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State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana Introduction to the SSACI Website April 14, 2011.

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1 State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana Introduction to the SSACI Website April 14, 2011

2 Mission Statement The State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana’s (SSACI) mission is to make college affordable through need-based grants and to allow choice by granting awards to those attending public, independent and proprietary colleges. SSACI attempts to increase college preparation through its Twenty-first Century Scholar program and by giving increased grant amounts to those graduating from high school with Academic or Technical Honors Diplomas.

3 Mission Statement SSACI accomplishes its mission with: Grant and scholarship programs for full-time and part-time college students Early intervention programs for Twenty-first Century Scholars Research to better understand the needs of Hoosier students and families; and Technology to make the delivery of awards as simple as possible for students and colleges.

4 SSACI Home Page

5 SSACI Home Page The left side of the SSACI home page is comprised of four sections: 1.General agency information 2.All Indiana Grants and Scholarships 3.Information 4.Professional Partners

6 SSACI Home Page The center of the home page includes important links via the billboards. Also available is the mission statement and links for notable publications and research, including SSACI’s annual reports.

7 SSACI Home Page The right side of the SSACI home page is made up of four sections: 1.Links to online data systems 2.Direct link to eStudent 3.FAQs 4.Direct link to Application Filing Deadlines webpage

8 SSACI Home Page Potential Changes: Moving the publications and research section under SSACI’s “About Us” in the left menu Reformatting the webpage to resemble the home page

9 eStudent eStudent is SSACI’s self-service website for students who have filed a FAFSA as residents of Indiana.

10 What does eStudent do? Indicates if there are any issues with the FAFSA that could prevent students from receiving state aid Allows students to see their state grant award and state grant history Allows students to view their grant application which includes information from the FAFSA, the high school diploma type, Twenty-first Century Scholar and National Guard status, and their school of choice Allows students to update their school of choice

11 Where is eStudent? The right side of the website under Online Services-Colleges Financial Office The blue oval Billboard on the home page Hyperlinks embedded within the text of information pages throughout the site –Ex. Application Filing Deadlines page

12 eStudent Landing Page Who is eStudent for? What does it do? Where do I register or login? When can I use it? Why should I use it? How do I use it?

13 eStudent Registration/Login Page

14 eStudent Registration When registering: Data must match the FAFSA One student per e- mail address

15 eStudent Login

16 eStudent The red stop sign indicates edits on the student’s account Award Notification reflects the award at the student’s current college choice –PDF Grant Notification

17 eStudent – Change College Choice Select the correct school year, college choice and semester/term if prompted. Be careful when making changes!

18 eStudent – Student Information Changing information in eStudent will only notify SSACI. To change the e-mail address, students must register for a new eStudent account.

19 eStudent - Award History

20 eStudent – Application History

21 Why use eStudent? 24/7 access online, anywhere! View Grant Notification Review account history and eligibility units used Change College Choice Update contact information directly with SSACI

22 Questions?

23 xGrads A secure internet application that allows you to: Reconcile and refund state grants Process billings and refunds for scholarships and other SSACI awards Download data files for each of SSACI’s processing cycles – application, notification and reconciliation Upload data files to SSACI for processing Download information files about SSACI processes and policies View and print reports which provide information about grant reconciliations, award billings, payments and refunds that are specific to your institution

24 Where is xGrads? The right side of the website under Online Services-Colleges Financial Office

25 xGrads Login Page Requests for a username and password must be verified and submitted from your financial aid director All new users must complete an IRUA Updates and requests for xGrads users should be sent through

26 xGrads – The Welcome Screen Any new messages will be displayed at the top of the welcome page.

27 xGrads – File Transfers Menu Information Files – documentation for all SSACI program processes and policies Download from SSACI – Application, Notification, Reconciliation and Billed Awards cycle files Upload to SSACI – upload converted data files Convert Data Files – the SSACI converter School Change – view students with pending school changes by year and term

28 xGrads – Billed Awards Menu The Billed Awards menu allows you to create and refund any billed awards in which your school participates.

