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3 A GENDA Introduction to the College Using your Resources First Year Experience/1 st year advising Degree/Major Requirements Academic Policies Math Diagnostic Placement Test (MDPT) Registration Tips Q & A Department Break Out sessions Department Information Curriculum Register! Mechanical and ALL Engineering Technology students stay here for U-direct briefing.

4 CPP C OLLEGE OF E NGINEERING Hands-on Learning Bronco Engineers are in high demand 5000 students and seven engineering departments Research, leadership opportunities, internships Expect to be challenged. This is NOT high school. Newly re-designed website! Check it often for info:

5 T IPS FOR S UCCESS Learn to manage your time USE YOUR RESOURCES Get to know your professors Get involved Get to know your department Utilize advising if you need help 12-16 units first quarter Reduce off-campus work load Engineering classes are demanding Join organized study groups Fast pace in quarter system

6 S TUDY /W ORK L OADS Hours WorkedMax. course load 10 hrs/wk16 units 20 hrs/wk12 units 40 hrs/wk8 units Unit LoadClass HoursRecommended Study HoursTotal Hours 8 units8 hours16 hours24 hours 12 units12 hours24 hours36 hours 16 units16 hours32 hours48 hours Approximations Class Hours: 1hr/unit Study Hours: 2-3 hrs/unit

7 F IRST Y EAR S UPPORT P ROGRAMS Bronco Fusion Event Welcome to College of Engineering & Intro to the Engineering Neighborhood EGR100/100L: “Engineering, Society, and You” GE Area E: Lifelong Understanding & Self Development Offered every quarter First Year Freshmen Advising Program Women in Engineering Program MEP’s Academic Excellence Workshops

8 F IRST Y EAR E XPERIENCE EGR100/L (3/1 units) during first year = GE Area E Transition and engineering major exploration Time Management cited as one of the best skills learned in the course Lab component will help you develop communication, teamwork skills, and leadership skills, which the engineering industry strongly desires. Offered every quarter

9 F RESHMEN A DVISING College Dean’s Hold will be placed on your account in Fall and Winter Group advising session Online tutorial Check csupomona email for correspondence from the College of Engineering

10 S TUDENT S ERVICES & F ACULTY A DVISING Curriculum Help Personal Issues Academic Struggles Referral to Resources Career Advising Aligning major with your interests Becomes your advisor after freshman year Faculty AdvisingStudent Services Advising

11 D EGREE AND M AJOR R EQUIREMENTS Major Requirements Curriculum sheet: Flowcharts & Roadmaps - track progress Degree requirements Engineering majors: ~198 units to graduate


13 Informative Curriculum Flowchart

14 IGE OR G ENERAL E DUCATION IGE is discussion based with a humanities focus Papers and projects Exploring ways to substitute EGR 100 for IGE Area E course. If interested in IGE, sign up for IGE 120 in the fall (*if you have more than two AP exams in English/Foreign language, music, art, or history, contact IGE dept) Traditional General Education Pick and choose what you want It is your decision which path you want to take. Go with the one you feel is the best fit for you.

15 Engineering Student Handbook (College of Engineering website) E-catalog Campus policies Course information including pre-requisites Withdrawal policy First 5 days without a “W” to add/drop By the 15 th day of instruction can withdraw online with a “W” After the first 15 days, it is very difficult to withdraw! Must have a SERIOUS/COMPELLING REASON. CORE GPA and CPP GPA. DPR (Degree Progress Report) contains Core, CPP, and overall GPA A CADEMIC P OLICIES

16 A CADEMIC S TANDING Good Standing: GPA greater than 2.2 (CPP & Overall) Good Standing but At Risk: Less than 2.2 but greater than 2.0 Probation: Subject to Disqualification: CPP, Overall, & Core must be greater than 2.0 to graduate Units EarnedFr (0-44)So (45-89)Jr (90-134)Sr (135+) GPA1.5 – 1.991.7 – 1.991.9 – 1.991.95 – 1.99 Units EarnedFr (0-44)So (45-89)Jr (90-134)Sr (135+) GPA<1.5<1.7<1.9<1.95

17 D ISQUALIFICATION Class Level Units Completed GPB Freshmen or Sophomore 0-89-22.5 Junior90 - 134-13.5 Senior135+-9.0

18 R EPEATING C OURSES Course Repetition: Only if C- or lower May only take course 3 times 42 quarter units max; “W” not counted G RADE F ORGIVENESS NOT automatic Submit Course Repetition Form 16 unit max Process before falling below 2.0 GPA Use wisely (i.e. core classes)

