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Welcome to WorldQuest 2006! Presented by the Friday, January 27, 2006.

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1 Welcome to WorldQuest 2006! Presented by the Friday, January 27, 2006

2 Sponsored by: General Mills The Smikis Foundation Ten Times Ten Foundation

3 Prize Sponsors: ● American Swedish Institute ● Minnesota Dance Theater ● Azia/Anemoni Sushi ● MPR/The Current ● Bryant Lake Bowl ● Punch Neapolitan Pizza ● Café Barbette ● Radisson Plaza Firelake Grill ● Electric Fetus ● Science Museum of Minnesota ● Doug Forsberg ● Target ● KFAI 90.3 FM Radio ● Turtle Bread ● Kinder, Susan ● Walker Art Center ● The Marquette Hotel ● Wilderness Inquiry ● The Royal Norwegian Consulate General

4 Round 1 Flags & Capitals

5 1.What country does this flag represent? A) Algeria B) Morocco C) Egypt D) Kenya

6 2. Manila is the capital of which country? A) Palau B) Malaysia C) The Philippines D) Vietnam

7 3. What country does this flag represent? A)Brazil B) Paraguay C) Chile D) Bolivia

8 4. Asmara is the capital of which country? A) Mauritania B) Eritrea C) Ethiopia D) Djibouti

9 5. What country does this flag represent? A) Burma B) Nepal C) Bangladesh D) India

10 6. The capital of Sudan is___. A) Darfur B) Khartoum C) Mogadishu D) Nyala

11 7. What country does this flag represent? A) France B) Czech Republic C) Netherlands D) Armenia

12 8. ______ is the capital of Turkey. A)Istanbul B)Ankara C)Antalya D)Damascus

13 9. What country does this flag represent? A) Italy B) Botswana C) Cote d’Ivoire D) Ireland

14 10. Dhaka is the capital of ___. A) Micronesia B) Hungary C) Bangladesh D) Maldives

15 11. What country does this flag represent? A) Ukraine B) Democratic Republic of Congo C) Somalia D) Guatemala

16 12. The capital of Morocco is ____. A)Tangier B)Casablanca C)Marrakech D)Rabat

17 13. What country does this flag represent? A) Puerto Rico B) New Zealand C) United Arab Emirates D) Malaysia

18 14. _______ is the capital of Pakistan. A)Hyderabad B)Lahore C)Islamabad D)Peshawar

19 15. What country does this flag represent? A) Namibia B) Vietnam C) Zaire D) Tunisia

20 That’s all the questions for the “Flags & Capitals” section of World Quest! Please turn in your answer sheet!

21 Round 2 People in the News

22 1. Who is this?

23 2. Who is this?

24 3. Who is this?

25 4. Who is this?

26 5. Who is this?

27 6. Who is this?

28 7. Who is this?

29 8. Who is this?

30 9. Who is this?

31 10. Who is this?

32 11. Who is this?

33 12. Who is this?

34 13. Who is this?

35 14. Who is this?

36 15. This is…

37 Round 3 World Geography

38 1. ____ was known as Persia until 1935. A) Iran B) Turkmenistan C) Syria D) Turkey

39 2. Yue, Wu, Minbei, Minnan, Xiang, and Gan are all _____________. A)Ethnic minorities in China B)Chinese cities that have research universities C)Languages spoken in China D)Chinese dynasties

40 3. Which of the following mountain ranges are found in Morocco? A)Ahaggar Mountains B)Tibesti Mountains C)Aberdare Mountains D)Atlas Mountains

41 4. Which of the following languages is attributed to the indigenous people of northern Australia ? A) Bandalang B) Maori C) Kosrean D) Nukuoro

42 A)Mount Logan B)Mount Columbia C)Fairweather Mountain D)Mount Cook 5. Which of the following is the highest mountain in Canada?

43 6. Bahr al Milh, Buhayrat ath Tharthar, and Buyhayrat al Habbaniyah are the names of _______. A) Tributaries to the Tigris River B) Ports on the Persian Gulf C) Neighborhoods in Baghdad D) The three major lakes in Iraq

44 7. Name the countries of Europe through which the Alps mountain range extends. For an extra point, name the highest peak (8 possible points).

