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Dr. Gayle MacDonald Dean of Research & Professor of Sociology MENTORING STUDENTS RESEARCH ASSISTANTS & TEACHING ASSISTANTS.

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1 Dr. Gayle MacDonald Dean of Research & Professor of Sociology MENTORING STUDENTS RESEARCH ASSISTANTS & TEACHING ASSISTANTS

2 1)Standard Procedures 2)Best Practices 3)Things to remember 4)Funding Sources 5)Rates of Pay/ Q & A OVERVIEW

3  Supervision of research assistants is absolutely critical to the establishment of an independent research program  Students and Post-Docs deserve to be treated fairly, given encouragement, and above all mentored along their career path  Know thyself!! INTRODUCTORY POINTS

4  Your responsibility:  Project management  Time management and goal setting  Safety on the job  Feedback/guidance/mentoring the student  Giving a fair wage  Ensure familiarity with the U.’s services (where Facilities and Purchasing is, where supplies are kept, where the Finance office is located)  Providing regular contact STANDARD PROCEDURES

5 How to find and hire the “right” student  Provide as accurate a job description as you can  Indicate what type of skills you are looking for  Indicate what level/year/area you require  Provide a description of what the student will gain from working with you  Interview if you get more than one application-keep the interviews to about.5 an hour, asking the same questions of each candidate  Let the student know how many hours per week (recommended, not over 10) and what the rate of pay will be, and when you will contact them BEST PRACTICES

6  Once you hire a student, make sure they have your contact information for easy access, and you, theirs.  Make it clear as to where you expect them to work (In your office using your computer or on their laptop, at home)  If the job you are hiring for is very mundane (like repetitive data entry or endless filing, in other words, a job you don’t want to do) then make sure you pay well.  If you cannot pay well, what other benefits can you provide? BEST PRACTICES, CONT’D

7  For RA’s and TA’s  lunch out  Gift card to UNB/STU bookstore  For RA’s  a field trip  invitation to a lecture/conference  co-authorship on a paper  For TA’s  invitation to a teaching workshop  teach a class “REWARDS” IN LIEU OF EXTRA $$

8  1. You are always a professor, in the student’s mind, maintain that trust and boundary  2. You are always a ‘mentor’ to a student, not their friend. There is a difference. If you don’t know the difference, ask me.  3. The student may NOT be interested in your personal life, but WILL be interested in your research or teaching pedagogy. Share as much as is appropriate  4. Students have lives, timetables, worries and deadlines, just as you do, and these are just as important to the student as they are to you. THINGS TO REMEMBER

9  A good supervisory relationship:  Boosts student motivation, productivity and performance outcomes  Creates sense of self-worth, confidence, connectedness and calmness  Enhances collaborative projects  Is a reflection of your skills as a supervisor For more information please consult the School of Graduate Studies Guide to Graduate Supervision QUALITY OF SUPERVISING

10  #1: Encourage, Praise and Celebrate  #2: Effective Communication  #3: Respect, Trust and Fairness  #4: Clear and Responsible Direction Tips:  Undergrad students need more direction  Students who are treated like junior colleagues are more motivated  PhD students benefit from an apprenticeship approach  Be available to your students  Be aware of the Power Differential in Mentor/Protégé relationship  Initial meetings are crucial – explain your expectations and create a timeline Taken from Fostering Strong Supervisory Relationships: How Can Supervisors Assist, Queen’s University STEPS TO ENSURE SUCCESS

11 J.O.B.S. (research work) Job Opportunities Benefitting Students  Deadline to apply: September 2011  Apply to STU Human Resources  Student must be full time  Maximum of 10 hrs/week  Start anytime during academic year  Faculty may use their PDA to top- up wages Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) (research)  Deadline to apply: February 2012  Apply to Leah Mabie in STU Financial Services  Student must be aged 15-30  Maximum of 35 hrs/week  Faculty may use their PDA to top- up wages WHERE TO FIND FUNDS FOR STUDENTS  PDA - Professional Development Allowance can be used as a source of funding for Research Assistants  Your Department-for Teaching Assistants and Markers’ funds External Grants (research)  SEED Program (Provincial Gov’t)  Tri-Council * 50% of SSHRC money goes to Grad Student wages  NBIF RAI’s

12  Timesheets for both RAs and TA’s come from Leah Mabie in the Financial Services Office  TA’s need signed off by your department chair and must contain a budget number  RA’s you need to sign off on, if coming from your research grant or your PDA. You need to know these budget numbers  Timesheet to Financial Services every other week (on the off week from our pay schedule HOW TO PAY A STUDENT

13  What is a fair wage? How do you know?  What’s a ‘top-up’? Where does it come from?  Undergraduate  Masters  Doctoral RATES OF PAY (PARTICIPANT EXERCISE)

14  Helping you decide what funding works best for you  Josephine Adda’s support with proposal writing  Rules and regulations  Research Assistant Wage Guide (in progress)  Connect you with RA/TA experts HOW THE RESEARCH OFFICE CAN HELP

15  Sample Mentoring Agreement gWorksheetF5.pdf gWorksheetF5.pdf  Planning for First Meeting – A Mentor’s Checklist gWorksheetF2.pdf gWorksheetF2.pdf  Brochures on Supervision from Queen’s University RESOURCES

16  I’m located in the RO, GM Hall 201 & 202  To book an appointment:  Email: or  Phone: 452-0460  Website: CONTACT ME

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