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Mount Eliza Secondary College Maths 300 Activity

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1 Mount Eliza Secondary College Maths 300 Activity
Protons and Antiprotons

2 Introduction Students were asked their thoughts on Matter which then led onto what Antimatter was. A newspaper article was read out about Antimatter and we discovered that a Proton and an Antiproton cancel each other out.

3 The Process A variety of questions were asked and completed both on the board and using the computer software. Students then started completing Proton and Antiproton Grids.

4 Some students needed to use counters to help them to complete these.

5 The Connection We then explored to connection between Positive and Negative numbers and Protons and Antiprotons and completed more grids for these.

6 The Ending Students then wrote a report about their findings.
The headings I gave them were: “What was the problem?” “What did we do?” “What did we find?”

7 Student Thoughts When we were making the connection between Protons and Antiprotons, and Positive and Negative numbers, a few students asked the question: “Does 3 – 4 mean or 3 – +4?” After completing both questions with Protons and Antiprotons students realised that there was no difference. Some students needed to write their positive and negative numbers as Protons and Antiprotons. Some students found it difficult to then switch to different processes and still wanted to refer to Protons and Antiprotons when multiplying and dividing numbers. Some students worked out a pattern of when they needed to add or subtract the numbers and whether the answer was an A or P.

8 Student Comments Preferred to do the Maths 300 activity than doing normal maths work. Doesn’t see any need for the activity. The activity made it a bit more confusing for some. Interesting and something different. Some found it made working out questions easier. Liked the activity because it was different. Made a better introduction to the topic.

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