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STUDENT EMPLOYMENT 101: THE BIG PICTURE! Barbara Cloutier Assistant Director – Financial Aid Office Student Employment Coordinator.

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1 STUDENT EMPLOYMENT 101: THE BIG PICTURE! Barbara Cloutier Assistant Director – Financial Aid Office Student Employment Coordinator

2 Topics Types of Employment What is FWS? What is State Pay? Thoughts to ponder (budget, pay, time) Job Posting Interviewing Selection Preparation The Interview Federal regulations/EEO

3 Student Employment What is Work-Study? Department of Education “awards” Title IV funding to schools on or around April 2 for the following school year. These funds are allocated to three campus based (managed) programs:  SEOG Grant  Perkins Loan  Federal Work-Study

4 Federal Work-Study, cont. FWS Allocation Campus awards are generally level-funded. For 2014-15, the total FWS Allocation for UW-Stout is $710,000. In January of each year, utilizing estimated numbers*, FAO sends the Work-Study Allocation report to the Chancellor, Provost, Vice Chancellor, FAO Director, PARQ, and Budget Managers Budget Managers determine departmental allocations and return information to FAO (by mid-February) for submission to Accounting. Accounts starting with 145 are FWS dollars. * Allocations per division are generally determined by previous years allocation and spending.

5 Departmental FWS Allocations

6 So… Employer’s hire FWS eligible students to spend their allocation of 145 funding for the fiscal year The Student Employment Coordinator/Financial Aid Office is responsible for managing the FWS program Auxiliaries (departments that earn revenue) will see a split in funding used: 70% 145 and 30% state funding (102, 128, etc.)

7 Federal Work Study eligibility Federal Work-Study is a Financial Aid Award, therefore: The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) must be filed for the given academic year. The student must “demonstrate need” per the FAFSA The student must indicate that they are interested in work-study (question on the FAFSA) The student should file the FAFSA as early as possible: FAFSA is available after January 1. Never say never – if the student is eligible per the FAFSA, there is potential to add it to the award. Call the Financial Aid Office!

8 State Payroll Eligibility A FAFSA is not required for State Payroll Employment!

9 Thoughts to Ponder… What kind of student can you hire? What/where is your budget? 145 Work-study 102, 128, etc. state funding (default, splits, state payroll) Not sure? Check with your budget manager How many students can you hire? How much budget do you have? Funding for the AY covers July 1 through June 30 of the following year How much experience/skills does your student employee(s) need? Pay should be commensurate with skill level Minimum wage is $7.25 If Work-Study: How much funding is the students awarded?

10 More thoughts to ponder: Are you an Auxiliary? (or Non-GPR) Auxiliary operations are self-supporting programs that provide services directly or indirectly to students, faculty, or staff and charge fees related to the cost of services. These services typically include food services, student housing, and college stores. UW-Stout has a designated group of auxiliary activities, all classified as Program Code 8. ( UW-Stout Policy Manual: Establishment of Rate and Fee Schedule Auxiliaries pay their Work-Study students a “Split” (Federal Share): 70% from the 145 account, 30% from a designated State Pay account Good to know stuff: Most University Campuses are required to use a Federal Share of at least 20%, although programs that meet requirements can be paid 100%. Because UW-Stout is considered a “Strengthening Institution”, we can use 100% of FWS allocation for GPR accounts. (Department of Education:

11 Budgets… Work-Study = 145 Students must have an accepted Work-Study award to be hired and paid from this budget Students are limited to earn the amount awarded for the Academic year (Summer is a separate award) State Payroll = miscellaneous 102 and 128 accounts are most common 131, 136, 105, 233, 402, 133, 144, 189…. (per accounting) Default = a state pay account “attached” to Work-Study In case of earnings in excess of 145 budget or Student award (Student must be paid) –MUST be a 102 Account (per accounting) if NOT an auxiliary

12 What should I pay my student? Student wage range $7.25- $9.05 Duties range from basic to complex work with varied levels of supervision requirements. Supervisors will determine the starting pay for a student in a given position based on experience, responsibility, accountability, and scope of tasking. Review of work, assignment of supervisory responsibility, and associated pay levels are at the discretion of the supervisor. Paraprofessional Employee $8.20- $16.04 Work consistently requires advanced, specialized knowledge, skills or abilities, and/or required advanced managerial skills, and/or requires past experience and extensive training and/or requires other employee qualities that are in extremely limited supply. Large portion of job responsibilities may be supervising other employees. Work requires extensive independence and judgment and is supervised on an infrequent basis. Employees are accountable for work performed by others. (UW-Stout Supervisor Manual -

13 What do I need to think about before I determine wage? Budget Number of employee’s needed Do the math! Skills required Are skills/experience unique enough to require a higher wage or paraprofessional rating? Competitive with other departments? Check with other areas for a similar position Ask FA for average wage on campus

14 Does the student have work-study? Ask the student: Did they file a FAFSA? A FAFSA is required to determine a student’s “need”, which is a determinate in FWS eligibility. If they didn’t file the FAFSA, they are not eligible If yes: Did they receive/accept their Financial Aid Award information? If they are confused, not sure… call the Financial Aid Office The Work Authorization Check the Award information on the Work Authorization Good to know stuff: Award letters generation starts mid-June for the upcoming academic year (completed FAFSA) New Freshman award letters generation in mid-March time frame (completed FAFSA)

15 Example You estimate that you need 2 students for 10 hours per week through the academic year, starting with the first payroll of the fall term. Because the students need minimal skills, you plan to start them at minimum wage. What will the students’ hourly wage be? What is your estimated cost for the academic year ? Good to know : The wage range was created to allow supervisors flexibility to determine their own starting wage, and the ability to incorporate raises per their own criteria… as long as federal regulations and UW-Stout Policy is maintained.

