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Overview of Intern and Volunteer in Belize Programs Offered Through Toucan Education Programs (TEP) Toucan Education Programs Limited (TEP)

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1 Overview of Intern and Volunteer in Belize Programs Offered Through Toucan Education Programs (TEP) Toucan Education Programs Limited (TEP)

2 Presentation purpose This presentation was developed to give interested students and their home institutions key information on the various field experiences available in Belize through TEP

3 content TEP’s Study in Belize Program Menu Intern in Belize Academic Structure and Support Volunteer in Belize Snap Shot in Belize Program Duration Why TEP –Added Program Value Our Approach Program Information What’s included What’s not included How do you apply? Additional Information

4 Intern in Belize Gain a Competitive Edge with an International Internship The Intern in Belize program is an incredible opportunity for students to do an international internship or gain work experience. Our placements are in the following disciplines: Education Health Conservation Community Development Social Services Placements are based on interest and skill

5 Academic structure and support TEP’s ‘ Intern in Belize’ program provides a supportive and academic framework to the experience. As the entire program is carefully built from the learning objectives you define, you will be supported to achieve your internship goals. Academic Structure Helping You Achieve Your Learning Objectives The built-in academic structure of the Intern in Belize program begins during pre-departure preparation and continues throughout, even when you have returned home. Once enrolled, each intern defines their personal learning objectives or self-defined goals for their Intern in Belize experience.

6 Academic credit Obtain Academic Credit for Experiential Learning with TEP Many institutions will grant credit for experiential learning programs. Considering the broad range of policies in higher education, students should first consult with their home institutions to review eligibility requirements for academic credit. We will work with you to help faculty understand how a TEP program can be applicable to your studies and determine the proper amount of academic credit to be awarded. Toucan Education Programs does not offer credit for its programs, you must be a student of your institution in order to receive credit for the Intern in Belize program. To learn more, contact us at

7 Volunteer in Belize. Choose our Volunteer in Belize Program for the greatest flexibility and a personalized volunteer work placement. TEP approach to its Volunteer in Belize Program is to ensure volunteers play an important role in the community, and their individual and collective efforts have a positive impact on the people in the communities where we work. In keeping with our approach we only work with sustainable community initiatives. Volunteers are matched to their immediate needs through our placement process, ensuring that the work is both timely and relevant. TEP staff maintains strong relationships with these partner organizations year-round to confirm that our volunteers are furthering their goals and to hear their perspectives

8 Snapshot in belize program Experience Volunteering Belize in Just One Week The Snapshot Program; our one-week Volunteer in Belize Program, gives you the opportunity to work side-by-side with local people and experience another culture like never before. It is identical to our program, Volunteer in Belize in virtually every respect, except that we have made special provisions for the fact that volunteers are there for only one week providing specific projects to complete. It’s the experience of a lifetime!

9 Program duration Intern in Belize traditional program duration: –4 weeks –6 weeks –8 weeks –9+ 12 weeks contact us at for additional information. Volunteer in Belize program duration runs anywhere from 2 – 12 weeks. Snapshot in Belize Program runs for one week.

10 WHY TEP?. TEP is the premier service provider for international education in Belize. We are a private independent company established to provide quality ‘study abroad’ experiences for students and universities primarily from North America and the UK. Our comprehensive program packages includes logistics and support services to ensure meaningful service learning, internship and volunteer placements. These services were developed for educators and students interested in an international study experience in a developing country Our extensive knowledge of Belize and holistic approach to developing programs affords universities, faculty, and students the opportunity to participate in dynamic programs that are of the highest academic standards, well managed and affordable.

11 Added Program Value In addition to our programs life changing experiences; we are committed to providing opportunities for all our undergraduate students to enhance their employability skills in order to give them the best chance in the job market. Consequently TEP is giving all its students the opportunity to attain a ‘Skills Achievement Award’ covering these valued ‘Work Related Skills’. The added value of this award allows students to maximize their experience using key tools to measure competencies learned and expanded upon through our programs.

12 Our Approach Our approach to designing all our programs are grounded in ethical principles and best practice for education abroad. Programs developed and managed by TEP promote best practices in administration, logistics, health and safety and pedagogy in international educational programs. As such TEP has consulted and adheres to the quality standards specified within; The Forum on Education Abroad Standards of Good Practice 3 rd edition 2007 (US), The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (USA) The Higher Education Qualifications Framework (UK).

13 What’s Included? Intern or volunteer placement 24/7 in-country emergency and crisis management In-country orientation and continued cultural and learning activities that will engage students Personal Development Profile (PDP) and Work Related Skills (WRS) program that includes an Achievement Award GSM local cell phone for each participant

14 What’s included Guaranteed housing based on double occupancy (supplementary fee for single occupancy) Breakfast & Dinner (Monday through Friday) Airport Transfers Side trips based on program length

15 What’s not included –Mandatory Insurance with required coverage such as major medical, emergency evacuation and repatriation of remains –Airfare –Meals (varies based on programs) –Cost of cell phone calls –Independent travel –Personal and miscellaneous expense such as gifts, souvenirs, etc.

16 Additional information Contact us for additional information on; How to apply Program Interest & Length of Time Program Fee Obtaining Academic Credit Other Expenses not Included in the Program Country Related Info

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