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Video Game Design for High School and Middle School Business Technology 10:35 AM - 11:30 AM Friday, January 15, 2010 D. Michael Ploor.

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2 Video Game Design for High School and Middle School Business Technology 10:35 AM - 11:30 AM Friday, January 15, 2010 D. Michael Ploor


4 > Educators > Course Descriptions > Career and Technical Education > Information Technology Mr. Ploor has been contacted by the Florida Department of Education to construct the Frameworks Standards for Game, Simulation, Animation Advanced Applications (8208400) Course. Three Career Academy tracks that use 2 foundation courses and 2 specialty courses.

5 High Powered Skills The computer technology of the PS3 is the most advanced piece of consumer technology available. Capable of executing over 1.8 trillion floating point calculations per second. Skills used to make video games are the same for other computer programming, digital design, web design, and other high demand technical skills.


7 You can control Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Design Review, AutoCAD, Revit, Alias, Maya, Project Freewheel, etc. all with a Wii! Carl Kenner wrote a programmable input emulator (PIE) which enables customizing any input device to control Windows













20 Pivot Software Free download Let’s Play (Pivot demonstration) Active animation student example 1 Active animation student example 2 Student example with depth Animation Basics

21 Pivot Soccer Student Project

22 Pivot Soccer Overhead

23 Pivot Perspective Student Project

24 Integrating Office Technology PowerPoint Games (Quiz show and Maze) Microsoft Word Asset construction (2D and 3D) Microsoft Excel Games (Crossword and Tic-Tac-Toe) Microsoft Paint or Open Office Draw Microsoft Clip Art Microsoft Sound Editor or Audacity Create Presentations, Brochures, Letters, Charts using Office products for marketing

25 Activity 3-4:Physical Dexterity Puzzle Objective: Students will be able to construct a simple puzzle game. Students will demonstrate hyperlink and mouse over game features. Students will use a variety of tools to build games. Students will understand the benefits of a physical dexterity training game. Situation: The Really, Really Cool Game Company needs to create a few puzzle games to teach users how to correctly use a stylus (digital pen) on a handheld organizer. Your team will create a sample puzzle to test the concept of a hand-eye coordination training game. Each team member will create a different maze concept.

26 Click START to begin. Follow the maze to get the cheese. Avoid touching the red or the cats.


28 Please Try Again

29 Winner !

30 The Games Factory 2 Object oriented programming Foundation for Visual Basic or C++ Simple interface Step by step directions Builds as an executable file Post to your school website

31 Use to recruit students

32 Download and Play games from your school’s website


34 We need your help The United States Department of Labor Statistics estimates the need for 364,000 new Software Engineers by 2016. Current USA post-secondary education graduates about 10,000 a year. Where will the other 300,000 high paying jobs go???? Outsourcing, insourcing work visas, etc. Other tech careers related to Video Game Design standards are in equally high demand

35 The Answer High school career academy with 4 years of training in high tech STEM careers. Quality textbooks with reading and learning strategies integrated. Hands-on team and technology activities aligned to Learning Objectives and Real World situations. Provide interest and skills for careers in demand 5 to 10 years from now.

36 Turn-Key Curriculum Textbook with integrated STEM activities Workbook with all activities aligned to State standards, perfected directions, bellwork, pre and post reading strategies Industry Case Studies on how to launch Online games and iPhone Apps included. PowerPoint presentations for each chapter All Software included – student take home license also included. Test Bank for paper or network proctoring Cooperative Capstone project to demonstrate mastery in simulated Design Studio setting. So easy a Cave Student could do it! Teacher and batteries not included

37 Integrated STEM

38 BEST Practices Daily Bellwork to give students daily reading review and application of concepts/terms

39 Integrated Reading Strategies Anticipation Guides to give Purpose for Reading Think About It Activities to apply reading

40 Step by Step Perfected Directions

41 Integrated Cooperative Strategies Team Roles Structure Directions Understanding

42 Learning Objective Defined

43 Educational Objectives with “Real World” Situations Real Job Roles Free Help Card

44 Florida Dept of Education Alignment

45 Demonstration of The Games Factory 2 Software Creating sprites Frame construction Sprite movement Object oriented event programming Logic statement implementation Create New Object (Launching/shooting) Create New Object (Explosions) Build as executable file


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