19 C HANGE OF M AJOR No change of majors during Orientation. Want to change out of engineering? For now… Take GEs for the Fall OR Go to the desired major department to find out their requirements Non-impacted Majors in Engineering (ET/IME) Go to the desired major department to find out their requirements Impacted Majors in Engineering (AERO, CHE, CIVIL, ECE, ME) Go to the desired major department to find out their requirements Higher GPA and Math requirements, more competition

20 MDPT IS NOT THE ELM A score of 3 or higher on AP Calculus AB or BC or College Credit can place you in a higher math than the MDPT. Must take the MDPT: SAT/ACT Scores Can only be placed in MAT 105 (Algebra) or 106 (Trigonometry) if you have an SAT math score of 550+ or ACT of 23+ ELM Scores ELM or an exemption does not automatically place you in MATH

21 AP M ATH S CORE P LACEMENT CALCULUS AB Score 3, 4, or 5 (credit for MAT 114) Register for MAT 115 or (ET Majors) MAT 130 CALCULUS BC Score 3 (credit for MAT 114/115/130) Register for MAT 116 or (ET Majors) MAT 131 Score 4 or 5 (Credit for MAT 114/115/116 or 130/131) Register for Math 214 or (ET majors) MAT 132

22 M ATH D IAGNOSTIC P LACEMENT EXAM If you have not taken the MDPT, you need to do so. Otherwise you will be placed in a class that will put you behind. Next MDPT test dates: July 20, 2013 (Register now-July12) Sept. 7, 2013 (Register July 22-Aug23)

23 E ARLY S TART Who: students that are placed into remediation through ELM/EPT ELM below 50 EPT below137 What: Mandatory program; start remediation in the summer Classes available at any CSU or CC International and out of state students exempt No grades assigned (CR/NC) need CR to move forward Must complete remediation within first year H old placed if required and not enrolled

24 EPT ScoreCourse Placement 120 -141ENG 095 142 - 146ENG 096 147+ENG 104 or IGE 120 EPT ScoreCourse Placement 120 - 129ENG 098 130 - 146ENG 099 147+ENG 102 and ENG 103 English as a Second Language Native English Speakers SAT score 500+ or ACT Score 22+ will place in ENG 104 Or exempt status from EAP E NGLISH P LACEMENT

25 R EGISTRATION T IPS Follow flow chart/roadmap; have back-up classes CHECK PRE-REQS Balance course load (GE vs support/core) Decide max number of units (12-16 ideal) Math and English classes first Account for IB/AP courses “Academic Policies” in Catalog Confirm classes are added/dropped (including waitlisted classes)

26 S PECIAL C OURSE I NFO CHM 115 is a course only offered in fall available to the following majors: Aerospace Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology (CET, ECET, general ET) CHM 115 will substitute for CHM 121/L. Articulated by Registrar’s office.

27 4-Y EAR P LEDGE P ROGRAM Priority Registration Must complete 4-year plan in the Fall using All eligible should apply during orientation Meet with College Coordinator (Selyna) in Fall to get forms signed Must come in at MAT 114 or higher

28 Selyna Pérez Beverly Engineering Undergraduate Advisor 09-225B (909) 869-2600 Norma De La Llata Student Services Support Coordinator 09-225A (909) 869-2600 S TUDENT S ERVICES A DVISING Available for 1:1 sessions by appointment Walk-in times (Quick questions): M/W/F 1:30-3:30pm T/Th 9:30-11:30am


30 Mechanical Engineering The following majors should stay here for U-direct:

31 U-D IRECT : A FOUR YEAR PLAN Required for all Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Majors Four year plan to determine class offerings and to help student keep on track towards graduation Important to keep it up to date Registration Assistants will assist you in completing it. Need to take into account APs that you have taken




35 T IPS FOR U-D IRECT In right column, right click on the quarters (i.e. Fall 2013, Winter 2013) and click on add course or add term You will need to add MAT 12, MAT 105, MAT 106, MAT 112 if you plan on taking those courses At the bottom, you will need to add quarters: “Winter 2017” and “Spring 2017”) If your AP or transfer work does not show up, you can add them by right clicking and selecting add course. Please have your plan looked at by an Orientation Assistant before you leave.


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