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Student Council 2014-15  Student Dean Meeting  Society Heads Meeting  10 th September 2014  T3 Conference Room, 2 nd Floor.

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1 Student Council 2014-15  Student Dean Meeting  Society Heads Meeting  10 th September 2014  T3 Conference Room, 2 nd Floor

2 Members of the Student Council  The members of the student council include core members as well as class representatives.  The other wing of the council is the Student Academic Council constituted separately.  The Committees set up and members of the committees are also members of the Student Council. (Document Hard Copy Handed Over)

3 Student Grievance Redressal Cell The Vice President of the Student Council shall act as the de-facto member and head of each committee formed under the SGRC. The Secretaries that will be elected by the members of each Committee from among themselves shall help the VP in performing the functions and duties of the respective Committee. (Document Hard Copy Handed Over)

4 Committees under the SRGC  Food and Mess Committee  Security Committee  Housing Committee  IT Committee  Infrastructure Committee  Drafting Committee  Disciplinary Committee  Transport Committee  Events Committee  Health Centre Support Committee  Finance Committee

5 List of Class Representatives  The list of existing class representatives has been attached along with the list of SAC Members.  Elections for the Class Representatives will be conducted in the upcoming week with the help of an election committee.

6 Elections of the Class Representatives The Class Representative elections represent a vital of the student body's democracy, as it is the class representatives that also represent the Student Council on many levels. The Class Representative elections, keeping in mind the forthcoming university cultural festival, Biswamil, will be held before 17 September 2014. The idea is to have a new body of Class Representatives working hand in hand with the Organizing Committee of Biswamil ​ and the Student Council, starting their tenure with one of their most exciting and engrossing responsibilities, preparing them for what comes with the post. An Election Committee has been formed from within the Class Representatives who will ensure that the Class Representative elections are conducted within the stipulated time period, and are done so smoothly and transparently.

7 Student Academic Council  Jinaly  Nikita Bhuwania  Tvisha ​  Nisha  Pranav Sood  Shikhar Singhal  Anvy Majumdar  Navya Jannu  Urvi Agarwal  Mohan Krishnan  Ankita Sangwan  Chunky Agarwal  V. Balaji  Kriti Pradhan  Vandita Khanna  Sayesha Bhattacharya  Shourya Bari  Aditi Mallavarapu  Samiksha Padnekar

8 Procedure to Book Venues on Campus 1. E-mail the faculty coordinator by cc’ing Mr. Bivas Sen Gupta and the security in charge Mr. Sultan Singh. The e-mail should have reached the destination one day prior to the day of the event. The mail should also include in detail as to the purpose of booking the venue. 2. As soon as the faculty coordinator approves the students’ request, Mr.Bivas Sen Gupta will allocate a classroom and the security in charge will inform the security guard, who will then open the venue. 3. The mail with the necessary permission can also be used to get the venue opened. 4. The students will be responsible to keep all the equipment safe and not cause any damage. 5. In case of any damage to the equipment, the student who has initially sought permission to get the venue booked will be liable as per the university policies. 6. The students who have booked the venue will ensure to keep the venue neat and clean.

9 Procedure to Host Events  Individual Students contact a specific society that the event can be tied up with.  The proposals will be shared with the society and recommendations will be taken and the two will together approach the Student Council.  Prior Approval from the concerned faculty member is required.  Meeting of the Faculty Coordinator, SC and the individual/ society with the Student Dean and Registrar.  Final Approvals.

10 Performance Review of Societies  At the end of the previous semester the Council met with the heads of all societies and made notes of the plans outlined by the societies for the upcoming year as well as the help they would require from the council and the Office of the Student Dean in having a successful academic year.  The societies are presently in preparation for Biswamil ‘14 the First Cultural Fest Organised by O.P. JGU.  The reports of the queries of each society are attached in the document provided.  The fresh elections for the boards of each society will be conducted after Biswamil this year since the societies have already started working towards the event.  The performance review inclusive of orientations and events hosted/ conducted/ proposed to conduct are also included. (Documents Attached)

11 Policy of Funding for Societies  Funding for societies has been a contentious topic with the administration.  Some societies are fully funded, some partially funded whereas others receive funding on the basis of proposals for specific events.  The Council aims to streamline the process for clarity purposes and also to ensure that societies start receiving more administrative support.

