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From SEA to SEA.

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1 From SEA to SEA

2 A Varied Land Our country is BIG! 3,000 miles from coast to coast
Made up of many landforms Has Many resources Forests, farmland, coal, oil, minerals What is a mineral?


4 minerals A resource found in nature Iron, silver, copper, gold

5 Lets fly over our country!

6 In the EAST! Atlantic coast Low and flat Beaches
Once were all forests and now towns

7 Appalachian Mountains

8 Appalachian Mountains
Very old mountains They once had high, sharp peaks Over the years they became rounded Why???

9 Moving into the plains The land is flat again past the Appalachian
The soil is rich and farming is good! Colorful fields!

10 Great Lakes From up above they look like giant puddles!
Formed by glaciers and ice melting

11 In the west! Rocky mountains! They stretch from Alaska to New Mexico
They are higher, sharper and formed thousands of years ago

12 Weather Since our country is so large-the weather is so different!
Ecosystems are different

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