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Formula Student Russia Student’s Engineering Group MADI Hybrid.

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1 Formula Student Russia Student’s Engineering Group MADI Hybrid

2 History 2 Hybrid Formula – is an integral part of world most successful teaching engineering project “Formula SAE” in the automobile industry, producing unique automobile specialists for all over the world. Within the successful “Student’s Formula” project it was decided to form a new division –Hybrid Formula” in MADI. The main decision was made after Russian team visited the first international championship “Formula Hybrid”, where was held in the USA on a famous race circuit “New Hampshire International Speedway” with the assistance of “SAE”, IEEE” and “Toyota”. The members of the team “Students Engineering Group MADI (SEG-MADI)” had a chance to learn the specifications of the structure, actively communication with the students who already have an experience of constructing the hybrid automobiles; and had an excursion to the workshop of the main initiator and the organizer of the competition - the oldest technical university of the USA - “Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth”.

3 Features of the series 3 The “Legend” of a series – is an order for the construction of 1000 racing cars with the strict regulations for the each class. The virtual firm – customer is arranging a tender and makes an inquiry to the engineering teams, where are going to construct the bolide. On the international forum each team is trying to prove why it’s more profitable to cooperate with then. The presentation, static and dynamic tests are held during the forum taking into consideration the classes, and according to the collected points, the winner is appointed. Formula Student, Mini Bacha and Hybrid formula – is a series of projects, where a group of students of the university should get organized, distribute duties, make a business plan, find sponsors, project and construct small racing, off-road or hybrid automobile. And afterwards present and then speak in support of the work in front of jury consisting of the best engineers, economists and the loading PR - managers. And show the best results in a series of static and dynamic tests.

4 Where is the trick? 4 Formula Hybrid – is a promising class, where the students using the knowledge of the present-day electronics and electrical engineering are constructing a completely new combined energetic automobile structure, increasing its fuel efficiency and technical characteristics. This division is supposed to be one of the most promising ways of automobile industry development and is the most complicated t the same time, especially in the sphere power-unit control system. The chief task – is to project and construct highly dynamic, efficient, noiseless and ecologically safe hybrid automobile staying within the regulations limitation. Constructing the automobile with help the students to learn the operating of several complex featured units at the same time and achieve the 15% fuel efficiency in comparison with the same “Formula Student’ car.

5 Where is the salt? 5 Unlike other classes, we suggest assuming carriage and chassis of the previous years “Formula Student” automobiles as a basis and the focus attention an constructing the multiple-purpose power-unit, realizing, new innovation ideas. The students are only limited by one serious factor the total cost of the original current automobile sources (accumulators and super capacitors should not exceed 6000$. The most important part – is dynamic test: - Stability; - Braking; - Starting only with electric and combined dragging; -Cross-race on the short-circle track. And the most serious test – the final 22- kilometer race which will show the durability and the fuel efficiency of the car. According to the checked competition structure the teams will make colorful presentations and defend the business-plans in order to produce the best impression on the firms-customers. They also need to persuade the engineers of the leading automobile companies in expediency of the applied technical solutions.

6 The Geography of the project. 6 The project is developing fast. Several countries are participating actively in the project now, but within the short time we are proposing considerable expansion of this direction due to successful competitions. Japan, Australia, Germany and France want to join other University team from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Italy and Russia, which are known as pioneers and earliest explorers in this sphere.

7 1). The only team in CIS that has international experience of participation on the “Formula SAE” competitions. 2) MADI – is the university with the successful automobile and racing history. 3) SEG – MADI actively takes part in big international contexts, exhibitions and forums (the prize-winner “Eureka – 2006”, and the silver medal of “Global Education 2007”) 4) By this time the team has the carriage and chassis for constructing the hybrid automobile. 5) Have the experience of projecting electric machines. 6) Has highly-skilled support of “Electrical engineering and electro technology” and “Engineering pedagogies” departments. 7) We have established friendly relations with the universities of Great Britain, the USA, Finland and Germany, including the ones with the hybrid automobile construction experience. 8) The project is supported by the Russian Education Academy.; Why SEG MADI? 7

8 Plans the future 8 The team SEG-MADI has lottery aims and is planning to present the first Russian hybrid racing car on the international contest in the USA and Italy, constructed by the students of MADI. Having returned to Russia, the team posed new problems and formed the promising construction. We have registered domain: Besides the team has the following problems:  Popularization of the project all over the country holding presentations for the new teams;  Developing own technical and intellectual level;  Training highly-skilled staff for the electro technology and automobile industries;  Holding the joint PRE-event “Formula Student Russia 2007” from 23 till 25 august

9 What we can offer to sponsors According to different sponsor holding we are ready to offer various services connected with the team activities. Besides independently from the rate of patronage, you have a good chance to:  To improve the image of your company in Russia and abroad  Give the self-conceited quick minds an opportunity to realize new creative ideas  Associate your company with the serious youth project  Get highly-skilled sociable specialists, able to work in team.  To become one of the pioneers in developing new student hybrid direction  Supporting the project and the team, you are supporting the youth sport in Russia. 9

10 Sponsorship Regular (less than 400 euro): placing the small logotype on the bolide, in presentations, in booklets, mentioning in reports and in mass-media Bronze ( 400-1 999 euro) placing the medium logotype on the bolide, in presentations, video commercials, mentioning in reports and in mass-media, placing the links on the team site. Silver (2 000-5 999) placing the large logotype on the bolide, team clothes, in presentations, in booklets, video-commercials, mentioning in reports and in mass-media, placing the links on the team site, rendering periodic reports on the process. Gold ( 6 000- 14 999) placing a huge logotype on the bolide, team clothes, in presentation, in booklets, in video-commercials, mentioning in reports and in mass-media, placing the links on the team site, rendering periodic reports on the process, a chance to drive a car. Platinum (15 000 and more) placing one huge logotype on the bolide, team clothes, in presentations, in booklets, in video- commercials, mentioning in reports and in mass-media, placing the links on the team site, rendering periodic reports on the process, a chance to drive a car, painting the car in sponsor colors. Taking part in sponsors commercial enterprises 10 We will be glad and thankful to have mutual cooperation, any financial, material or intellectual support.

11 The approximate budget of the team 1

12 Contacts If you had any questions or offers, we with pleasure on them shall answer ! Contact us you can in any way convenient for you : e-mail: website : (Formula student Russia) tel. : (916) 436-70-50 – Feofanov Sergey (495) 151-62-78 – Safronenkov Sergey fax: (495) 151-62-78 icq: 384-661-394 20-58-01-19 The address: Moscow, highway Lenengradskoe, the house 64, office 1000н 1313

13 Video material 14 On a disk you will find an interesting colourful videoclip about projects SEG-MADI We wish pleasant viewing! Yours faithfully, Students Engineering Group MADI

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