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Student Retention and the SGA October 20, 2014 RADFORD UNIVERSITY.

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1 Student Retention and the SGA October 20, 2014 RADFORD UNIVERSITY

2 What is Good for RU is Good for Retention... “... activities that serve to generate significant improvements in the organization as a whole ultimately serve to improve student retention.” Dr. Laurence Smith Mobilizing the Campus for Retention ACT RADFORD UNIVERSITY

3 Retention Data Definition: Retention rate = the percentage of a cohort enrolled at one census date that is enrolled at the next census date; typically measured fall-to-fall. Retention of all classes of students is critical, but getting students from the first to second year is especially important, since students are less likely to leave each year after the first. “Retention rate” generally implies the retention rate for new students. RADFORD UNIVERSITY

4 The “Retention Funnel” New Freshmen, Fall 100% (2,000 students) 2 nd Year 75% (1,500 students; i.e., 500 students do not return) 3 rd Year Four-Year Graduation 38-42% 1 st Year 2 nd Year 4 th Year 5 th Year 6 th Year Six-Year Graduation 56-60% RADFORD UNIVERSITY



7 Timeline: Year Three RADFORD UNIVERSITY

8 RU Retention Data *Radford University 2014 Fact Book 74.6% RADFORD UNIVERSITY

9 Retention Factors *Data analysis by Noel-Levitz of entering cohorts 2010, 2011, 2012 RADFORD UNIVERSITY

10 RU Retention Data Difference: 17.61 % High School GPA Value Total Number Number Persisted Persistence Rate (%) Higher than 2.9254008321680.24 2.675 to 2.925109177571.04 2.675 and below77648662.63 Total 5890448976.21 *Data analysis by Noel-Levitz of entering cohorts 2010, 2011, 2012 RADFORD UNIVERSITY

11 RU Retention Data Num. Days as Confirmed Value Total Number Number Persisted Persistence Rate (%) 164 or Greater1458118881.48 137 to 1631450113578.28 123 to 1361406105775.18 122 or Less1576110970.37 Total5890448976.21 *Data analysis by Noel-Levitz of entering cohorts 2010, 2011, 2012 Before May 1 After May 1 RADFORD UNIVERSITY

12 RU Retention Data First Generation Flag Value Total Number Number Persisted Persistence Rate (%) No 1792140778.52 No Info 2394183176.48 Yes 1704125173.42 Total 5890448976.21 *Data analysis by Noel-Levitz of entering cohorts 2010, 2011, 2012 RADFORD UNIVERSITY

13 RU Retention Data Student Ethnicity Description Total Number Number Persisted Persistence Rate (%) Race Unknown10 100.00 American Indian or Alaska Native272488.89 Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander252184.00 Refused to Disclose423378.57 Black or African American48337778.05 White4686359576.72 Nonresident Alien4375.00 Hispanic of any race27519872.00 Two or more races21815571.10 Asian1207360.83 Total 5890448976.21 *Data analysis by Noel-Levitz of entering cohorts 2010, 2011, 2012 RADFORD UNIVERSITY

14 2012 Retention Report Recommendations “Proactive” Maintain High Expectations for Students Enhance the Delivery of Academic Advising Increase the Amount and Quality of Academic Support Available Encourage Social Enrichment Activities to Give Students a Sense of Belonging Expand “High Impact Practices” RADFORD UNIVERSITY

15 2012 Retention Report Recommendations “Reactive” Revise Probation and Suspension Policies Eliminate Exceptions to Suspension and the “SORTS” Program Create an Academic Recovery Course for New Students on Probation (Effective Fall 2014) RADFORD UNIVERSITY

16 RU’s Partnership with Noel-Levitz Dave Trites RADFORD UNIVERSITY

17 Number of Risk Factors 01234567 Number of Students 3346225703451043460 Average SRP Score 0.620.550.470.380.320.270.200.00 Steve Lerch 1Retained Jennifer Mandabay.99Highly Likely Shiela Lilly.85Highly Likely Alex Wugner.72Likely Bob Johnson.68Likely Angie Mabeus.46Somewhat Likely Audrey Keppler.41Somewhat Likely Brian Schuler.21Less Likely Jordan Clouser.17Less Likely Mike Dunn 0Not Likely NameCategoryTotal High School GPAAcademic Preparation634 Student EthnicityDemographic315 Subdivision/College of InterestEducation Aspiration570 Distance From CampusSocial Integration104 Num Days as ConfirmedGeneric697 StandingGeneric346 First Generation FlagGeneric753

