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MSDS Authoring Services

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1 MSDS Authoring Services
EHS Service Offerings

2 Company History Over six (6) years of experience in supporting EHS Solution Providers across North America, Europe and Australia. Global Delivery Capability 24 x 7 Support Risk-free migration process competency Significant cost advantages History of adding significant value to similar set of customers Knowledge and Process driven methodology

3 Services Hazard Evaluation (M)SDS and Label statement preparation
Technical Training

4 Services - Deliverables
(M)SDS documents – OSHA GHS, REACH Compliant SDS, WHMIS- CANADA SDS Industrial labels Consumer label Consulting - CPSC Transportation Classifications Customer-specific evaluations and rating systems Regulatory reviews Toxicology reviews Literature searches Regulatory Training Services

5 Authoring Services Material Safety Data Sheets
GHS FORMAT SDS CONVERSION REACH COMPLIANT SDS ANSI Z400.1 (US) FORMAT SDS Periodic regulatory review Product Labels OSHA Industrial, CPSC (US) WHMIS Industrial, Canadian Consumer (bilingual)

6 Authoring Services GHS Consulting GHS Classification Purple Book
Country Specific Adaptations GHS SDS Authoring GHS Compliance transition Plans and conversion of safety data sheets and Hazard symbols to the new GHS standard GHS Training

7 Authoring Services Consulting Hazard Assemement
SDS conversion Transition Literature Review Toxicity assessment Industrial and Consumer product label assessment

8 Training Services Training Courses
Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Course Advanced MSDS Authoring Topics Course Canadian Hazard Communication Regulations Course European Hazardous Materials Regulations Course OSHA GHS Course U.S. Industrial and Consumer Labelling Course

9 SDS Authoring Platforms
Wercs SAP EH&S Your In-House Platform

10 Tools WERCS Authoring/Labeling Software
Integrated (by CAS #) to LOLI database OSHA-GHS (HAZCOM 2012)ANSI (US), EU-CLP country, (CAN/MX/CHN), company or industry-specific templates Standard Phrase Bank (extensible) Various output formats (.doc, .pdf, .html, metadata)

11 Process Turnaround Goal: 5-7 business days
Establish Scope of Work w. Client Select MSDS/Label format and content Address proprietary/trade secret issues Determine output format(s), data migration, version control Translation options Logistics Full composition information Product testing data (if available): physical properties, toxicity, env. Fate Contact information Customization (Graphics, Corporate Logos, etc.) Turnaround Goal: 5-7 business days

12 WHY CSI??? Experienced Staff Scope of Knowledge

13 Staff All staff has relevant skill sets
Relevant education (chemistry, chemical engineering, etc.) Previous Significant SDS authoring experience. Staff follows quality policies and client-specific notes Audits for error free SDS creation Confidentiality maintained for all clients

14 Why Outsource?? Create Better Documents Reduce Costing
Improve Efficiency

15 GHS Authoring Costs: OSHA vs. Industry Analysis
OSHA’s Estimated Metrics $100 million in labor cost to revise 400,000 (OSHA concedes that it may be as high as 800,000) affected MSDS to GHS format An average time of 5.14 hours to update each document $47 per hour labor rate This translates into roughly $250 per MSDS Industry Estimates Consumer & industrial paints – 7 hours per SDS at cost of $750 minimum Global chemical mfr – approx 8-20 hours per SDS at cost of $400-1,000 Paint and coatings formulator – 5 hours at cost of $300-1,000 Global petrochemical mfr - 6 hours at cost of $375 A Tale of Two Estimates OSHA: 400K MSDS / 5.14 hours per doc / $250 per MSDS / estimated total cost $100M Mfgs: >400K MSDS / 9.2 hours per doc / >$600 per MSDS / estimated total cost $250M

16 Outsourcing Benefits Improved Documents Improved Cost Control
Uses the most up to date regulatory information Draws on our years of experience in creating documents Improved Cost Control Ability to shift fixed costs into variable expenses Reduced IT Expenses Hardware, software & maintenance Ability to purchase only the level of service that you need Improved efficiency Work completed by an expert in hazard communication Focus on your documents and not be distracted by other interruptions Software experts No need to train new employees We can apply the best practices for each platform

17 Contact Us USA INDIA CSIBPO, LLC. 22260 Haggerty Rd Suite # 215,
Northville, MI-48167, Phone: / INDIA Compusystems India Pvt. Ltd. #156, Peddanna Layout, Outer Ring Road of Banaswadi Horamavu Bengaluru Phone: /

18 Thank You

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