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STUDENT NITE OUT CHAPTER LEADERSHIP (California: Northern (Deborah Wolff-Baker) & Southern (Gloria Craig); Great Lakes Chapter (MJ Favot), Georgia (Sheryl.

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1 STUDENT NITE OUT CHAPTER LEADERSHIP (California: Northern (Deborah Wolff-Baker) & Southern (Gloria Craig); Great Lakes Chapter (MJ Favot), Georgia (Sheryl McManus), North Carolina (Triad) (Carroll Spinks);

2 LOCATION OF EVENT O GLC: University setting within a school of nursing. Convenience and collaborative relationship with the particular school of nursing. O A reciprocity agreement was set up between the chapter and SON to cover the NP Student Mentorship Night & university’s sponsorship of chapters’ annual conference O (Balance out so no “monies” had to change hands). O NCC: Location: 2012/13 = Jewish Home in San Francisco; 2014 = UCSF Clinical Sciences Building O *Selected: Parking & central location for San Francisco Bay Area. O Georgia: Classroom at Emory’s School of Nursing to generate. interest of Emory NP Students graduate in December O Thought of hosting a spring event at Georgia State campus because student graduate in May. O Branch out to Kennesaw and Mercer : other two major SONs in Atlanta. O Price is right (free) to use classroom space and the parking O Thought of private room in a restaurant but the minimum food and beverage order was a little daunting for the first time having this event O North Carolina Triad – local university

3 Event Time, Day, Length O GLC: Midweek: Tues, Wed,Thurs from 6:30- 8:30 pm. O Middle of week and time of event for student and member convenience. O NCC: Thurs 6/2812; 6/20/13; 5/14: 6:30 – 8:30 pm O Date chosen to coincide with end of the semester for NP programs / graduation O *Time chosen: accommodate work schedules & traffic O Georgia: Thursday evening from 6-8p – most doable O NC Triad – same time and length

4 Advertisement O GLC : Website, via flyers/brochures to contacts at SON where announcement and directions for registration placed on “Blackboards” in clinical nursing courses. O Needed to limit numbers of attending to ensure they can accommodate students requests for mentors O NCC: Flyers, Contact with Universities (8 in our area), Emails. (Wrong phone # for RSVP on 2013 flyer may have reduced attendance.) Looking to improve advertisement structure O Georgia: Posted on website and also to register; (This also helped individuals to use the website). O Created a power point slide with all the info and sent out and also dropped into lectures; Administration posted to graduate students listserve. O NC Triad – Advertisement at Local University due to being invited to a class on Conflict Example of flyers will be posted on Chapter Leadership website with this presentation

5 GLC Event Program O 4 Rotations – 20 minutes each that included packets of information: O 1). Scope of Practice in State O 2). Credentialing (NPI, DEA, certification, etc.) O 3). Billing & Coding O 4). Negotiating positions/salary/contracts, etc.

6 NCC Event Program O Welcome O Licensing and Certification handouts O Where to look for jobs (job market) O 10 questions to ask a potential collaborating MD O The GAPNA experience – an award winner spoke O Issues to consider in a house calls practice O CV and Mock Interviews O Importance of joining NP Organizations O Zettler Process Protocol Workbook for process protocol development. Includes written information as well as a CD ROM to facilitate Standardized Protocols for NPs. O Closing

7 GEORGIA O 4 “panelists” that had different work experiences : long term care, rehab, skilled nursing, clinic, hospice palliative care. O Two individuals had moved from all direct patient care to management/hiring O Following introductions and description of their area of expertise, the students drove the direction of the discussion O Also had an employer that gave their perspective

8 North Carolina Triad O Presentation on Conflict & Practice O Conflict with staff, physician, stressed the importance of fostering relationships O Panel of seasoned practitioners

9 New England O Student night O Met with 3 major universities on grad nite O Hosted the dinner

10 GLC & Georgia: How were topics selected? O First time offered, topics selected based on member feedback from students that had a preceptor. O Additional input obtained with program evaluation each year. O Georgia: We let the students run the discussion.

11 NCC: How were topics selected? O Content for the event was discussed and agreed upon at the April Chapter meeting. O Also input from previous evaluations O A Student Night Committee was formed and these members coordinated the event. O Planning committee included: Chairperson, Site coordinator, Food coordinator, and content development members. O Two members developed a timeline for licensing and certification to share with students as well as a mock interview format.

12 Any topic(s) more valued? O GLC: Student receptive and appreciative of all topical areas, no one topic seemed to be preferred. O NCC: Most valuable topic was: 10 questions to ask a potential collaborating MD. Encouraged dialogue and stimulated further questions. (This will be shown at end of presentation) & the Zettler Process Manual O Many questions about Scope of Practice. O GEORGIA: Multiple questions about interviewing: how to anticipate interview process & being prepared for behavioral interview; how to answer how one handled a difficult situation O Getting the first job O What to expect from employers as far as orientation O Opportunities to have a shadow day, O Salary negotiation O North Carolina – enjoyed the presentation on conflict

13 Format O GLC: Students grouped into one of four groups and then rotated through each topical session (A, B, C, D) O Each session repeated 4x to accommodate all 4 groups. O A time person was assigned to the role to announce 5 minutes before rotation time up & at time – use a bell O NCC: Square table formation with students and NCCGAPNA members interspersed. O 2 recent grads spoke about their experience (provided insight) O The 2012 event had breakout sessions for topics. O Informal. Group discussion and rotating topics. O GEORGIA: Students set the pace O A “classroom” setting structure with 4 panelists up front O A recent grad who had recently started a job also attended and sat to one side and contributed her experience. O A potential employer was also present and sat to one side and contributed that perspective too.

14 Number of times offered & times of years presented O GLC: 2015 will be 4 th annual student night O Mentorship program included in student night O There are thoughts to host 2 sessions a year O NCC: Three years. 2012 – 2014 O Offered once in the Spring O GEORGIA: First time; plan to have another during spring semester

15 Refreshments and funded O GLC: Pizza, pop, coffee and cake with GLC logo O Paid out of chapter funds O NCC: Pizza, Salad and drinks O Paid for from Chapter funds. Cost of pizza and salad catering for these events ranged between $130.30 - $139.57. O GEORGIA: Food, wine, beer, soft drinks, and water. O Paid out of the chapter’s funds. O We had voted on using a budgeted amount for student night but was able to have program for far less by having it at the SON.

16 Attendance Number O GLC: First time 10-12 O Growth each year: 2014 = 38 students with 17 students requesting mentors O NCC: # Student attendees 2013: 6 - 9 O # Student attendees 2013: 5 (RSVP – phone # incorrect could have accounted for low attendance) O # Student attendees 2014: 4 O GEORGIA: 7 (student night) O North Carolina Triad: 20

17 Any students join GAPNA? Computer at event to help join O GLC: Yes – some students joined – we had a table to share materials of our chapter; Save the Date night for the annual conference O Computer available however no one joined at the event O NCC: Yes, a few students did join GAPNA. Not at the meeting but shortly after. O Our Annual Scholarship ($1500.00) to attend the GAPNA Annual Conference was promoted at the Student Night Event and a few students joined to apply for the scholarship. O A computer was available this past year but was not used for the purpose of registering new student members. O GEORGIA: Yes, we did have a computer available O Did not push for membership at that meeting, but we did have information available about our upcoming CE day and information about our website and the advantages of belonging to GAPNA. O I think we will get membership in the organization with their participation in the CE day.

18 NCC: 10 questions to ask a collaborating physician

19 NCC: Resources for Licensing and Credentialing

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