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Sustainability in the Finger Lakes Geothermal at Hunt Country Vineyards.

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1 Sustainability in the Finger Lakes Geothermal at Hunt Country Vineyards

2 Kevin Moravec Moravec Geothermal

3 History of Hunt Country Vineyards  42 Years of Thought  Award Winning Wine  Emphasis on Local  Building design for energy reduction  Sustainability is 1 st thought  Geothermal for cost savings  Plans for wind and Solar

4  Geothermal as replacement for propane and oil  One main system for 4 buildings  Return on Investment  Reliability of system  Flexibility of Design Vision

5  NYSERDA – AEEP R17 Grant – 75% funding  ESS – Design/engineering/support  BMI – Geothermal Drilling/Install  DEI – Installation, service  MG – Coordination/communication  Hunt Country – Initiative and willingness to say “YES!” Players

6  ESS DESIGN  Common Loop Design  “Node” based distribution of Antifreeze  3 Heat Pump Banks, 6 Total Heat Pumps  Piping between buildings  Control Strategy  Possibility of Expansion Plan

7 Process – The Source  Location of Wells – 8 Wells, 400’ deep  Drilled at rate of 6.5’/Min  1.25” HDPE, Thermal Grout  Approximately 21 Tons of Capacity  Completed in just under 3 Days  Average EWT is currently 46 Degrees

8  The Well Field serves a single GV Series Flow Center by Phoenix Energy which in turn serves 6 total water to water heat pumps scattered over an acre of land Process – Source Distribution Piping Size varied between 3” and 2” to reduce pressure drop and reduce pumping energy Each “NODE” is served by zone valves A call for heating/cooling opens a Valve The flow center maintains the right pressure to provide the correct flow

9  Two 4 ton W/W Heat Pumps  Wilo VFD Pumps  Storage Tank  Control Process – Tasting Building Mechanical

10  Building served by existing under floor Radiant  Addition of High Wall mounted Mulitaqua fan coils – 5 Total  Replaced 20 yr old boiler, 4 Mitsubishi Mini split Systems  Ability to Cool space with 75+ People – unable to do so with Air Source previously Process – Tasting Room Distribution of Energy

11  Space used as storage for Wine, Bottling Facility, Red Wine Fermentation Control  Two 4 Ton W/W  Zone Valve for “on/off”  Distributes to 2 air handlers – IN TWO DIFFERENT BUILDINGS!  Domestic Hot Water for cleaning Process – Bottling and Storage Mechanical

12 Process – Bottling and Storage Distribution Photo slide in of Building 2 Photo slide in of Building 3

13 Process – Bottling and Storage Distribution continued... Photo slide in of Red Wine Vat Photo slide in of Valve Process We were asked a question during the installation process “Can we heat our red wine to start Fermentation?”

14 Process – Production Facility

15  Radiant Slab  Air Handler  Domestic Hot Water  Future Use will include Chiller Replacement Process – Production Facility

16  NYSERDA Grant required M&V for release of Funds  Savings in First Year of Use = $12,000.00+  Savings in Second Year of Use = $14,000.00+  Total Electric Consumption of Property was actually reduced in 1 st year and stayed the same for 2 nd year.  Total Electric Cost in year 1 for property was $24,000.00. Year 2 was $30,000 for property for same KW usage but 23% hike in rates Results

17  Spring of 2015 Brings the next Phase of Hunt Country Vineyards journey  100KW of PV will be installed to offset 80% of the properties usage Next Step

18 Future is in this room 6 examples of what geo is capable of Where it goes and what we do with it….. Conclusion

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