29 xGrads – Grants Menu The Grants Menu allows you to reconcile and refund, as well as create Part-time Grant awards for individual students.

30 xGrads – Reports Menu The Reports Menu allows you to see data reports that are specific to your institution. The newest report to be added, Initial Allotments and Up-Front Payments, allows each participating school to view its own up- front payments and program allotments received from SSACI.

31 xGrads – My Account My Account allows you to change your password. Other login issues should be e-mailed to The upper right hand corner provides a link to the xGrads Help Guide & FAQs; the Logout button; and the status of your school’s reconciliations for the current term/semester.

32 xGrads – Professional Judgments PJs can be cleared via xGrads “xx Professional Judgments” link Search by student SSN or alphabetically To clear a PJ with SSACI – a reason code must be entered

33 xGrads – Loan Defaults/Overpayments Students reported as being in default or an overpayment status can be viewed via the link in the center of the top menu bar. Search by student SSN or alphabetically Defaults and Over- payments may also be cleared via APPL files

34 Questions?

35 SSACI Programs

36 Frank O’Bannon Grant To qualify for state grant consideration the applicant must: be an Indiana resident by December 31st the year prior to applying (December 31, 2010 for the 2011-2012 school year) be a U.S. Citizen or eligible noncitizeneligible noncitizen be a high school graduate or hold a GED attend, or plan to attend, an eligible college or universityeligible college or university be enrolled, or plan to enroll, in a course of study leading to an associates or first bachelors degree; be a full-time student, or plan to enroll as a full-time student. (The state grant defines full-time as at least 12 credit hours per term); and file an application (FAFSA) - received by March 10 th of the academic year preceding the academic year the applicant plans to enroll.

37 Nursing and Minority Teacher/Special Education Services Scholarships Nursing Scholarship: Recipients of the scholarship must work for 2 years as an RN/LPN in an Indiana health care setting following graduation Students are to submit their applications to their schools Minority Teacher/Special Services Scholarship: Recipients of the scholarship must work in an approved Indiana setting as a teacher, special education teacher, PT or OT for 3 of the first 5 years of certification Students are to submit their applications to their schools

38 Summer State Work Study To be eligible for the Summer Work-Study program the student applicant must meet the following criteria: Have received and used a state grant award during the academic year prior to the summer the student plans to work; Not be graduating before August 31 st ; Plan to enroll as an undergraduate in the fall following the summer that the student participated in the work- study program. Students must apply online by May 1 st

39 Indiana National Guard Supplemental Grant SSACI eligibility requirements are similar to that of Frank O’Bannon; however, they do not need to exhibit financial need. Additional eligibility requirement: The student must be in active drilling status for each academic term. The unit commander is the sole determiner of this status. Students who have not yet recertified for a semester should speak with their unit commander or the appropriate ING education office.

40 Part-Time Grant Program was designed for students exhibiting financial need but attending school less than full- time (less than 12 credit hours). Students must be otherwise eligible for State aid. Awards are determined each semester/term. Minimum award is $50 and is applied to tuition and regularly assessed fees.

41 Child of Veteran and Public Safety Officer Supplemental Grant Program Applications submitted through SSACI: A child or spouse of a public safety officer killed in the line of duty; or of an IN state police trooper permanently and totally disabled in the line of duty A child or spouse of a member of the IN National Guard who suffered a service connected death while serving on state active duty* Applications submitted through IDVA: Child of Purple Heart Recipient; of deceased or disabled veteran; or of POW/MIA from Vietnam War Former students and/or graduates of Morton Memorial High School; Former residents of the IN Soldiers and Sailors Children’s Home IN Veterans who are Purple Heart recipients

42 Contact Information Schools: Students: Data access: Twenty-first Century: Phone: (317) 232-2350 or (888)-528-4719 Fax: (317) 232-3260

43 Reminders Deadlines: 2011/12 FAFSA Edit Correction – May 16 th 2010/11 Final Reconciliations - May 18 th

44 Questions? Thank you!!!

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