16 (hourly wage x # students) (hours per week x 2) X pay periods affected ($7.25 x 2) (10 x 2) X Pay periods affected $14.50 x 20 X Pay periods affected $290.00 X Pay periods affected (??????)

17 Student Payroll Schedule Student Jobs webpage:

18 Academic year pay periods = 20 So: $290 x 20 = $5800 $5800 in estimated earnings through May B How much is in your 145 account? How many pay periods?

19 Other things to think about: Finals week: will your students need flexibility in scheduling? What are your needs? Winterm: Will your Student employees be working, or on break? Will you need help over this period? Spring break: Will your employees be on campus and available, or on break? Will you need help over this period? Understanding and communicating with your student employee will be KEY in managing your budget!

20 Job Posting To comply with Federal Regulations regarding the Equal Opportunity Law (Equal Access): All open Student employment positions MUST be posted on Stout CareerLink! Note: This does not include positions filled by continuing student employees in your office/department.

21 Stout CareerLink Stout Career Link is the central location for all Student Jobs, including: On and Off campus part-time positions On campus positions include work-study and state pay positions. Cooperative education experiences Graduate Assistantships Full-time opportunities for graduating students

22 Stout CareerLink Maintained by Career Services Office, including: Managing website, technology updates Approve and manage users, establish access On and off campus (part time) positions will be approved by the Student Employment Coordinator prior to being made “active”

23 Career Link Supervisor Access: Hiring managers/Supervisors must complete and submit the “Access Request Form”Access Request Form Access and information about using Stout CareerLink is available on the Student Employment page, under the tab marked “On-Campus Employers”.

24 Stout CareerLink: Log-in Career Services will e-mail user name and password information when Access is approved (usually 1-2 business days). Keep e-mail in personal folder for easy access for future job postings (per Career Services) Access to CareerLink is available immediately upon receipt of information: me.aspx me.aspx

25 Stout CareerLink: posting your job * Asterisked Items must be completed to make this a valid posting!

26 Job posting: The Job Description What will the Student’s responsibilities include? What skills are necessary for the Job? The absolute “musts” required for the position What skills are preferred? “nice to have”, not required, but helpful Hours? Specific time frames needed?

27 Complete Application? Phone Call? E-mail? Building name, office number Name if well recognized Minimum of 5 days Seriously

28 Student Employment Application Link for the application is available on Stout CareerLink and the Student Jobs webpage, under “Student tab”: Also available on the job search page, in Stout CareerLink

29 Reviewing Applications Jobs should be posted for a minimum of 5 (five) business days. Job can be accessed and extended, if necessary Keep all valid applications in a common file – Work Study? Good time to determine eligibility if this is a factor for the position Determine if incomplete applications will be accepted as is, or if you will contact students for necessary information Set reasonable time lines for responses Send an e-mail confirmation to all applicants, letting them know you’ve received their application Establish time line for the closing date of the position, give reasonable estimation of next contact.

30 Job Interview preparation Review the Job Applications: Review for minimum qualifications, skills or unique history, experience Review for errors and incomplete information Determine how many students to interview Prepare questions

31 Interview Questions: Keeping It Legal Interview Questions must be: Pre-determined and asked of all candidates Non-leading and open-ended Based on job requirements Job-related

32 Interview Call or e-mail all applicants: Set up and confirm interview for “yes” candidates. Thank all other applicants for their interest, wish them good luck in their job pursuit Make arrangements to conduct interviews undisturbed Stick to scheduled times Have prepared questions, job description and Student application available

33 Selection Compare/contrast candidates and their skills as soon as possible after all interviews are finished: Review notes and answer: Definitely hire Hire Maybe Hire Probably not Do Not Hire Tailor results if necessary, smaller size may require less variation Select candidates that you considered the best “fit”, call or e-mail them to extend the job offer If accepted: schedule time to complete Work Authorization and hiring forms Once applicant (s) have accepted positions, contact all other interviewees Thank them for their time, wish them good luck in their job search. All applicants deserve respect and professionalism

34 Resources Student Employment Page – Information for Supervisors (Intranet) Pay structure Supervisors Manual Student Employment Brochure Departmental Budgets Student Employment forms (HR)

35 Related EDGE Session: Student Employment 102 - The Supervisor Survival Guide (February 18) This session will give current and/or potential student employers some insight into the care, management, and mentoring of their student employee. Managing and communicating with your millennial generation students. Federal regulations and campus policies on Student Employment, and helpful management resources. See you there!

36 Questions? Barbara Cloutier Assistant Director – Financial Aid Office Student Employment Coordinator 715-232-1363 (Thanks!)

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