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Ruth Ann Balla Executive Director, Virtual College.

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1 Ruth Ann Balla Executive Director, Virtual College

2 In 2008-09, MDC enrolled 167,539 students in credit and non-credit classes The MDC student population is 68% Hispanic, 19% African American, and 9% White Non-Hispanic Over half of MDC students are first generation college students 66% of MDC students are US citizens 49% of MDC students are native English speakers, while 43% are native Spanish speakers 72% of MDC students are employed, 20% of which work F/T Approximately 30% of MDC students are below the poverty level; 61% are low- income


4 The Virtual College is MDC’s online learning program Larger than 4 of MDC’s 8 campuses This term (Fall 2009), the Virtual College had 11,738 seats in 456 classes, 93.6% of which were filled. Each year, 15 to 30 new courses are developed for online delivery.


6 85% attach documents and pictures to email 83% access the internet and use web addresses 75% use word processing 54% participate in social networking sites such as Facebook

7 Student orientations are available for students who are taking a Virtual College course for the first time The number of students who participated in orientation last academic year:  Fall 2008: 665  Spring 2009: 2150  Summer 2009: 2284

8 The learning management system, ANGEL is used by:  Blended  Online  Web-enhanced courses There are 757 faculty trained in ANGEL Over 27,000 students are using ANGEL this term!



11 Over one million logins each year! Primary use – Academic Software Courtyard users—  94% are minorities  91.6% work FT or PT  66.8% use the Courtyard more than twice a week  31% work on Virtual College courses


13 MDC’s Physical Therapy Assistant program using iPhones All course materials “fit in their pocket” Students can access textbook materials and take quizzes from the palm of their hands

14 iTunesU Second Life Gmail accounts for all MDC students Social Networking tools such as Twitter and Facebook Lecture Capture


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