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2014-2015 Student Org Leadership Training. 11 Benefits of Being an Org Advisor Support Financial Support Room Reservation and Event Support.

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1 2014-2015 Student Org Leadership Training

2 11 Benefits of Being an Org Advisor Support Financial Support Room Reservation and Event Support

3 22 Advisor Support

4 33 Advisor Expectations Framework Transformational: Provide a level of challenge and support that contributes to the organization's growth as well as the development of its members. Relational: Define and develop relationships with student organizations and their members by serving as a knowledge resource and bridge to campus partners. Transactional: Support organizations in managing logistics, following policies, and understanding processes. Hold your advisor accountable! If you feel your advisor is not meeting the expectations outlined here, email

5 44 Advisor Expectations Transac- tional Stay up to date on policies; inform organizations Provide a response in a timely manner Proactively identify and address issues Maintain SOMA

6 55 Advisor Expectations Relational Create, develop, and maintain relationships with campus partners Facilitate connections between students and campus partners Meet on a regular basis Understand your role in each unique org Meet with new officers, provide support during transition

7 66 Advisor Expectations Transfor- mational Challenge & support Facilitate planning that promotes strategic planning Hold organizations and its members accountable

8 77 SAT Meetings Promoting Collaboration Advisor Training Team Building Open Lines of Communication Effective Event Planning

9 88 Finances

10 99 Student Org Accounts The primary student org accounts:  All orgs have a revenue, gift, and student association account  Some may have a departmental account (Campus Rec) How can I see the balance of the student org accounts?  View balances at How can I see the transaction history of the student org accounts?  Reach out to your advisor for full transaction history

11 10 Student Org Accounts: Line Items Student Association Line Item Budgeting  All budgets are line-item based  Can only spend funds on that line-item funded  i.e. cant spend Fall Musical amount on Freshman Dinner  Umbrella organizations are responsible to create line-item budgets for their sub-org allocation amount for their sub-orgs Line Item Transfers  You may request transfers between existing line items by submitting a form to the SA (on CSE website)

12 11 EAFs and Payments Every purchase you wish to make with org money must be accompanied by an Expenditure Approval Form (EAF)  Use the SA EAF for purchases using SA account, and the CSE EAF for purchases using all other accounts Fill out EAF completely  For SA EAFs make sure to always include the line item  For CSE EAFs make sure to always include which account you want the purchase made from Your Advisor must sign all EAFs  SA must also sign off on all SA EAFs

13 12 SA EAF Process OPTION 2: Advisor leaves signed SA EAF at front desk for student to pick up at later time; student will take to SA OPTION 3: Advisor takes signed SA EAF to SA office for their approval. OPTION 1: Advisor returns EAF directly to the student; the student will take to SA (MC 427) for their approval Advisor receives SA EAF from student org (in person or in their mailbox) They check line item and sign if balance/request is appropriate EAF for under $500 & not a reimbursement EAF for over $500 or a reimbursement SA OA can sign and return to you or advisor immediately Leave at SA front desk for SA VPFA to approve and sign All EAFs for p-card, travel, & petty cash purchases require student to return to CSE & meet with Financial Services for payment

14 13 CSE Finance Office Hours Daily from 1:30-5:00 Appointments with Orlando Dozier at You should meet with the Financial Team after your EAF is signed to:  Book hotel rooms or flights  Make deposits or internal transfers  Purchase things using the P-card (University Credit Card)  Pick up or return petty cash  General budget questions

15 14 Deposits Student orgs can make a deposit by completing a deposit slip (at CSE front desk)  Must meet with financial team or advisor to turn-in the form Deposits are credited to the revenue account All checks must be written to the The George Washington University or clearly state in the “to” line “GW Student Organization” All checks should have the student org name in the memo line

16 15 Reimbursements Must be submitted within 30 days from the original purchase 6-8 weeks to receive payment Address on reimbursement request must match the address listed in Banner Reimbursements may appear in account history before it is actually paid Students may not sign off/approve their own reimbursements (i.e. if the treasurer is being reimbursed, the president must sign off)

17 16 Travel Travel Registration  Strict adherence to 10 day rule  Travel Participation & Travel Registration and Emergency Contact Information Forms (Available on studentorgs website) Travel Booking  Student organization must submit specific forms  MUST meet with Orlando for plane/train

18 17 Travel: Driving Policy Driving Policy  300 mile limit in vehicles- any travel over 300 miles MUST be commercial vendor  21+ only are eligible to drive rented vehicles; must be authorized  Under 21 may drive their personal vehicles; must be authorized  University strongly discourages use of personal vehicles and will assume no responsibility for damage where a student-owned, leased, rented or borrowed automobile is used for University business  To be eligible for reimbursement/ payment for use of personal vehicles OR rental car, a driver must:  Be registered driver with GW Healthy & Safety Complete Registration Application (available on studentorgs website) and send with copy of photo ID to your advisor  Provide proof of personal automobile insurance (personal vehicle only)

19 18 Driving/Travel Fill out travel registration forms (2) To book travel, fill out the appropriate request form (air, hotel, vehicle) Submit travel request form + EAF to advisor for signature Meet with Orlando (DSA Financial Services) to book travel with signed EAF Connect with advisor before departure to review itinerary, provide updated forms Check out the Quick Guide to Travel on the website

20 19 Contracts You need a contract whenever you are entering into an agreement with a party outside of the GW community who will be providing a service  This includes:  Speakers  Performers  Entertainment Vendors  Website developers  Caterers  Etc.  Even when service is being provided free of charge you still should create a contract! You CANNOT sign any contract – you must contact your advisor to get the authorized University signature

