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2 Introduction Staff Materials
Agenda Introduction Staff Materials

3 Agenda 1. American Express Program 2. Responsibilities
American Express Guidelines How to Apply for your Travel Card More on your Travel Card What are the Benefits of the Card 2. Responsibilities Traveler Approver Accounting Office

4 Workshop Agenda Cont’d
3. Travel Claim Procedures Authorization to Travel form (F ) Travel Expense Claim (STD 262) Meal Reimbursement Prepaid Travel Expenses Time Frame to File Cancellation of Travel What will Delay your Reimbursement 4. International Travel Key Information on International travel Travel on University Business Per Diem Calculations

5 Workshop Agenda Cont’d
Car Rental FAQ’S Contacts References

6 1. American Express Program
American Express Guidelines American Express is the preferred method of payment for prepaid expenditures, so you can be reimbursed before your trip If you use your personal credit card you will be reimbursed after your travel is completed Note: A Direct Pay form may be used to prepay your airfare and registration if remitting directly to the vendor (ie. Pomona Travel Agency)

7 1. American Express Program Cont’d
The State sponsored American Express Corporate Travel card is the preferred card for payment of Airfares Hotel Car Rental Registration Prepaid travel expenses should be included and reconciled with your final expense claim submitted after travel has been completed

8 1. American Express Program Cont’d
How to apply for your Travel Card The American Express Corporate Travel application form is available online Download the form, fill it out, sign and forward it to the AP Dept for processing Your new travel card should arrive at your home within two weeks of submitting your application

9 1. American Express Program Cont’d
Once you receive your card, register your card online Your monthly statement is available ONLINE only No hard copy will be mailed from American Express You are responsible for making payment directly to American Express After you register online, Amex will send an alert when your statement is available to view online It is important to keep your account current. (We receive a past due notice from the State)

10 1. American Express Program Cont’d
What are the benefits of the Card? It is a great tool to organize and keep a record of your travel expenses No annual membership fee Business Travel Accident Insurance ($200K door to door) Baggage Insurance For more details on the card benefits: We can reimburse your prepaid expenses, such as airfare and registration before your trip, only if you use the American Express Corporate card

11 2. Responsibilities Traveler Responsibility
Individuals traveling on official University business must familiarize themselves with and adhere to the CSU Travel Procedures The travelers should make certain that the business related expenses they incur are ordinary, reasonable, not extravagant, and necessary for the purpose of the trip The traveler is responsible for: Submitting travel claims within 30 days from the return of the trip Providing the business purpose and inclusive dates of each trip Certify he/she: Received authorization to travel Traveled on official business Actually spent the amount for listed expenses Has verified that the amount due is accurate Has not and will not seek reimbursement for a duplicate claim or from any other source

12 2. Responsibilities (cont’d)
Approvers Responsibility The approver ensures all expenses are reasonable in terms of price, purpose, and necessity Ensuring expenses charged to his/her accounts are supported by sufficient funds and ensuring appropriateness of use of funds Ensuring expenses requested are ordinary, reasonable, not extravagant, necessary, and supported by a business purpose or justification, as appropriate Validating, to the extent possible, that the expenses were actually incurred by the traveler and that appropriate supporting documentation is attached Review and approve the business purpose and ensure the request is in compliance with any applicable sponsored project/grant requirement Approve/deny payment of the travel claim in a timely manner Deny expenses not directly related to the official University business

13 2. Responsibilities (cont’d)
Travel Reimbursement Office Responsibility Review/audit for compliance with policy Verify appropriate approver Ensure appropriate documentation is submitted Process reimbursements and payments

14 3. Travel Claim Procedures
Authorization to Travel on State Business (F ) Travel Expense Claim (STD 262) Original Receipts (see CSU Travel Procedures pg. 29 under Documentation Requirements) Supporting Documents January 1, Car mileage 57.5 cents per mile

