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Academic offerings from Microsoft Pooya Darugar

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1 Academic offerings from Microsoft Pooya Darugar

2 Technical Education is changing… Platforms and run times are pervasive Tools make difficult tasks easier than ever Systems are smarter than ever Companies want production ready skills Interoperability is central to skill sets The web is pervasive The cloud is coming

3 The Great Challenges Ahead Building a foundation of technical professionals that can effect the nation’s direction towards knowledge economy Teaching the right skills to match the job market Inspiring entrepreneurs Taking the next generation of technology into the classroom

4 Microsoft’s Position Responsibility and Balance Responsibility as industry leader to ensure we are helping push the industry forward. New ideas, new approaches, new technologies. Balance in the classroom to ensure students have a fair chance at job openings when they graduate.

5 How We Engage Students Faculty Ecosystem

6 How can Microsoft help Students? SoftwareSkillsExperienceJobs

7 Student Programs


9 Software Access MSDN Academic Alliance – 100+ Free Products for faculty and students administered by a school (Labs) MSDN Academic Alliance Microsoft DreamSpark – Over 14 software products and training resources free for students. Microsoft DreamSpark Microsoft BizSpark – Developer tools, support and visiblity for startups. Companies must be privately held, < 3 years in business, < $1 million in revenue. Microsoft BizSpark

10 DreamSpark gives students professional level developer and designer tools and training at no charge. Available to any student currently enrolled at a recognized secondary or higher education institution Retail ProductsFree Products Visual Studio 2008 ProfessionalVisual C# 2008 Express Edition Visual Studio 2005 ProfessionalVisual C++ 2008 Express Edition Expression Studio 2.0Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition SQL Server 2008 DeveloperVisual Basic 2008 Express Edition Windows Server 2008 StandardVisual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition Windows Server 2003 StandardSQL Server Express XNA Game Studio 2.0 Virtual PC – Windows XNA Creators Club Online Academic Subscription IT Academy Student Pass – Online Training MCTS Certification Voucher Limited Offer

11 SKILLS Microsoft Student Partners Student Tech Clubs IT Academy Student Pass



14 What is it? A annual subscription program that provides access to benefits, tools and resources that help teachers train and certify their students on Microsoft Technology. Who can join? K-12 schools, Polytechnics, Colleges, Universities, accredited sources of continuing education. What are the Requirements? Must be an academic institute Appoint a Program Administrator (to receive communications and updates from Microsoft) Hardware must meet specifications as laid out in Program Guide When using Microsoft Official Curriculum – Teacher must be certified in that particular course (1 exam) Program benefits should be used only for enrolled students (not for commercial purposes) Adhere to Program Terms & Conditions (use of benefits ie; licenses for teaching and learning etc) Program Objective ‘Empowering academic institutions to help students realize their skills and career potential through relevant, high-quality training programs’

15 Structure of the Program There are 2 levels in the Microsoft IT Academy Program Essentials Level available at 900 USD/Year/ Institution provides learning tools and resources to deliver skills around basic digital literacy, Introduction to Operating Systems and Microsoft Office Applications Advanced Level: available at 1750 USD/Year/Institution provides learning tools and resources to deliver skills across the entire skills roadmap – Digital Literacy, Microsoft Office, Windows, Server & Developer Technologies

16 Benefits – Supporting Teaching & Learning Lab Resources Professional Development Certification Marketing Lowers CostsKeeping CurrentValidating SkillsPartnership Lab Licenses MSDN AA TechNET eReference Library eLearning Microsoft Certified Trainer Program Academic Pricing on Certification Academic Second Shot Private members site Locator tool Program Logo Welcome Kit Basic Save Teachers Time Digital Literacy Elearning Microsoft Official Curriculum Instructor Guides Curriculum “Apart from the student perspective, participating in the Microsoft IT Academy Program also presents many benefits for our institutions. For one, becoming a Microsoft IT Academy enhances the relevance, quality and therefore, competitiveness of the existing information technology curriculum in our institutions.” Prof Dr Hj Shahrin bin Hj Sahib, Chairman of the ICT Dean’s Council - Malaysia

17 Microsoft Certification Microsoft Certification… Validates skills Provides a leading edge in the job market Demonstrates a reliable benchmark in addition to a certificate or degree Enables a career development path for ongoing advancement of Microsoft technology skills Become a Certification Testing Centre For Office Certification – Certiport For IT Pro & Developer – Thomson Prometric

18 IT Academy Student Pass 12-22 hours of FREE eLearning resources focused on – Web Development – Database Development –.NET Development – Windows Server – Windows Client All collections of training designed to get students to the first level of Microsoft certification in that track For more information, visit

19 Activities in the club Presentations Study groups Imagine Cup participation Training and certification groups Hands-on-labs Suggestion of possible Curriculum at Universities Software Distribution or support via MSDNAA

20 EXPERIENCE Imagine Cup

21 What is the Imagine Cup? World’s premier technology competition for students. Imagine Cup is an international initiative for students and faculty from all around the world to use their creativity and ingenuity empowered by Microsoft technology to address some of the world’s toughest social problems.

22 How

23 Millennium Goals THEME “Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems facing us today.” Vision: “Imagine Cup is an international initiative for students and faculty from all around the world to use their creativity and ingenuity empower by Microsoft technology to address some of the world’s toughest social problems.” United Nations Millennium Development Goals

24 2010 Competitions

25 Imagine Cup Past Experiences New Hotel Past Present Future 1.Launch Imagine Cup 2007 in the presence of Sheikh Nahyan Mubarak al Nahyan – Minister of Higher education 2. 1 team of 4 girls represented Gulf in the Korea WW finals 3.Imagine Cup student gets an internship inside Microsoft 1.Imagine Cup girls receive recognition letters signed by Bill Gates and handed in by Minister of higher education 2.Imagine Cup students participate in “Clean up the World” 1.1 team from each country participating in worldwide finals software design category 2.CNBC Arabia show follows Imagine Cup Gulf teams progress to worldwide finals

26 Imagine Cup Gulf 2009

27 JOBS Student2Business

28 Jobs: Microsoft Students to Business (S2B) Microsoft Students to Business (S2B) Connecting students with entry-level jobs and internships in the Microsoft partner community.

29 Academic Programs


31 Faculty

32 Access to Software Resources Global Recognition Faculty MSDNAA Faculty Connection Academic Resource Center Curriculum Development Faculty Events MSR RFP process

33 Connect with peers from around the world Ready made Curriculum And much more

34 How We Engage Students Faculty Ecosystem

35 Academic Programs



38 Access to Software Vibrant Community Chance to Show the World Connection to Opportunity Students MSDNAA DreamSpark Student Partners Tech Clubs Channel 9 /Student Imagine Cup Student Partners Students2Business ExploreLearnMasterEmployment

39 Access to Software Resources Global Recognition Faculty MSDNAA Faculty Connection Academic Resource Center Curriculum Development Faculty Events MSR RFP process

40 Advanced Technology Resources Community Ecosystem Visual Studio OS Office Azure Silverlight XNA Surface …. MSDN BizSpark MS Partner Programs INETA Channel9 CodePlex

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