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 The University of Hawai ʻ i at Mānoa – Spring 2011.

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1  The University of Hawai ʻ i at Mānoa – Spring 2011



4 Gender Age Ethnicity Residency Geographic Origin High School GPA & Rank SAT AP CLEP Educational Goals Transfer GPA # Transfer Credits Educational Level Major Credit Load First Term GPA Distance Education Dual Enrollment High Failure Rate Courses On Campus Employment Housing Student Life Activities Athletics STAR Usage Average Class Size Need Based Aid Non-need Based Aid Pell Grant Work Study % of Aid Met Gender by Age Ethnicity by Geographic Origin Employment by Housing High School GPA by First Term GPA Residency by Need Based Aid Ratio of Successful Adds to Drops Retained After 1 st Year Demographics Pre-College Academic Campus Experience Financial Need Interactions

5 1 st Term GPA On Campus Employment Declared Major Geographic Origin Distance Education Ethnicity Need-Based Aid Strongest Weakest Retained After 1 st Year These variables account for approximately 24% of the variance in a student’s likelihood of graduating on time (Pseudo R Square =.243) *Wald statistic (sig.) The Wald test statistic was used to indicate strength of the variable instead of the coefficient, standardized beta, because of the nature of the logistic regression, the coefficient is not easily interpretable to indicate strength. 37.172 (<.001)* 23.617 (<.001)* 17.289 (<.001)* 14.375 (<.001)* 8.895 (.003)* 7.648 (.006)* 4.250 (.039)*

6  For you as an advisor: o Data/evidence to refine delivery of services to transfer students o Helps to identify possible risks for transfer students o Informs conversations with students Encourage on-campus jobs Inform students about scholarship opportunities  For policy consideration: o Mandatory advising in first semester o Declaration of major earlier than later

7 Mānoa Institutional Research Office Tim Merrill Interim Program Officer 956-6303 John Stanley Institutional Analyst 956-5366

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