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Nepal: Health Status Country Profile in Brief

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1 Nepal: Health Status Country Profile in Brief
Dr Paras K Pokharel Associate Professor Department of Community Medicine BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences Dharan, Nepal

2 Map of the Country NEPAL

3 Population Statistics
Population of Nepal increased from 15million in 1981 to 18.5 million in 1991 and their to 23.1 million in 2001 fixing an annual growth rate of 2.2 percent in decade. Geographic distribution is uneven. The census of 2001 counted 7.3, 44.3 and 48.4 percent of the total population in the Mountain, Hill and the Terai, regions respectively. Urban areas, then 33, accommodated 9.2 percent of the total population in 1991. There is an increasing trend of population and concentration increasing in Urban. After the 1991 population census, number of municipalities increased from 33 to 36 and then to 58, the current population in urban areas in 14.2 percent of the total population. Population Density, for the year 2001 in estimated to be 157 persons per sq. km.

4 Major Demographic Parameters
Crude Birth Rate (CBS) Per 1000 Population Crude Death Rate (CDR) Per 1000 Population Total Fertility Rate (TFR) Per woman Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) Per 1000 live births Expectation of life at birth (2001) Labour force participation (for the year 1998/ 99) Unemployment Rate 1.8% (population aged 15 years and over) Literacy (for the year 2001) Literacy Rate 53.7% (population aged 6 years and over)

5 Economy & Expenditure In Health
The value of gross domestic product at producer’s price, in 2000/2001, is estimates to be Rs.376,433 millions which is higher by 10.9% of the previous year. Total expenditure in health by government in 1996/97 is Rs million, in 1997/98 is Rs million, in 1998/99 is Rs million and in 1999/2000 Rs million spent by government in health sector. The public expenditure on health is 1.2% of GDP. Note: ($1 = Nrs.78.00)

6 Top Ten Diseases 0.93 Sore Eye 7 Complaints 0.96 1.06 Abdominal Pain 5.51 1.4 Chronic Bronchitis Ear Infection 1.95 Gastritis Pyrexia Itestinal Worms 2.02 ARI 3.35 Diarrhoeal Diseases 2.82 3.13 STD / HIV & Skin Diseases

7 HIV / AIDS Situation of Nepal

8 HIV / AIDS Estimation for Nepal

9 Cumulative HIV / AIDS in Nepal by Sub – Group, 2001

10 HIV / AIDS Situation in Nepal by Sub – Group, 2001

11 Met and Unmet Need of Family Planning

12 Communication Facilities
Telephones - main lines in use: 436,816 (January 2002) Telephones - mobile cellular: 15000 Telephone system: General assessment: fair telephone and telegraph service International: radiotelephone communications; microwave landline to India Satellite earth station - 1 Intelsat (Indian Ocean) Radio broadcast stations: AM 6, FM 5, shortwave 1 (January 2000) Radios: 940,000 (2001) Television broadcast stations: 2(2002) Televisions: 430,000 (2002) Internet country code: .np Internet Service Providers (ISPs): 8 (2002) Internet users: 75,000 (2002)

13 Health Services Hospital Beds Description 1999/2000 2000/01 2001/02
Hospitals Health Centres Health Posts Ayurvedic Services Sub – Health Posts Primary Health Centres Hospital Beds Government Sector Private Sector

14 Human Resources in Health
Description / / /02 Doctors* Nurses ANM Kaviraj Vaidya Health Assistants Health Workers Village Health Workers Health Volunteers * In Government Sector only

15 References Annual Health Report. Dept. of Health Services, 2001
Statistical Pocket Book, 2002, Nepal ( Connectivity Providers - Contact Data Mercantile Office Systems World Link Communications Health Net Nepal Reports on Networking Infrastructure in Nepal The Nepali Internet UUCP access in Nepal Nepal with Full Internet Nepal contact info .np country domain is active

16 References General Web Links to Information about Nepal
Web Links Concerning ISPs and Networking in Nepal Top Level Domain contact World Link Communications Mercantile Office Systems General Web Links to Information about Nepal 2000 World Factbook: Nepal (U.S. CIA) Nepal Online NepalNet City.Net Nepal


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