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STUDENT POLICY SURVEY 1,013 responses. Demographics.

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1 STUDENT POLICY SURVEY 1,013 responses

2 Demographics

3 Do you know what RCAP is?

4 Responsible Community Action Plan 80 students said they knew what RCAP is What is RCAP according to students? “If you are underaged drinking, you may still call for help for a friend without consequences of your own drinking.” “You get granted amnesty the first time you call to get an ambulance for someone in trouble” “you won't get in trouble if you call except alcohol education, but the person in distress may get into trouble” “That you can report a friend who is in need on campus but on a base by base case you may or may not receive a student code of conduct violation.” “I know that it is the college's current Medical Amnesty policy as of May 2013. It gives the victim full amnesty in the case of sexual assult. It also "may" give a one time pardon to the person who calls in. The policy is vague and it would be nice if there was clearer language.” “Under appropriate circumstances, a student who calls for emergency help on behalf of another student where alcohol or other substances are involved, they have the potential to be exempt from disciplinary action.”

5 Responsible Community Action Plan In instances where students may require medical attention for possible alcohol or drug overdoses, and contact College authorities about the need for medical attention, students under the legal drinking age who take affirmative action and “Stand Up” to seek assistance from College officials or emergency medical personnel for themselves or their fellow students who are in distress may be exempt from student conduct sanctions for the possession and consumption of alcohol by an underage student. This does not preclude conduct action for other violations of the Student Code of Conduct associated with underage drinking.

6 Student Code of Conduct

7 Friend needed medical attention? 163 students said they have been in this situation What did they do? Sought campus help Called43 Got an RA13 56 Took other form of action Monitored their friend53 Not called14 Waited 7 Found a ride to the hospital 5 Called someone else 3 82

8 Cause for hesitation? Didn’t want to get in trouble60 Fear of conduct22 Unsure if medical attention was needed21 Organization in trouble14 Underage drinking 9 Police 9 Medical Costs 8 Future 4 Upset friend 3 Repeat offense 2

9 What should happen?

10 Amnesty at Cornell

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