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Erasmus Student Association-Cyprus Erasmus Student Network Council Of National Delegates – Athens December 2009.

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1 Erasmus Student Association-Cyprus Erasmus Student Network Council Of National Delegates – Athens December 2009

2 Areas of ESA Presentation History Misson, Vision, Values Structure Projects Events Future Plans

3 History Established in September 2008 by Group of Erasmus / Former Erasmus Students in Cyprus from different Universities Initiators of Association. Marco Segreto ( ITA ) Andrzej Sochacki ( POL ) Harri Asikainen ( FIN ) Antonio Javier Fernando Sanchez ( ESP ) Sarah Arrango ( COL ) George Mehan ( UK )

4 Mission ESA is Devoted to: To Provide Erasmus Students an Enjoyable Semester in Cyprus To Promote Cyprus as an Erasmus Destination To Promote Relations Between Erasmus Students and local Students. To Assist Erasmus Students in Any Way Necessary

5 Vision ESA was Founded with the Following Ideals: To be a Non-Profit Organization Umbrella Organization To Work in the Best Interest of Erasmus and international Students in Cyprus To Promote cooperation between Universities

6 Erasmus Student Association Organizational Structure

7 The Organization of ESA All-Volunteer Workforce ESA Structure: ESA Board ESA Advisory Board ESA University Coordinators ESA Active Members ESA Members

8 ESA Board Core Group inside ESA Performs Official and Legal Tasks, as well as Decision Making Tasks Contains: The President of ESA The Vice-President of ESA The Secretary of ESA The Treasurer of ESA The External Relations Officer of ESA

9 ESA Advisory Board Former ESA Board Members Suggest and Advice to the Current Board May also Aid in Translations, Explanations and Aid to the Erasmus Student in their own Country May Join the ESA Country Representative Project

10 ESA University Coordinators Current Erasmus Students Transmit Information To the Board and From the Board Organizational Tasks Represent ESA in their Own University Global Learning Semester (GLS) Coordinator

11 ESA Active Members Erasmus Students who Volunteer Aid ESA in Case Needed Help with Tasks that require Large Numbers, such as preparing Sandwiches for Erasmus Students. University Coordinators selected from these Students

12 ESA Members Effectively any Erasmus Student in Cyprus ESA Card Holders They may Join the ESA Active Members list anytime if they desire

13 Erasmus Student Association Projects, Events and other Activities

14 Projects CinESA Discovering Cyprus Night Life by ESA ESA Birthdays ESA Country Representative ESA Card ESA Newsletter

15 CinESA Every Monday Weekly Movie Presentation Different Topics Topic is Selected every Two Weeks, based on Student Feedback Beer night after with 20% discount. ( Pint 4 Euro, Drink 5 Euro)

16 Discovering Cyprus One or Two-Day Trips to a Single Destination in Cyprus Destinations are Selected based on Student Feedback, and Touristic Relevance

17 Night Life by ESA Open Bars Theme Parties Open for All

18 Erasmus Birthdays in Cyprus ESA Supports the Birthday of Any Erasmus Student with Planning, Ideas and Economical Support, if Possible Same Applies to National Holidays, such as the Finnish Independence.

19 ESA Country Representatives Former ESA Members Representation of ESA in home country after CY exchange program Provides useful information before the Student reaches Cyprus Gives an insight from the National Perspective

20 ESA Card Plastic Card used to Identify Erasmus Students Valid for a Year, in case the Students ask for an Extension Offers discounts and free entrance to the clubs.

21 ESA Newsletter Single or Double JPEG File with all Weekly Information Sent to the Email of the Erasmus Students and Erasmus Offices Communication Details are added for Feedback and Questions Questionnaires may be attached to the Newsletter

22 Future Plans Improving all existing projects To promote Cyprus as an Attractive Erasmus Destination in Europe. To Cooperate with ESN on International Events To Promote the Erasmus Program in Cyprus to Increase the Number of Outgoing Students. To Improve the Cooperation with All Higher Education Institutions and the National Agency of LLP Programs in Cyprus. To organize CNR in September 2010

23 Thank you for your attention!

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