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Country Presentation Outline

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1 Country Presentation Outline
For Presenters from Participating Countries

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First Slide Your country map and statistics (total area, total population, numbers of men and women, GDP etc.) Second Slide Distribution or division of your country for policing purposes (ranges, districts, provinces etc.) Ministry that heads the Police department Any particular Law/order governing Police functioning Police under political influence or independent Some relevant brief information if required

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Third Slide Statistical situation of Police in your country Total police in the country Number of women or percentage of women in police Number of women police officers in different ranks Number of men officers in different ranks Main areas of police functions

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Fourth Slide Main tasks/ jobs or assignments given to women officers clearly mentioning if: These job assignments are important from the perspective of active policing? Women get jobs that are considered unimportant by their male colleagues? Women are given important field positions? If yes mention Women receive appreciation for the jobs they perform?

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Fifth and Sixth Slide Work environment for women police (in terms of Gender sensitivity of men colleagues/ cooperation / mutual respect/ support from seniors and subordinates/subordinates follow orders etc.) mention any issue that women come across Personal Problems Maternity leave/Day care facilities/office timings/ Postings or transfers away from family station/ strict office timings/ tough duties/etc.

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Seventh Slide Glass ceiling (women officers cannot reach higher positions because of being women) for example Are there certain mandatory field postings for promotion? Do women get those postings to qualify for higher positions? What hinders their promotion? Are women hired against certain positions? Is there a limit to which a woman can get promoted? Are there equal training opportunities women? Are women sent on trainings abroad? Do women avail trainings locally and abroad? (do they avail or miss the opportunity) What prevents women from benefiting from these trainings? Add more points according to your own experience you can write in bullets or make a paragraph

7 Main Presentation Choose a topic of your choice where your country has taken some positive steps and where you can share some best practices. Best practice in your country? (3 – 4 slides) How that best practice for example a law or policy etc. helped women in seeking police assistance. For example a law on Domestic Violence or Women-friendly Police Protocols or SOPs. Recommendations for improvement of policing practices in your country (1 slide) Based on your experience and observation give suggestions for improvement in the current policing practices in your country especially relating to women. What needs to be changed and why to enhance positioning of women in police and improve access of women to Police stations?

8 Last Slide End with a statement (maximum 4– 5 lines) mentioning one major change in policing practices that could be introduced by having more women in Police. We thank you for your participation and strongly believe that your contribution will be beneficial for the women police officers coming from other countries.

9 Dr. Khola Iram Principal Advisor
Contact Information Dr. Khola Iram Principal Advisor Viqar-un-Nisa Project Coordinator GIZ - Gender Responsive Policing (GRP) Project House 63-A, Street 5, F-8/3, Islamabad Tel: +92 (51) , |

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