12 New Initiatives Lined Up  Proposed Animal Welfare Society  Proposed Student Run Programme Called “Switch”  Adding more vendors on campus (Food and Beverages)  Sports Leagues (Racquet League, Football/ Cricket and Volleyball League)  Hostel Parties  Clarification on the process and approvals required to take up new student initiatives.  Student Merchandise Department

13 Events Hosted (August 2014) Freeze- On Campus Ice Breaking Session

14 Abhivyakti- Bollywood Night The Hindi Society for Literature, Poetry and Fine Arts hosted the 4 th Bollywood Night

15 Xion EDM and DJ Night  Xion EDM and DJ Night to be hosted by students in collaboration with the Human Right Society  Permissions obtained

16 Disciplinary Procedures- Policy and the Bill of Rights  Need clarification on the procedure and penalties with respect to Disciplinary Proceedings.  Need to update Security Guidelines as well as Guidelines for Wardens w.r.t checking etc.  Implementation of the Bill of Rights drafted by Ragya and Ishaan.

17 Student Run Merchandise Department  The concept is applied in most top Indian and International Universities.  Student Run Merchandise Store called “J-Store” maybe even with an online portal for students as well as alumni and faculty to purchase college merchandise that is entire student run from design, production, sale etc.  Products- Sweatshirts/ T-Shirts/ Bands/ Bookmarks/ Foot Hammocks/ Laptop and Phone Covers and Skins etc. designed to be trendy and fun.  Hands on experience in real life work for students of the University.  Enhance University Culture among Students.  Memorabilia for International and Exchange Students and Faculty and Special Guests.

18 External Cultural and Sports Events  Sports Society- NLS Bangalore Sports Fest- Spiritus  Cultural Fests- (Upcoming) Biswamil 2014 IIT Delhi Fest BITS Goa Fest

19 Weekly Newsletter The idea of having a weekly newsletter is to inform the JGU student body about the upcoming events of the week. Through this newsletter, the council plans to keep the student body active and informed as to what is planned for them. This newsletter will also help the students of JGU to plan their weekend in a proper manner and will also help us achieve large student’s turnout for every event. This newsletter will cover all the on-campus events and also off-campus events which are related or are hosted by our university. This will include the following:  Cultural Events  Academic Events  Important Student Body meetings  Open houses with Student Council/Faculty/Staff  Conferences  Seminars Every Monday, the JGU student Body will receive an Email with the list of upcoming events in the week. Each event will have a short description and will also describe how it will help the students. We also plan to make an excel sheet of all the events in a week which will inform the students about the date, time & venue of each event and make it convenient for them. We plan to start this from 15 th September 2014 after seeking the necessary permissions and approvals.

20 Alumini of JGU Ideas for the Network- 1. Alumni Website 2. Alumni Facebook Page 3. Alumni Updates for University Students 4. Faculty Alumni and Student Networking 5. Batch Meets (Annual City Meets) 6. Batch Parties (Annual or Bi-Annual- Cities) 7. Every five years National Meet 8. Get together and ceremony every decade on the JGU Campus

21 Honors Board  Student and Faculty Honor Boards  Student Council Board  Merit List and Award Winners  Moot and Debate or Society Boards

22 In Collaboration with Human Rights Society  Winter Clothes Collection Drive as well as emergency collection drives to be streamlined and made regular. Tie up with NGO’s and/or charity organizations.

23 In Collaboration with Environment Society  In Collaboration with the Environment Society the aim is to make this campus as litter free as possible.  Procurement of Dustbins (Accessible Locations)  Clarification on Recycling Policies for food waste/ waste.

24 Outside Vendors on Campus  Berco’s - Chain of Chinese Veg and Non Veg Food  Juice Station- Juices, Shakes, Sundaes  Hot Dog Counter  Frankie Counter  Expansion and Festival Based Decoration of the Student Village.

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