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Distressed & Distressing Students Creating a Safety Net

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2 Distressed & Distressing Students Creating a Safety Net
For High Risk Students Elizabeth Downing, M.D. UCSB Medical Director Burt Romotsky, L.C.S.W. Student Health Social Worker

3 distressed UCSB & Community Mental Health Resources students
Health Ed Counselors Alcohol & Drug Program Student Health Services/ Clinicians Psychiatry Social Worker Eating Disorders Nutrition Sexual Health Stress Management Alcohol & Drug Counseling SBIR* CASE* SAM* Tobacco Marijuana REST* Urgent Care General Medicine Doctors Nurse Practitioners Mental Health NP Social Work Intern Triage & Refer ADHD Triage Crisis Intervention Case Management Distressed Student Protocol* Campus/Community Referrals Campus Academic/ Support Services Mental Health Assessment/ Treatment/ Community Mental Health Assessment/ Treatment DSP Coaching Program* CLAS* EOP Academic Services Career Services Counseling Services Hosford Clinic* PAC* Women’s Center Therapy Referrals Psychological Assessment Sliding Scale Counseling Psychiatry Referrals Crisis/Psychiatric Hospitals CASE – College Alcohol & Substance Education SAM – Skills, Awareness & Motivation REST – Recovery Enhancement Success Training SBIR – Screening, Brief Intervention & Referral Distressed Student Protocol – SW point of contact Coaching Program – support for ADHD/LD students Hosford Clinic – campus sliding scale counseling PAC – Psychological Assessment Clinic CLAS – Campus Learning Assistance Services distressed students

4 distressed Pilot Project students
Social Worker hired 11/2002 with ADA Advisory group and Student Health funds Campus Social Work role developed Brochures developed Education/Outreach to campus community Distressed Student Protocol committee distressed students

5 distressed Why a Social Worker? students
Complicated and time-consuming student situations Multiple department contacts Single point of contact High risk students Early intervention Crisis intervention distressed students

6 distressed Student Health – Next Exit? students Increasing number of
UC students are taking psychotropic medication (UC student Mental Health Committee, 2006) distressed students

7 National Trends of Distressed Students distressed students

8 distressed National Trends of Distressed Students students
85% of college counseling centers reported an increase in the number of students they treat for psychological problems UC Davis, Counseling & Psychological Services, “Responding to Distressed or Distressing Students”. distressed students

9 distressed National Trends of Distressed Students students
62% of college students reported feeling hopeless, 44% said they felt so depressed they could barely function, 79% were very sad and 9% felt suicidal 62 79 44 9 distressed American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment (ACHA-NCHA) Web Summary. Available at students

10 distressed National Trends of Distressed Students students
Top 10 physical and mental problems American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment (ACHA-NCHA) Web Summary. Available at distressed students

11 distressed National Trends of Distressed Students students
Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among year olds and the 2nd leading cause of death among college students 44% of college students describe themselves as binge drinkers 13.3% of college women say they have been forced to have sex in a dating situation UC Davis, Counseling & Psychological Services, “Responding to Distressed or Distressing Students”. distressed students

12 distressed Why are College Students Distressed? students
Normal developmental issues Pressure and competition: academic, extracurricular, parental, racial & cultural Financial worries Social fears Feeling hopeless and helpless: depression, sleep disorders, substance abuse, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, self-harm distressed students Kadison, R. & DiGeronimo, T. (2004) “College of the Overwhelmed”.

13 distressed The Millennials students Highly structured academic life
High parental involvement High levels of individual attention Emphasis on performance Little experience with failure distressed students

14 distressed The Millennials students Increasing competition
High admissions standards Limited coping resources Difficulty being average Helicopter parents distressed students

15 Hovering Parents/ Needy Students? distressed students

16 distressed Distressed Student Trends at UCSB students
Crisis cases have increased each year since 1991 Severity of cases have increased Counseling Services provides assistance to approximately 10% of the UCSB student population More students are referred to Student Health psychiatrists each year Concerns of distressed student affect academic performance to a significant degree distressed students

Social Worker Role Single point of contact Psychosocial assessment Case management of “at risk students” Crisis services Safety net: collaboration with clinicians, faculty, staff, hospitals Closure SOCIAL WORK SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE TO STUDENTS AT NO COST distressed students