45 8. Mafia Island is part of which country: A) Italy B) Tanzania C) Cyprus D) Morocco

46 9. ________ is the city in northern India that is the seat in exile of the Dalai Lama. A) Dharamsala B) Najibad C) Shimla D) Rampur

47 10. Prior to Morocco’s independence in 1956, the area was colonized by both France and Spain. Which of the following cities remain under Spanish control? (2 possible points) A) Melilla B) Ifni C) Safi D) Ceuta

48 11. Name the country that is approximately the size of Texas that borders the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Aegean Sea.

49 12. Which one of the following cities is NOT located in Somalia? A) Jowhar B) Dodoma C) Mogadishu D) Hargeisa

50 13. After an April 2005 meeting between Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, China officially recognized which of the following Himalayan territories as part of India? A) Kashmir B) Hindu Kush C) Tibet D) Sikkim

51 14. This lake serves as a partial border between Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo? A)Lake Albert B)Lake Edward C)Lake Tanganyika D)Lake Turkana

52 15. Which one of the following seas borders the Crimean Peninsula? A) Mediterranean Sea B) Caspian Sea C) Sea of Azov D) Ionian Sea

53 Bonus Challenge Question: List the 10 cities that hosted Live8 concerts in July 2005. (10 possible points)

54 Round 4 Current Events

55 1. The Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate Change recently convened representatives from Australia, China, South Korea, ___, ___, and _____ to discuss solutions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A) Japan, North Korea, and the Philippines B) Russia, Canada, and the United States C) Japan, India, and the United States D) Russia, Japan, and Indonesia

56 2. Morocco’s government is a constitutional monarchy, with King Mohamed VI the chief of state. Who is Morocco’s current Prime Minister? A) Mohamed Ben Aissa B) Driss Jettou C) Ali Belhaj D) Ahmed Benjelloun

57 3. Which of the following countries became the first former Soviet state to elect a communist president in 2001? A) Moldova B) Ukraine C) Belarus D) Georgia

58 4. In December 2005, Evo Morales, a former coca leaf grower of indigenous background, was elected president of which country? A) Bolivia B) Colombia C) Peru D) El Salvador

59 5. Senator Coleman and Kofi Annan disagreed publicly over whether the United States or the United Nations should have control over ICANN. What does ICANN stand for? (one possible point)

60 6. Prior to the serious stroke which removed him from power, Ariel Sharon left the Likud party to form a new centrist political party in Israel. Name the acting prime minister, the new centrist party, and the individual whom Likud elected as their new leader. (3 possible points)

61 7. Judie Roy plays which of the following roles in Haiti? A)Head delegate of the Organization of American States, a multinational group supporting the upcoming elections B)Mayor of Port au Prince C) Interim Commander of UN peacekeeping forces D) The only woman among 34 candidates for president of Haiti

62 8. Two Minnesotans were recently named as U.S. ambassadors. Name these individuals and the countries to which they will be posted.

63 9. Earlier this month, France’s cultural minister called _____ a “great European actress” and proclaimed her a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters. A) French actress Juliette Binoche B) Spanish actress Penelope Cruz C) British actress Emma Thompson D) Italian actress Sophia Loren

64 10. In the fall of 2005, MIC hosted two former heads of state and a future king. Name the dignitaries and their countries. (6 possible points)

65 11. The majority of Iraqis identify with which branch of Islam? A) Sunni B) Shi’a C) Baha’i D) Sufi

66 12. Peru’s National Election Board recently barred ______ from running for president in upcoming national elections in April. A)Vladimiro Montesinos B)Alejandro Toledo C) Alan Garcia Perez D) Alberto Fujimori

67 13. Earlier this month, the Polish government recalled its own ambassadors to 10 countries because of the ambassadors’ personal links to the former communist regime in Poland. From which of the following countries were Polish ambassadors NOT recalled? A) Britain B) Argentina C) United States D) Germany

68 14. Who was elected president of Iran in June 2005? A) Ayatolla Ali Hoseini-Khamenei B) Dr. Mohammad Reza Aref-Yazdi C) Mahmud Ahmadi Nejad D) Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

69 15. Chinese New Year will be observed on January 29, 2006. In the Chinese calendar, 2006 is the year of the ________. A) Rat B) Dog C) Rooster D) Monkey E) Pig

70 The Associated Press Reported that on December 30 2005, the last of the UN peacekeeping force in Sierra Leone withdrew. Name the seven countries in Africa who currently have UN peacekeeping forces of more than 3000 (7 possible points). Bonus Challenge Question:

71 That’s all the questions for the “Current Events” section of World Quest! Please turn in your answer sheet!

72 CONGRATULATIONS!!! Thank you for playing WORLD QUEST 2006!!!

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