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Student Employment Our Largest Classroom. On-Campus Student Employment Agenda About me About you What we did? Assessments we used. Why we did this? What.

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1 Student Employment Our Largest Classroom

2 On-Campus Student Employment Agenda About me About you What we did? Assessments we used. Why we did this? What we did wrong? What we did right?

3 About Me Undergraduate Student Government HR Law School Law Firm Higher Ed

4 About You Name Institution How many student employees on your campus? Any current assessments? Issues around student employment?

5 Recent History - 1998 Student employment guidelines are published Min wage - $6.00/$5.15 Bill Clinton President

6 Recent History - 2001 Last printed student employment manual Min wage - $6.50/$5.15 George Bush President

7 Recent History - 2006 Begin Student Employee of the Year recognition Begin Hats Off! Reception for all student employees Min wage - $7.25/$5.15 George Bush President

8 Recent History - 2009 JR started job as Coordinator of Commencement & Student Affairs Outreach Min wage - $8.40/$7.25 Barack Obama President

9 2010 – Begin Assessment Qualitative HR Payroll Employee Relations Financial Aid Director Federal Work-study Coordinator Career Center Director Dean of Student life Big employers IT, REC, Child Care Center, Library Small employers with 1 student Supervisors who had been supervisors for a long time Recent supervisors

10 Survey to Supervisors What we found out: How important were sub-topics How often supervisors sought help with student employment via websites or HR How often supervisors check grades or enrollment status Many possible violations of state/federal laws Departments made up their own policies in conflict with HR Pay was all over the map

11 Survey to Supervisors In other words: No one was paying attention

12 2010 As a result of the survey to supervisors, formed Student Employment Steering Committee Charge: Review and discuss challenges and solutions associated with student employment on campus. Discuss real-life issues taking place on campus and in the campus community Provide leadership for on-campus student employment Coordinate and disseminate resources and best practices for campus-based student employment Be the connecting entity between the different areas of on-campus student employment Recognize exceptional student employees

13 Book

14 2011 Wrote student employment handbook HR insisted that there be a handbook for students and a separate handbook for supervisors Handbook went to legal for review (sat there for better part of a year)

15 2012 Announced launch for January Legal asked us to wait (after we sent out all materials – had to retract) New HR AVP hired in August

16 2013 Handbook tweaked slightly by legal May 2013 - Survey to student employees Handbook launched (again) for beginning of fall term supervisors-of-hourly-student-employees Road show

17 Survey Busters

18 Have you ever had a federal work study award through the office of Financial Aid? Would you recommend working on campus to your peers? Do you feel that working on campus furthers your career goals? Do you feel that working on campus has given you the opportunity to acquire essential skills that will make you more employable upon graduation? Has working on campus influenced your decision to remain at PSU? Do you feel that you were adequately trained to perform your essential job functions? Have you received any formal evaluation regarding your job performance?

19 2013 - Survey of All Students Here’s what we found out…



22 A-

23 96 %


25 Why this is important? Students are employed in over 2,500 jobs on campus Represent one of the largest student sub-populations on campus Successful student employment programs are positively associated with student retention, educational success, and students satisfaction 52% of student employees say that working on campus influenced their decision to remain at PSU PSU provides student employees the necessary and appropriate skills for use in employment after PSU 85% of student employees feel that working on campus will make them more employable upon graduation 78% of student employees feel that working on campus furthered their career goals

26 How do you ensure that your students are workforce ready?


28 Good things Raised campus awareness about on-campus student employment and how it can be used a retention tool Participation of student employment events has increased – low SEOTY was 36, high 100+ Innovative programs – FLASH Many coordinated hiring efforts Centralized hiring – used to be posted on websites; many departments didn’t use Career Center’s central posting mechanism Reinforced having learning outcomes

29 Trainings for Supervisors Supervising & Supporting Students Around Distress & Disruption FERPA and its implications on student employees Motivating student employees Using Technology in student employment Recognizing suicidal behavior: skills for intervention Separating student employees Training for customer service Managing student employees How to hire diverse students Employee recognition and incentives Furthering a student’s education experience Protecting students from organizational change Transiting from student to university employee Goal setting Work study 101 Hiring mechanics Giving honest feedback

30 Current issues International students Rules seem to change often Amount of federal workstudy as budgets decrease Rules and regulations are still complex (they’re a little clearer due to info centralization) Exacerbated by the fact that supervisors turn over

31 Lessons Learned Did not have a goal in mind when we started, which definitely could have sped up the process for the handbook In retrospect, now that we have an answer to “why this is important,” we have better buy- in than we did before This was not a high priority until we had the data

32 Where to next? Campus-wide trainings for students Online learning modules for things that affect all students For example, how to enter your time Continued trainings for supervisors 2015 assessment of students (every 2 years)

33 Questions?

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