18 distressed Social Work Student Referral Issues students
Parental Concerns Mental Health Concerns Triage Financial Issues Crisis Intervention distressed students

19 distressed Social Work Student Referral Issues students
Academic Concerns Health Insurance ER & Psychiatric Hospitals Withdrawal & Re-entry distressed students

20 Coordinating Resources & Treatment
Social Worker Distressed Student Campus Student Health Counseling Services Alcohol & Drug Program OSL Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity EOP Women’s Center Office of International Students & Scholars DSP Judicial Affairs Residence Halls Campus Police & Paramedics Financial Assistance Academic Advisors Faculty & Staff CLAS Community Parents Peers/roommates Therapists – private insurance Home community mental health treatment Medical & psychiatric hospitals Country Mental Health Treatment Government Assistance Child Care Rehabilitation Services Health Insurance Pharmacy Waiver Programs Paramedics Police/Sheriff Emergency Food & Shelter Religious Organizations Move the Distressed Student Oval

21 ADHD Treatment at Student Health
Counseling Services Student Self Referral Disabled Students Program Hosford Clinic & Psychological Assessment Center Free ADHD / LD Screening Psychological Assessments Consult / Refer to SW Triages Service Needs Established Diagnosis And no Suspected Psychiatric Co-Morbid Conditions No Established Diagnosis and Suspected Psychiatric Co-Morbid Conditions Established Diagnosis and Suspected Psychiatric Co-Morbid Conditions Campus / Community Assessment & Treatment Services SHS Primary Care MD SHS Psychiatry Hosford & PAC (see above) Coaching Services Counseling Services Disabled Student Program Campus Learning Assistance Services Community Assessment /Treatment

22 Community Collaboration
Psychiatric Emergency/Hospital County Mental Health County Public Health County Social Services Social Security/State Disability State Department of Rehabilitation Therapists/Counseling Clinics distressed students

23 Distressed Student Response Protocol
Intervention guide Referral identifiers: student behaviors and/or reactions to these behaviors Early intervention Coordination of care Campus resources Referral procedures distressed students

24 Distressed Student Response System
Counseling Services Student Health Urgent Care Psychiatry Social Worker Faculty/Staff Roommates/Peers Family Judicial Affairs Student Affairs Housing Police Hospitals SW Notified of Continued At Risk Behaviors Intervention Plan Parental Notification Housing Issues Treatment Issues Distressed Student Meeting Scheduled ASAP Core Student Affairs Team Members and impacted departments.

25 distressed Campus Outreach students
Provide “Referring Distressed Student” protocol training with representation from Student Affairs core team members Encourage early intervention Involve departmental representatives/liaisons regarding distressed student concerns distressed students

26 distressed Campus Outreach students Student brochure Web listings
Parent newsletters Media coverage distressed students

27 distressed Confidentiality students
HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Confidentiality exceptions: medical providers vs. staff/faculty Releases of information distressed students

28 distressed Challenges students Parental Notification
Outreach to Students Treatment Compliance Eviction from Housing Health Insurance/Pharmacy Coverage/ Medi-Cal distressed students

29 distressed Challenges students Intensive Treatment Options
Impact on campus community After-hours issues Data collection distressed students

30 distressed Resources students
The Jed Foundation. (2006). Framework for developing institutional protocols for the acutely distressed or suicidal college student. New York, The Jed Foundation. The Jed Foundation. (2002) Safeguarding Your Students Against Suicide. New York, The Jed Foundation. Benton, S.A. and Benton S.L. (Eds.). (2006). College Student Mental Health: Effective Services and Strategies Across Campus. National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA), Inc. Kadison, R. and T. DiGeronomo (2004) College of the Overwhelmed, The Campus Mental Health Crisis and What to Do About It. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Martha Anne Kitzrow. (2003). The Mental Health Needs of Today’s College Students: Challenges and Recommendations, Vol. 41: No. 1, Article 9. Suicide Prevention Resource Center. (2004). Promoting Mental Health and Preventing Suicide in College and University Settings. Newton, MA: Education Development Center, Inc. University of California, Office of the President. (2006). Report of the University of California Student Mental Health Committee. University of California. distressed students

31 distressed More Information students Elizabeth Downing, M.D.
Burt Romotsky, L.C.S.W. distressed students


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