15 3. Travel Claim Procedures Cont’d
Authorization to Travel on State Business (F ) Form must be completed and approved prior to traveling Purpose of travel - a narrative describing nature of and justification for the travel How does the trip meet the objective of your department Expected travel expenses Dates and time of Official business Dates of Personal travel Destination, Traveling by auto, air, etc Name and phone number of person who filled out the claim Approval of next level supervisor (MPP). Int’l travel needs VP signature Academic Affairs Division: claims above $3, need a VP signature Funding Source with approval

16 Form 1A – Approved Date?

17 Form 1A – Approved Date?

18 3. Travel Claim Procedures Cont’d
Travel Expense Claim Report (STD 262) Lodging – receipt/folio showing zero balance even if booked online Taxi / shuttle Registration Lodging Cap- $ excluding taxes Agenda and/or Conference flyer Need Approval by President/VP or designee if over cap Must provide justification Validation of your attendance/course material Airfare (lowest rate) Itinerary, Boarding Pass (required) Remarks and details explaining charges Rental Car – Enterprise – gas Reconciliation Parking – valet parking is not reimbursable, only self parking rate reimbursable ** Please submit an original, itemized receipt, not a credit card receipt.  Receipts should be marked "paid" or show a zero balance and must specified payment method ** *** You need to be prudent when booking hotel, airfare, and car rental. In other words use the most economical method ***

19 3. Travel Claim Procedures Cont’d
Maximum Meal Reimbursements for actual expenses (Expenses must be incurred 25+ miles from Cal Poly or your home whichever is less) Up to $55.00 for ACTUAL meal costs and $7.00 for incidentals may be reimbursed for each complete 24-hour period.

20 3. Travel Claim Procedures Cont’d
Prepaid Travel Expenses The original Authorization to Travel form will be submitted with the Travel Expense Claim (STD262) Final Travel Expense Claim submission, after travel has been completed, will include a copy of the Authorization to Travel and an accounting of all prepaid travel expenses. All expenses will be reconciled Documentation needs to be provided when claims are split between CPP Foundation, ASI and State funds. Provide copy of the corresponding claim. Prepaid travel expenses can only be reimbursed before your trip if you use the American Express Corporate Card You may use your own Credit Card. However, you will not be reimbursed until after your travel is completed Another choice for prepayment of Airfare and Registration is a direct payment to the vendor from our A/P department

21 Sample Travel Expense Claim Report

22 Sample Document: Hotel Folio

23 Sample Document-Hotel Stay Confirmation

24 3. Travel Claim Procedures Cont’d
Reporting Travel Expenses The Travel Expense Claim must be submitted to AP dept within 30 days of the end of a trip unless there is recurrent local travel, in which case claims may be aggregated and submitted monthly. When a trip lasts more than 90 days, the traveler must submit a quarterly report of expenditures to AP dept. Reference: CSU Travel Procedure (page 28) Example: Supervision of student teachers, mileage claim can be submitted monthly or quarterly.

25 3. Travel Claim Procedures Cont’d
Cancellation of travel If your travel is cancelled and you have received prepayment reimbursement, the money must be returned to the originating travel expense account/ budget The money cannot be used for any other purchases

26 3. Travel Claim Procedures Cont’d
What will Delay your Payment Request Incorrect Expense Account Incomplete/Inaccurate Claim Report Missing Receipts / Supporting Documents Incorrect Authorized Signature(s)  For tracking and auditing purposes only use the following correct expense accounts In State Travel Out of State Travel Professional Development

27 4. International Travel Key information for International Travel on State Business When an employee, faculty or staff, is traveling on State business to a foreign country, the department must purchase Foreign Travel Insurance for the employee prior to the travel date. This insurance policy provides General Liability, Auto Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Primary Accident and Illness coverage.     Insurance Cost for Student: Trips up to 15 days duration: $60.00 per trip/student Trips up to 30 Days duration: $65.00 per Note: Coverage for students does not include workers’ compensation. If the student is traveling through the Study Abroad Program they should go through the International Center for coverage under a different program. Insurance Cost for Employee: Trips up to 15 days duration: $60.00 per trip/employee Trips up to 30 Days duration: $75.00 per Trips in excess of 30 days can also be accommodated

