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1 STUDENT LEADERSHIP SUMMIT 2011 Dean’s Office 101

2 Welcome! ODUS is located in 313 West College Open from 9 am until 5 pm Monday-Friday Visit us on the web at:


4 Helpful Tips If you require a service, make sure to contact that office to let them know the specifics of the event. Plan ahead. Registering an event notifies ODUS and allows us to help you with your event. Be specific in the description of your event. This will expedite the process. Come in early to discuss possible large-scale events before you commit funds. Please keep in mind students must be in charge of running events.

5 Keeping your group in good standing Every group is required to have a generic email address. Our office sends important information to this email, so make sure you check it at least once a week. Please remember to update your officers with the Officer Change form.Officer Change We encourage students to maintain a website. Each organization is allotted web space and allowed to apply for a free blog. Student groups are allowed to have a Frist Campus Mailbox. Please contact Dianne Spatafore to find out more.

6 LOG ONTO INFORMATION WAREHOUSE AT: HTTP://WEB.PRINCETON.EDU/SITES/IW/ The Information Warehouse Students have reported that they can only enter IW through the “Outside” link

7 Log in using your netid and password

8 Click on the bottom folder labeled University Financials

9 Click on the folder labeled Financial Departmental Reports

10 Click on the link labeled PSG001 Project Grant Statement

11 -Select Fiscal Year (As of July 1, 2010 it is in the 2011 Fiscal year) - Select a month -Enter in your project grant/account number (no spaces or dashes)

12 Hit the “Run” button and your Project Grant statement will appear on the screen.


14 Paying Vendors Ideally the speaker/band/caterer will allow you to pay them via check either the day of or after the event. All people providing a service need the following to be paid: Invoice or Contract (please keep in mind students cannot sign contracts. This is for your protection)Contract W-9 Form Once you have these 2 items a Vendor/Honorarium Form must be completed. This form can be found on the ODUS website and in the office.Vendor/Honorarium Students and staff cannot pay a speaker/band/artist for services provided. You will not be reimbursed. All student organizations are Tax Exempt and should not be paying tax. You can pick up a Tax Exempt Form in 313 West College.

15 Students Students who have spent money for an event can be reimbursed through their student organization. Please keep all of your receipts and turn them in within 60 days! Accounts Payable has the right to reject a reimbursement request when the original receipt is missing. They also have the right take out taxes if receipts are older than 60 days. The Student Reimbursement Form can be found on the ODUS website.Student Reimbursement Per University regulations, student organizations cannot hire students for services (website work, DJ services, etc). However, student organizations can go through the ODUS office to hire a student for work. Advance notice must be given. University funds cannot be used for the purchase of gift cards. No exceptions.

16 ODUS Credit Card For items purchased online, students can use the ODUS credit card. Students must make an appointment one business day in advance with Jeanette DeGuire Due to limited computer space, students must either have a shopping cart saved or have an itemized list when they come into the office. Please notify Jeanette if your purchase if going to be over $1,500. Itemized receipts with tax taken off are required for purchase. Paypal is no longer an option for the ODUS credit card.

17 Deposit vs Donation DepositDeposit: Money given to your group for dues or services. Donation: Donation: Money given to your group with the expectation that the donator will receive a tax break. -The Office Donor Records will send a letter of confirmation to the donor for tax purposes.

18 Transfers Money from another University department will be done via Interdepartmental Invoice (II). Money coming from another 541 student organization can be done electronically, otherwise it is a paper based form.form Please allow 3-4 weeks for a transfer to be completed. After this time it is ok to contact the department donating the money to check on the status.

19 Financial FAQ Events cannot be funded retroactively. Please plan ahead. Any purchase costing more than $1,500 must go through the ODUS office before an event. Make sure your funding sources are secured. Students will not be reimbursed if the group is in debt. University Services charge once a month. So your event that happened in April may not get charged until May. Funds cannot be released before an event. Cash advances are not an option. Student organizations can give donations to other non-profits. However there are strict regulations. Please go to the ODUS website.ODUS website It takes two weeks for a vendor check to be cut. Please plan accordingly. Direct Deposit will make it easier for you to get reimbursed as it cuts out the time it will take for Campus Mail to get the check to you. Direct Deposit

20 For Students For Guests All overnight trips must be in the Travel Database. (except New York City) Travel Database. All students participating must put in their emergency contact information. Please plan ahead. Last minute trips may not be approved. If your trip is not approved, you may not be reimbursed for expenses. Travel Accounting has asked trips were approved before they processed the voucher. Students will still need to register the event in OSERF. Please ask guest to keep all receipts. This includes their boarding pass or ticket stub. Make sure all costs are in writing before the guest arrives. Questionable items may not be paid and if it is not in writing the University is not held responsible for these costs. Please have the guest sign the Travel Voucher before leaving. Traveling All travel reimbursements will only take place after the trip has occurred.

21 Hotels and Rental Vehicles Palmer House is an ideal location to house guests. Palmer House If Palmer House is booked, the University has an agreement with the Nassau Inn. A form must be completed and emailed to Jeanette DeGuire.form Reserving busses must be done well in advance to avoid being over charged by bus company. Students reserving rental cars/vans must be van certified. This is for your protection.

22 Walk in Services McCosh Walk Banners must be reserved in 313 West College. We cannot accept online or phone requests. Please note there is a $50 fee to hang the banner. Students must come in to make their event Passport to the Arts eligible. Please email Joe Ramirez with the information listed on the ODUS website. Treasurers must come in to fill out a PeopleSoft access request form to get access to their account online.

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