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Setup Student Logins How to get students on LTISD network, Google, and Schoology.

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1 Setup Student Logins How to get students on LTISD network, Google, and Schoology

2 How it all works... ●Secondary students (grades 6-12) must login to a school computer (not an iPad or Chromebook) and set up a permanent password. ●The system will update overnight and they will be able to login to Google account & Schoology with same email & password. ●The following slides help you get them started. ●K-5 students will use their student id number for a password.

3 Step 1: Login to Computer & Set Password ●Have students login to a computer/laptop with the temporary password for their grade. (see next slide) Student login is their lastname.firstname ●Each campus will receive an email with a list of student Google accounts to help with student identification. (ie. common name like John Smith or irregular names that include a hyphen)

4 List of Temporary Passwords K-5 students use student ID as password. Email address follows same naming convention* for all students: (*Please check list with common names and hyphenated names) Grade 6 6thGrade2021 Grade 10 10thGrade2017 Grade 7 7thGrade2020 Grade 11 11thGrade2016 Grade 8 8thGrade2019 Grade 12 12thGrade2015 Grade 9 9thGrade2018 Must be Capital G

5 Step 2: Setup Permanent Password After students have logged into computer w/ temp password, they will be prompted by the computer to setup a permanent password. *Except K-5 students who will use ID# as password. (SEE NEXT SLIDE FOR PASSWORD RULES)

6 Password Setup Rules Your password is case sensitive and must contain at least 8 characters and at least 2 of the following: A number (123) A capital letter (ABC) A special character (!.,#$%&*)

7 Step 3: Confirm Password Reset Now, have students go to and login with their permanent password they just created. (SEE NEXT SLIDE)

8 Have Students Login to LTISD Password Reset Site Student Created Password

9 Account Password Questions After login, students will be prompted to provide answers to 3 personal questions which will allow them to reset a forgotten password. (SEE NEXT SLIDE) This will allow students/teachers the ability to reset their own password if forgotten.

10 System will request answers to 3 questions of student choice. (Have them write answers in a planner/notebook/phone/etc.)

11 In the future students/teachers can go to this page if they forget password and click “Forgot Password” button. They answer 3 challenge questions, then they get access.

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