18 RU Fall 14 Freshmen 38 263 752 802141 17 N=2015

19 Model ScoreTotal RecordsPersistPersistence Rate Modeling File Persistence Rate 0.00-0.09000.0%100.0% 0.10-0.1913969.2%50.0% 0.20-0.29693855.1%59.9% 0.30-0.3931620665.2%66.9% 0.40-0.4958042473.1%73.0% 0.50-0.5953640375.2%79.7% 0.60-0.6933628484.5%85.1% 0.70-0.7911110090.1%91.7% 0.80-0.89191473.7%100.0% 0.90-1.00000.0% Total1980147874.6%76.1% RU Fall 13 Outcomes

20 Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory™

21 Scales in order of importance: Radford University 1.Academic Advising 2.Instructional Effectiveness 3.Safety and Security 4.Student Centeredness 5.Concern for the Individual 6.Recruitment and Financial Aid 7.Campus Climate 8.Registration Effectiveness 9.Campus Support Services 10.Service Excellence 11.Campus Life 2012 Form A n: 97,084 Copyright 2012, Noel-Levitz, Inc. 1.Concern for the Individual 2.Instructional Effectiveness 3.Recruitment and Financial Aid 4.Academic Advising 5.Student Centeredness 6.Campus Support Services 7.Safety and Security 8.Campus Climate 9.Registration Effectiveness 10.Service Excellence 11.Campus Life RU Student Perspective In order of importance RU Personnel Perspective In order of importance

22 Summary Scales SSI SummaryRU SSI SouthDifference So far, how has your college experience met your expectations? 4.974.65+0.08 Rate your overall satisfaction with your experience here thus far. 5.695.31+0.15 All in all, if you had to do it over, would you enroll here again? 5.775.36+0.04

23 Helping Students Find Success RADFORD UNIVERSITY

24 Academic Suspension Thresholds To avoid suspension, students must earn a 1.00 GPA in their first semester and demonstrate improved academic performance in subsequent semesters: Hours AttemptedGPA Required to Avoid Suspension 12-231.00 24-351.50 36-471.80 48 or more2.00 RADFORD UNIVERSITY

25 UNIV150 – Retention results 1.00-1.49 GPA RADFORD UNIVERSITY

26 UNIV150 – Retention results 1.50-1.99 GPA RADFORD UNIVERSITY

27 UNIV150 – LASSI (Learning And Study Strategies Inventory) RADFORD UNIVERSITY

28 RU’s Strategic Plan for Retention Proposed Retention Strategies: Enhance Academic Support Services Improve the Delivery of Academic Advising* Increase the Potential of UNIV 100* Develop Additional Learning Communities* Facilitate Student Access to Campus Employment Manage Enrollment Strategically Integrate Career Awareness into all Students’ First-Year Curricula *In Progress RADFORD UNIVERSITY

29 Retention Initiatives in Progress Improve the Delivery of Academic Advising RADFORD UNIVERSITY

30 Retention Initiatives in Progress: UNIV100 Overall, 75% of new freshmen enrolled in UNIV100 for fall 2013 RADFORD UNIVERSITY

31 CSI Completion Rate: 94.8% RADFORD UNIVERSITY

32 Retention Initiatives in Progress Increase the Potential of UNIV 100: Using the College Student Inventory (CSI) Class debrief in every UNIV100 class Each student received their individual CSI report Suggested assignment to reflect on report Faculty asked to reach out to at least 4 predicted “at-risk” students – “How RU?” RADFORD UNIVERSITY

33 Retention Initiatives in Progress: Academic and Student Affairs Collaborations Learning Communities: Tap into the “Power of the Cohort” Existing Communities: Core Connections (Non-residential) Biology Connections (Stuart Hall) Honors Academy (Floyd Hall) CVPA Themed Housing (Trinkle Hall) In Development: Scholar-Citizen Initiative COBE Under Consideration: CRJU, Psychology, Waldron College, others RADFORD UNIVERSITY

34 Retention Initiatives in Student Affairs Desire to Transfer 30.9% Not First Choice 38.9% What happens after they get to campus? Engaging in the RU community Out-of-the-class Experience RADFORD UNIVERSITY

35 Student Affairs Areas of Concentration RADFORD UNIVERSITY Retention & Persistence Student Behavioral Intervention Student Leadership Student Development Student Engagement Student Support Parents

36 Student Affairs Retention Initiatives Welcome Week BE S.E.E.N. Programming Student Clubs and Organizations Student Recreation & Wellness Center Club Fairs (fall & spring) Radford Student Programs & Campus Events (R-SPACE) Lead Scholar Program (LEAD 110) Ignite Student Leadership Radford After Dark Residential Life Programming Diversity Programming Sports Clubs Greek Life RADFORD UNIVERSITY

37 Discussion: What Role Can the SGA Play in Retaining RU Students? RADFORD UNIVERSITY


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