established assigning schools to one content area by grade within each school  Test administration is April 21-May 21 Purpose of the OCCRA Online Administration

6 Measured Progress ©2014 6 Important Dates March 3 – May 16, 2014Practice Administration April 21 – May 21, 2014Item Tryout Administration March 10 – March 14, 2014On-site Training

7 Measured Progress ©2014 7 Two main components of the online testing system:  Test Administration System (OCCRA Portal)  Student Test Delivery System (iTester 3™ Client) OCCRA Online System

8 Measured Progress ©2014 8 OCCRA Portal Overview

9 Measured Progress ©2014 9  Accessible via your web browser at  Used by state, district, and school personnel to access the test administration component  Available March 10 – May 21, 24 hours a day OCCRA Portal Overview

10 Measured Progress ©2014 10 User accounts that were created during the stress test will be reactivated on March 10th  Additional user accounts can be added via the Portal OCCRA Portal Overview

11 Measured Progress ©2014 11 Create a new user OCCRA Portal Overview

12 Measured Progress ©2014 12 Create a new user (continued) OCCRA Portal Overview

13 Measured Progress ©2014 13 IT Coordinator log in OCCRA Portal Overview

14 Measured Progress ©2014 14 Student information will be uploaded  Live student data will be uploaded and available for data verification  Students will be manually assigned to classes so they can be scheduled for a test session  Users can add students manually to the Portal if needed OCCRA Portal Overview

15 Measured Progress ©2014 15 Print Student Logins on paper or Avery™ labels OCCRA Portal Overview Be sure to check the boxes of the students you wish to print

16 Measured Progress ©2014 16 OCCRA Client Overview

17 Measured Progress ©2014 17 Web-based application installed on each workstation or the network that can be launched from the desktop icon  Needs internet to communicate with the testing server using web technologies via HTTP and HTTPS  Internet connectivity is required to download test content and submit responses for scoring  If there is no internet available when the students’ answers are submitted, the Client will store those answers (encrypted) until it is re-launched after internet connectivity is restored  Further instructions can be found in the help guides OCCRA Client Overview

18 Measured Progress ©2014 18 Periodic Data Syncs (Heartbeats)  Triggered to periodically save and protect student responses  Internet interruption during testing:  Encrypted responses saved in the location indicated during installation  Responses sent to server once internet is available  Internet interruption at the end of testing:  Student will receive a warning screen to alert their proctor the responses cannot be sent  Proctor must re-launch the Client once internet connectivity is restored to send responses OCCRA Client Failsafe Mechanism

19 Measured Progress ©2014 19 Content  Encrypted test content using RSA  Remains encrypted during transmission from web server to Client on student workstation  Downloaded and decrypted upon student login  Decrypted content is stored in memory and expires immediately after Client is exited Student Data  Uses industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption Device Security  Kiosk-mode restricts students from accessing other programs/applications during testing  iPad ® Guided Access restricts students from accessing other programs/applications during testing Test Security

20 Measured Progress ©2014 20 *Important note for Windows 8 or above: The Client is only available as a “traditional desktop app” for Windows 8 and 8.1 for use with a mouse and keyboard setup on a non-touch enabled device. Using a touch-enabled device running Windows 8 or 8.1 is NOT supported and prohibited for security reasons. **Contact SDE if you wish to use an Android device. Student Workstation Requirements ComponentMinimumRecommended CPU1.2 GHz Memory512 MB1 GB Screen Resolution1024 X 768 Microsoft® Windows®* Windows XP – SP1 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 – 8.1 32-bit and 64-bit Macintosh® OS X®10.5.610.7 – 10.9 Linux®Ubuntu 10.4, Fedora 14 32-bit and 64-bit Ubuntu 11.10, Fedora 16+ 32-bit and 64-bit Android**Android 4.0 (with 512 MB RAM or greater) Android 4.0 or newer (with 1 GB RAM or greater) Apple® iOS®iPad 2 running iOS 6 (with 512 MB RAM or greater) iPad 2 or newer running iOS 6 or newer (with 512 MB RAM or greater) Browsers (Used for Practice Test ONLY) Internet Explorer 9.0+ Firefox 17+ Chrome 23+ Safari 5.0+ Internet Explorer 10.0 Firefox 23+ Chrome 29+ Safari 5.0+ Chrome OS31+

21 Measured Progress ©2014 21 Firewalls  Allow two-way traffic through ports 80 and 443 Proxy and content filter servers  White list the following on ports 80 and 443: o o o o o m m Sandboxing applications (i.e., Deep Freeze)  While installing the Client, choose network folder or local folder that is not touched by the sandboxing applications, both for stored responses and Client installation folders Thin Clients  Ensure there is enough memory, CPU, and bandwidth on the server to accommodate multiple student test sessions  Client requires a minimum of 80 MB per Client session Testing Environment

22 Measured Progress ©2014 22 Download the Client  Log into with the username/password emailed to you  Download the appropriate Client for your operating system (Windows, Macintosh, Linux)  If using iPads, download the OCCRA app from Apple’s App Store  If using Chromebooks, add from the Chrome Web Store  Review the installation help guides IT Coordinator Responsibilities

23 Measured Progress ©2014 23 MSI Package  Scripted Installation  Software Distribution using Group Policy  Please see help guide for more information Client Installation

24 Measured Progress ©2014 24 Individual Workstation Installation (recommended) Network Installation Client Installation ProsCons No impact on LAN traffic during initial application launch Time spent on application installation and configuration ProsCons Time spent on application installation and configuration Downloading of the application from network folder to workstation could introduce single point of failure during application launch Centralized location for application updates and configuration Initial application launch could be delayed depending on the LAN traffic and bandwidth

25 Measured Progress ©2014 25 Run Workstation Readiness Testing (WSR)  Use the username/password found on the portal to conduct WSR testing on each workstation or workstation configuration IT Coordinator Responsibilities

26 Measured Progress ©2014 26 Certify Site for Readiness IT Coordinator Responsibilities

27 Measured Progress ©2014 27  Client is installed on each computer or on the network  Students will launch the Client from a desktop icon or a network folder  Students log in using their provided usernames and passwords  Logins provide unique access per student Starting the Client

28 Measured Progress ©2014 28 Client Student Testing Interface

29 Measured Progress ©2014 29 Pause Functionality

30 Measured Progress ©2014 30 When testing is complete, students click the Turn In button and exit the Client Closing the Client

31 Measured Progress ©2014 31 Conclusion

32 Measured Progress ©2014 32 Test Coordinator Responsibilities  Review Test Administration Manuals  Assign students to classes and schedule classes to take tests  Print and distribute Student Logins IT Coordinator Responsibilities  Review Client Installation Guide  Conduct Workstation Readiness Testing (WSR)  Certify Site Readiness Review of Responsibilities

33 Measured Progress ©2014 33 Q&A Measured Progress Technical Product Support (844) 654-3571

34 Measured Progress ©2014 34 P.O. Box 1217, Dover, NH 03821-1217 | Web: | Office: 603.749.9102It’s all about student learning. Period. Thank you!

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