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Different souvenirs in

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1 Different souvenirs in
different countries

2 In everything you do and everywhere you go, you would want to have something that would remind you of that experience or would remind you of that place.

3 Visiting another countries people try to buy something that will symbolize this or that country. They try to buy some souvenirs to their friends and relatives. Usually these things are not very expensive. It can be pans, cups, statuettes, stamps, some clothes with pictures of things which symbolize this country.

4 Grate Britain This British flag official flag of Great Britain. This flag is a great souvenir for any British family.

5 The  Royal  Family,  Buckingham  Palace, Houses Of Parliament, Royal Guards, St Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, Policemen, Pub Signs and Tea are all themes repeated on thimbles, bells, pin badges, pill boxes, T-shirts, underwear, soft toys, models, magnets, mouse mats, caps, aprons, pens and pencils.

6 A slice of London life in a globe, with London in silver lettering and Buckingham Palace moulded around the base. Globe is made of glass and is heavy and fragile.

7 Turkey & Egypt Souvenirs from Eastern countries and European are rather different. It is rather popular to bring some clothes, (national as well) shawls.

8 It is a very popular souvenir in Egypt
It is a very popular souvenir in Egypt . Glass vases with pictures made from color sand with the help of slim stick. The mane themes of these pictures are camels, sea coast and sun.

9 Many people bring papyrus with different pictures from Egypt and Turkey. The most popular are with the pictures of pyramids, signs of the zodiac. Many people buy papyrus in which sailor write his or her name in Arabian language.

10 Also people bring some spices. There are many special shops with them
Also people bring some spices. There are many special shops with them. There are different tips of tea the most popular called “Karkade”

11 Ukraine Our country divides into different parts. So from every part of our country you can bring different souvenirs. So from Carpathian Mountains you can bring some pottery. From the central part you can bring our national clothes. And from the Crimea you can bring something made from shells.

12 This is the national clothes in the Carpathians
This is the national clothes in the Carpathians. It will be a very nice remembrance about your travel to this part of our country. This clothes is rather expensive because this is a handwork.It’s take a lot of time to make such clothes (a few years).

13 If your visit falls on the Easter time, you’ll be able to buy a genuine Ukrainian pysanka. It is considered that pysanka protects people from different evils and the house from the lightning

14 Perhaps the most typical Ukrainian souvenir are the famous Matryoshka dolls. You will find a large selection of these at almost any historical (tourist) sight in Ukraine. Some come from neighboring Russia. These matryoshka dolls are the true nesting dolls. Each doll (and there can be up to 30 or more) is identical in shape and painting, just slightly smaller than the one it nested in. Ukrainian matryoshka dolls, on the other hand, are different. They usually represent a family. The outer doll may be the father, the next one the mother, then a son, a daughter, an infant, a dog, and finally -- not bigger than a kernel of corn -- a baby chick.

15 Ukrainian embroidered cloths, called ryshniki, are wonderful souvenirs from Ukraine. The Ukrainian embroidery tradition has its roots in pagan beliefs of protection and ritual. Ukrainian embroidery can decorate ceremonial towels, table linens, and, of course, Ukrainian traditional garments. Like many other folk art practices throughout Ukraine and Eastern Europe, the Ukrainian embroidery tradition is one that is passed down through families, and regional variants in symbols and color combinations are part of what make this tradition so rich.

16 Basically, you can find souvenirs anyplace that attracts tourists (including local Ukrainian tourists). So, look around the famous churches and monuments. The street winding up the Andrew's Slope is especially famous for its tourist stands. There is also a National Handicrafts store on the famous Khreshatyk.

17 Петрини Юлії ІІМ група 2-В

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