28 4. International Travel Cont’d
The coverage includes, but is not limited to: Emergency Medical Evacuation- if it is determined that adequate medical facilities are not available locally, arrangement and payment for emergency medical evacuation under medical supervision, if necessary, to the nearest location with adequate facilities. Repatriation- if medically necessary to repatriate the employee to a facility which is in the country of residence of the employee or a location in the country of which the employee is a citizen, following stabilization. Executive Assistance Services, such as… Emergency medical, travel, personal and security services- 24 hour coverage, from the time the participant leaves until they return Supplies embassy and consular contacts worldwide, and assists in replacing lost documents. Legal Assistance- connects participants with local attorneys familiar with court systems in foreign countries and provides local language translation services Security Assistance- offers pre-trip security briefings and updated reports on security situation in cities worldwide.

29 4. International Travel – Per Diem Breakdown

30 4. International Travel - Taxability

31 5. Car Rental - Enterprise

32 5. Car Rental – Enterprise (pg. 2)

33 6. FAQ’s 1. What are meal allowances? Meal allowances for each complete 24-hour period are as follows: The ACTUAL COST of meal expenses up to $55.00/day plus $7.00/day for incidentals allowance. Receipts required for expense of $25.00 or more. 2. When claiming mileage, do I measure from headquarters or home? Mileage must be claimed from the lesser of the two locations. 3. When opting to drive instead of flying, do I claim mileage? The traveler must claim the lesser of the two amounts (mileage reimbursement vs. airfare reimbursement). A comparison document should be submitted with the travel expense claim. 4. Electronic Receipt/Ticket? Electronic Receipts are acceptable provided that the detail contained in an electronic receipt is equivalent to the level of details contained in an acceptable paper record. For example, electronic receipt must show the name of the payee, the amount of the change, the transaction date, and the form of payment. ed or faxed documentation provided by an airline or travel agency for electronic ticketing expenses for airfare is acceptable for substantiating such expenses. A copy of the faxed itinerary and receipt or a copy of the itinerary and receipt printed locally should be attached to the Travel Expense Claim. 5. Can I use my Personal Liability Travel Card to pay on behalf of others? University travelers normally shall not be reimbursed for expenses paid on behalf of other persons, except in the case of co-travelers who are sharing a room. 6. Who can receive travel advances? The University does not issue Travel Advances.

34 6. FAQ’s Cont’d 7. Twenty-five mile Rule Subsistence expenses (lodging, meal or incidental) for travel within 25 miles of employee’s home or normal work location will not be reimbursed 8. Can I combine a business trip with a couple days of personal travel? Yes, but only the business portion of the trip will be reimbursed. Traveler must indicate which days are for personal travel on the Authorization to Travel and the Travel Expense Claim. 9. Can a registration fee be paid with my department procurement card or should I include the registration amount in my travel expense claim? No, the Procurement Card is not to be used for travel related items (conference fees, registration, etc). The department can request the University to pay the vendors directly for conference fees, registration. To be reimbursed, you will need to submit an Authorization to Travel form with a Travel Expense Claim and paid receipts with zero balance. 10. Where do I return the Personal Liability Travel Card to when I leave the University? Turn in your card to Helen Lee, Building 98, Room B If I use my frequent flyer points to pay for the airfare, will I be reimbursed for the airfare? No, since there is no actual payment out of pocket, you will not be reimbursed. 12. Can I be reimbursed for alcohol? No, alcohol is not reimbursable.

35 7. Contacts Al Viteri Director of Acct Services ext 2009 Helen Lee AP Coordinator ext 2014 Laurie Hamilton Travel ext 2018 Rachel Reyna Direct Pay ext 2029 Linda Kato Vendors A – I ext Elaine Lozano Vendors J- Z ext 2160 Valerie Eberle International Travel ext (Risk Management)

36 8. References Travel Information American Express AMEX Application: American Express Card Benefits: Travel Claim Authorization to Travel: Travel Expense Claim (see form Std 262): Hotel/Motel: CSU Travel Policy: Travel Policy on our web site: International Travel Per Diem Rates Query: Per Diem Breakdown: Currency Converter: High Hazard Countries:


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