21 20 Third Party Contract GW Contract Template Contracts Student org completes Contract Information Sheet (available online) and submits to advisor Advisor uses CIS to fill in GW Template Contract Return to vendor to sign GW contract When finalized, advisor submits contract to get University signature Student org provides third party contract to advisor Advisor sends to the Office of General Counsel & Risk Management Advisor serves as liaison between Risk, OGC, and Vendor to achieve desired changes When finalized, advisor submits contract to get University signature

22 21 Petty Cash Takes 3 days for a request to be processed and approved Limited to $150 per request Petty cash receipts and leftover money must be returned within 5 business days of pickup

23 22 Student Association Scott Lauermann, VPFA  Signs off on all SA EAFs  SA FRONT DESK OAs sign off on following which must meet both criteria: Below $500 AND Petty Cash, Credit Card, Travel, Enterprise Ben Pryde, SA Finance Committee Chair  Reviews all co-sponsorships and approves all budgets (committee) Nick Gumas and Avra Bosrov, SA Pres. & Exec. V.P.  Approves overall SA budget Co-sponsorship fund:  $165,505.65 allocated  $60,225.16 roll-over  $225,730.81 TOTAL

24 23 Supplier Registration In order to be paid via check, an individual or business must be a registered vendor with GW Advisors are in charge of registering vendors for their orgs – if your vendor needs a check start early with your advisor so they can get them registered Credit card is your friend

25 24 Credit Card Website Deposits are made to student organization accounts weekly We will only provide list of who has paid once per week via email Website is used to collect payment only  Separate registration process  EVENTBRITE is not to be used as it requires outside bank account

26 25 Finances Pop Quiz What are the main types of student org accounts? How can an org make changes to their SA line item budget? What is the maximum number of miles a student org can drive without commercial or public transit? Who can sign a contract for your org? How many days do you need to request petty cash?

27 26 Imprinted Materials (Shirts, giveaways, etc.) All items printed with GW’s namesake or logo must:  Follow GW’s Trademark Guidelines  Use an Approved GW Licensed Vendor  Submit Artwork through the Artwork Approval Form

28 27 Step 1: Trademark Guidelines All merchandise must have the university’s approved name or logo The registration symbol ® must appear in the lower right area of the logo or name For a full list of artwork guidelines, please visit and click on “Trademark Guidelines”

29 28 Step 2: Licensed Vendor Approval Internal vs. External Campus Suppliers Please note, there are two lists of approved vendors: (1) Promotional Merchandise; (2) Resale/Funding Merchandise. Both categories are treated separately. Please make sure to choose from the correct list of vendors.

30 29 Quote Request Form If you have merchandise that you or your organization intends to sell or use in a fundraiser, and would like to receive a quote from a licensed vendor through the GW Bookstore, please fill out the Quote Request Form. This form is accessible at

31 30 Step 3: Submit Artwork for Approval

32 31 Submit Artwork for Print Once artwork is reviewed and approved by the Licensing & Trademarks office, the student will receive an email from stating that the artwork has been approved and the order may be placed to the approved vendor. Your EAF to pay for/order merchandise MUST be accompanied by this approval email

33 32 Planning Events @ GW

34 33 Scheduling Spaces on Campus Foggy Bottom Events & Venues:  Marvin Center  Outdoor space (Kogan Plaza, University Yard, Square 80, etc)  State Room & City View Room (1957 E Street)  Alumni House (1918 F Street)  Jack Morton Auditorium & MPA 2 nd Floor Lobby  Lisner Auditorium Mount Vernon Events & Venues Academic Scheduling Housing CSE

35 34 Scheduling Each org can have up to 3 schedulers. Only schedulers can request, modify and cancel events. All event forms are located online at http://events- Online request tutorials are also available on the website.http://events- Space can be booked up to 365 days in advance. To add schedulers for your org, email your advisor.

36 35 Events with… Food in the Marvin Center  Must utilize Sodexo Catering Entertainment & Novelties  When renting inflatables or games from an outside company, you must utilize an approved vendor (list available online) Performers/ speakers  Make sure to remember contracts must be used Outside sponsorship  You can partner with businesses or orgs outside of GW, but this will likely mean you will need to pay for your space Tickets or collection of money  You can only collect amounts under $10 in cash without GWPD being present

37 36 Events with Alcohol What is CADE?  Resource Center  Workshops on request  Programming and events  Educational materials  Registers student organization events with alcohol  Offers RAM training Individual members need to sign up. Organization leadership should not be signing up individual people.

38 37 What events require registration? Any event with alcohol that is:  On campus or off campus  Advertised by, promoted by, or planned by a student org  Cosponsored with another organization or business  Anything emailed to member using a listserv or posted on the organization’s social media

39 38 Event Planning Scenarios In small groups of (3-4) discuss the steps that are needed to plan the following event:  Students for George are hosting a small benefit concert to support academic scholarships. They intend to invite current members, students, and alumni to the catered event taking place in Square 80.  Where is the funding for the event coming? How do you gain funding?  How do you book the space? What information would you need to convey and what do you need to ask for?  What is needed for a performer to come to campus?  You are selling tickets, how do you plan to do this?

40 39 Student Organization Listserv Important updates and reminders are delivered to student organization leaders through the MC427 listserv. Please ensure your officers and contact information are up to date by staying in touch with your advisors! To join the listserv: email

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