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Student Conduct and Community Standards

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1 Student Conduct and Community Standards
Jeff Smith Student Judicial Affairs Officer Aims Community College

2 What doesn’t go over well
Texting, ing, or using cell phones/lap tops during class Arriving late or leaving early Talking or chit chat during lecture Obscene language Disrespectful or rude behavior Persistent arguing with the instructor Monopolizing conversation Frustrating efforts of the instructor to maintain control Violating class conduct provisions of course syllabi Verbally abusing or threatening anyone Under the influence of alcohol or drugs Others?

3 Civility, Manners, and Etiquette
Civility Statement Aims Community College is committed to the highest standards of academic and ethical integrity, acknowledging that respect for self and others is the foundation of educational excellence. As such, we will cultivate an environment of mutual respect and responsibility. Whether we are students, faculty, or staff, we have a right to be in a safe environment, free of disturbance and civil in all aspects of human relations. (Aims Student Handbook, p. 4)

4 Manners and Etiquette 1- Think things out before you speak 2- Always be understanding and forgiving 3- Don’t speak loudly or interrupt 4- Speak with respect and avoid arguments 5- Be genuinely interested in others, be a good listener 6- Do not swear, do smile and be friendly 7- Pay attention to how you carry yourself 8- Do not put others down or gossip 9- Use proper grammar and spelling, proofread everything 10- Breed sympathy, kindness, and tolerance

5 In the classroom Attend class and pay attention
Be on time and stay until the end Give full attention while the instructor or another student is speaking Show respect and concern for others by not monopolizing class discussions Turn off all electronic devices, including cell phones, pagers, MP3 players, ect. Refrain from text messaging at all costs Focus on class materials during class time Obtain permission from your instructor if you want to bring a visitor to class

6 Expectations You went to College for a reason
Industry expects you to have a specific level of professionalism and knowledge Computer savvy, intelligent, well mannered You are who they want, so show your skills

7 Further Questions Contact Jeff Smith (970) Office-Allied Health and Sciences #104

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