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Strategy and Partnership in Student Engagement Luke Millard Head of Learning Partnerships Centre for Enhancement of Learning and Teaching.

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1 Strategy and Partnership in Student Engagement Luke Millard Head of Learning Partnerships Centre for Enhancement of Learning and Teaching

2 In the 20 minutes… An overview of: Vision for student engagement at BCU Partnerships for student engagement Embedding student engagement

3 The University context ~24,000 Students 8 Campuses 6 Faculties Vocational approach Localised and well defined communities Commuter population

4 Vision Generating the Learning Community across 8 Campuses - (From consistent NSS/SES Feedback) Co-creation of the learning experience - Recipient / Consumer / Participant / Partner Activities to be student led and delivered at the interface!

5 Partnership Partnership with the Students’ Union from creation Genuine Partnership dialogue Secondment of SU’s Head of Engagement Creating the student engagement ‘state of mind’ Continuing joint developments (SAP, StAMP, CoLAb, OpportUNIty, What Works?)

6 A state of mind….principles Student engagement as mainstream activity Students at the centre of design and delivery Students, where applicable, to be paid Meaningful partnership not necessarily equal

7 SU Benefits

8 What have we been doing?

9 Four main areas of development Development of new content: – Learning / resources / assessment approaches / curriculum focus Consultation: – Survey / networking projects / community building /student engagement focus Employability: – Employment / professional practice and placement experience Thematic: – Employability / progression / retention / social media

10 SAPNumber of applicationsNumber of projects awarded 2009/105225 2010/118347 (73 Inc. Rolex) 2011/12105 (120)53 (65) 2012/13 BIAD ELSS Central Services BCBS TEE PME Health Total 11 9 4 7 18 17 7 73 56

11 Student Academic Mentors… 2011-12: 22 projects (~65 students engaged) 2012-13: 23 projects (~100 students engaged) £1000 per project to pay for student time Discussion Group Mentoring Workshop Mentoring One on One Academic Assistance Mentoring/Coaching Teaching Assistant Mentoring Course Induction Mentoring Employability Mentoring Placement Mentoring

12 Collaborative Projects… Broadening the Learning Community New for 2012/13: Building upon SAP and StAMP Large-scale, cross-disciplinary projects that provide opportunities for student and staff partnerships Mentoring provided by senior students Process will be at least as important as product 23 projects at £10k (max) per project ~200 students engaged

13 1165 Student Jobs on campus since Sept 2012 18 Standard Student Job Descriptions – Administrator, Researcher, Technician, Marketing, Ambassador Positions throughout the University Dedicated University based HR team (located in SU)


15 What does it mean for Students …? “I’ve had a chance to sit on the staff side and see things from their perspective. It is great to be able to get this kind of work experience, where you know your input is valued and has an effect. Working at an equal level like this has been very fulfilling, as it has shown how you can learn by working as equals in collaboration on a project”

16 What does it mean for Students…? Employability 86% SAP aided studies 59% SAP was only activity involved in at University 92% of those in jobs talked about SAP in application 75% in jobs talked about SAP in interview 75% of students not in employment didn’t put SAP on their CV

17 Aligning the Message University (satisfaction and progression) – Recruitment, Retention, Reputation Students (skills development, employability, wider experiences) SU (wider engagement with students – prospective and academic)

18 Recognition QAA…features of good practice the close and sustained partnership between the University and its students that enhances the learning experience the promotion of innovation in learning and teaching achieved by the Student Academic Partners Scheme. THE award for outstanding support for students Secured Internal support across Faculties

19 University Mission From the new corporate plan: “To be an exemplar for student engagement, working in partnership with students to create and deliver an excellent university experience and achieve high levels of student satisfaction and graduate employment.” “We welcome the Students’ Union as a critical friend and partner of the University and we will particularly welcome the contribution it can make in encouraging student representation and feedback. Together we will ensure that we can meet students’ wider social, cultural, sporting, wellbeing and personal development needs.”

20 What does it mean for Staff …? “...this SAPs thing has already started to infect ideas that are going on in the faculty about how we do define our relations with students …. Because we are stuck with this absolutely horrendous thing of customers which I think is so wrong. I think it could have a significance way beyond the SAPs project itself in that we are entering uncharted waters about how students view themselves and how staff operate in academia and it is really up for grabs.”

21 What does it mean for Staff…?

22 Creating the Learning Community… National Student Survey

23 Creating the learning Community… National Student Survey

24 Our opinion Student engagement should be a state of mind not a policy Nor a one off project or a series of individual projects, but an initiative, a belief Students need to be at the core Staff engagement is easy to forget Organisational buy-in is crucial (SU and University)

25 Challenges… How can we broaden the attraction of student engagement activities to encompass the majority not a minority? What do we mean by a partnership with students? Long term, can the SU and the University work together?

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