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2 What we do As the heart of UN Women, Policy and Programme Bureau deals with global policy issues as it relates to women, we support UN Women programmes in over 80 countries as well as policy analysis and research. The Bureau is divided into Policy and Programme focusing on UN Women focal priorities in line with our UN Women Strategic Plan, 2014-2017  Leadership and Political Participation  Economic Empowerment  Ending Violence against Women  Peace and Security  Governance and National Planning  HIV and AIDS 1

3 2 Policy Division The Policy Division provides the substantive support for UN Women's normative, operational and coordination work. The Policy division  Conducts Research and Analysis  Provide technical guidance  Develop Training and Capacity Building  Partnerships and global programmes  UN system coordination and collaboration  Normative and intergovernmental  Corporate positioning Programme Division The programme division help in improving capacity of country, multi-country and regional offices to deliver high-quality programmes. They provide  Programme Direction and Oversight  Representation and Advocacy  Provide Knowledge Management  Support to Regional Context and Trend Analysis  Programme and Operational Support  Support to interagency and Normative processes  Support to partnership and Resource mobilization  Crisis and Humanitarian Response  Develop program guidance Policy & Programme

4 November 2014 3 Regional Architecture With the roll out of the regional architecture, UN Women has 6 Regional, 6 Multi-Country, 47 Country offices and 30 Programme presence around the world. Africa Two Regional offices i.e The East & Southern Africa Regional office (ESARO) located in Kenya and West & Central Africa Regional office (WCARO) located in Senegal with the following country offices- South Africa, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, South Sudan, Tanzania, Burundi, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivorie, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Cape Verde, And Ghana are the country offices America & the Caribbean (LAC) Panama City, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico and Caribbean are the countries in this region. The Caribbean - Barbados is a Multi country office (MCO) supporting 22 countries. Arab States/ North Africa (AS) Has 5 country offices namely Egypt, Iraq, Jordan &Syria, Palestine with Morocco having Multi country offices. Asia & Pacific Bangkok, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, Vietnam as well as Fiji and India (India, Bhutan, Indonesia, Kiribati, Lao PDR, Philippines, Samao, Solomon Island, Vanuatu, Maldives & Sri Lanka), Cambodia, China Europe & Central Asia (ECA) Istanbul, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegoniva, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Moldova and Kazakhstan (Tajikistan & Uzebekistan) MCO represent the countries in this region 6 Regional Offices 47 Country Offices* 6 Multi-Country Offices 30 Programme Presence 89

5 6 Regional Offices 47 Country Offices* 6 Multi-Country Offices Cairo Bangkok Panama City Nairobi Istanbul Fiji Barbados India Morocco Brazil Dakar Kazakhstan Nigeria Burundi DRC Liberia Mali Mozambique South Africa Malawi South Sudan Tanzania Sierra Leone Rwanda Uganda Cameroon Cote d’Ivoire Iraq Jordan Afghanistan Bangladesh Cambodia Pakistan Nepal PNG Timor Leste Vietnam Albania Bosnia Georgia Kyrgyzstan Moldova Bolivia Colombia Dominican Republic Haiti Ecuador El Salvador Guatemala Mexico Paraguay oPt 30 Programme Presence Ethiopia Zimbabwe UN Women presence 89 * Country Offices for Senegal, Kenya, Egypt and Thailand included in the Regional Offices shown on the map. April 2014 4

6 UN Women Reg/Country Offices Based on the analysis of 2015 Annual Work plans:  Women's Economic Empowerment and Leadership and Women's Political Participation continue to be the two predominant areas of work closely followed by Eliminating Violence Against Women and Girls  Analysis show greater effort to leveraging the connection between the normative and operational parts of UN Women's mandate – Beijing + 20  Stronger focus on advocacy, evident by campaigns like UNiTE and HeForShe 5

7 UN Women Reg/Country Offices Operational capacity, 2014 summary:  Last year was the best year so far for UN Women’s programmes and implementation of the mandate at country and regional level, with larger and more strategic programmes, with a total budget for all field offices, USD 152.19 million.  As of 13 January 2015, programme financial delivery in the field for 2014 was at 82% compared to the Strategic Plan target of 75%. 6

8 Donor Assessments 2014  The EC Pillar Assessment gave UN Women a strong endorsement for management of EU programme financial resources  The MOPAN assessment recognizes that “UN-Women has a clear mandate to promote gender equality and while more remains to be done, “UN-Women has had considerable success in setting up its operational infrastructure”. 8

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