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Celebrating 40 Years of Diversity Laura Hill and Emily Draper.

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1 Celebrating 40 Years of Diversity Laura Hill and Emily Draper

2 Mexico Red symbolizes the blood that was shed during the Independence battles. White symbolizes purity. The green symbolizes the fertility of the earth. The eagle comes from an ancient Aztec legend. If they ever found an eagle on a nopal cactus that was eating a snake, this will be their promised land. They found this place after wandering for thousands of years and named it Tenochtitlan.

3 El Salvador The blue stripes symbolize the Pacific ocean and the Caribbean Sea which surround El Salvador. The white symbolizes peace.

4 Dominican Republic “Dios, Patria, Libertdad means God, Fatherland, Liberty.” The white cross symbolizes faith, honor, and pride. The red, white, and blue was taken form the Haitian flag.

5 The blue shows that Guatemala is a land located between two oceans. Guatemala The bay laurel crown means victory. The crossed rifles mean Guatemala’s willingness to defend the country. The scroll is their independence document.

6 Colombia Yellow represents the resources of Colombia’s ground. Blue represents the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans that border Colombia. Red represents the blood shed while fighting for Colombia’s independence from Spain.

7 Honduras The blue represents the bodies of water on either side of Honduras, and the white is the land in between the water. The five-pointed blue star represent the original five member states of the Federal Republic of Central America.

8 Ecuador The yellow is wider than the other two stripes because it symbolizes the Sun and the Gold of their ancestors. It is a also a symbol of generosity. The Blue represents the sky and sea of the country. It is also said to represent the Ecuador’s independence from Spain and its conquerors.. The red represents the blood that the patriots and heroes gave for freedom as well as hardiness, bravery, strength, and valor. The bird symbolizes power, greatness, and strength. The leaves symbolize the victories of the nation.

9 Peru White represents peace and bravery. Red represents the blood that was spilled for the fight for independence. This is the “coat of arms.” This shield contains the national tree of Peru, a yellow cornucopia full of gold coins, and a vicuña (llama).

10 Nicaragua The blue represents the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. The white symbolizes peace. The equilateral triangle represents equality.

11 Argentina The blue and white represent the blue sky parting to reveal white clouds, which is said to have happened when the Liberation demonstration began. “The Sun of May”

12 CountryNumber of Immigrants Mexico5,551,757 El Salvador1,245,458 Dominican Republic878,858 Guatemala844,332 Colombia655,096 Honduras499,987 Ecuador429,316 Peru406,008 Nicaragua249,037 Argentina165,029

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