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Country Manager International Marketing Simulation.

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1 Country Manager International Marketing Simulation

2 Country Manager2 Why a Simulation? “I hear and I forget… I see and I remember… I do and I understand”

3 Country Manager3 The Environment The Toothpaste Category Manager for an international corporation is expanding into Latin America Six countries offer viable market potential Each market has unique environmental, buyer, competitive, and distribution characteristics The ultimate goal is to develop a REGIONAL presence in Latin America, doing so through a sequential market entry approach

4 Country Manager4 The Environment - Countries CountryPopulation (Millions US$) GDP (Billions US$) Toothpaste Retail Sales (Millions US$) Argentina3737490.4 Brazil1721,035830.4 Chile1518593 Mexico100815211.4 Peru2711250.4 Venezuela2319531.1

5 Country Manager5 The Environment - Competition Starting Situation: Multiple firms competing in different countries 4 International Competitors: B&B Healthcare Caremore Driscol Evers Also… regional and local competitors NOTE: All individuals/teams play “against” the computer

6 Country Manager6 The Environment - Consumer  Consumers differ cross-nationally and by segment in terms of:  Toothpaste size, delivery system, and vehicle preferences  Needs they are trying to satisfy with regard to formulation (prevention of cavities, whiter teeth, good taste)  Competitive offerings/choices  Price sensitivity  Customers are more likely to purchase a brand that they know and can find in their preferred store.

7 Country Manager7 The Product - Toothpaste  Packaging and Formulation Variations  Sizes: Travel, Personal, and Family  Delivery: Tube, Pump  Vehicle: Paste, Gel  Formulations: Basic, Whitener, Healthy, Kids  Your firm has a number of different combinations of these available to introduce as unique SKUs.

8 Country Manager8 Decisions – Market Entry (Consolidated Menu)  Issues to consider for “Market Entry/Exit”: Market potential and growth Synergies with other/existing markets Regional Customization vs. Standardization Competitive intensity Distribution Cost structures – production/distribution Shipping and tariffs General economic/political outlook

9 Country Manager9 Decisions – Production Location & Capacity (Consolidated Menu) Issues to consider for “Productive Capacity” Production will take place in USA unless a single Latin American plant is opened. Any production necessary to meet demand beyond what is planned takes place in USA. Local production goes to local markets first. One year to build capacity.

10 Country Manager10 Decisions – Market Management (Individual Country Menus) SKUs to offer (based on target & positioning) Price in local currency and promo allowance Advertising campaign and budget including localization issues Distribution channels to support Sales Force / Use of Wholesalers Promotional Support Production – U.S. plant versus Latin American plant Forecasts Don’t Bother With the Pro-Forma Unless Using it to Project on Hypothetical Situations

11 Country Manager11 Performance Measures  Index numbers – especially brand equity measures  Performance in countries entered  Overall performance in Latin America  Market share and net contribution  How have you left the company positioned for the future?

12 Country Manager12 Country Manager Logistics  Print out decisions before advancing  After advancing, print out administrator’s and turn it in  You are allowed one replay per period but no restarts  Important: Back-up your decisions!

13 Country Manager13 Final Considerations  Marketing and Business Strategy drives your decisions – make sure you have one!  Focus on how to best serve your target customers through a total offering – product, marketing, service, and price  Importance of team organization  Decide on responsibilities  But don’t overspecialize - limits what you learn

14 Country Manager14 Final Considerations  Manage your margins – understand financial implications of decisions  Understand fixed and variable costs  Long term vs. short term  Make wise investments  Try new approaches – apply concepts – experiment – have fun!

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