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Capita One Software Update Seminars 2014

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1 Capita One Software Update Seminars 2014
Product Roadmap Graham Kavanagh

2 Agenda Migration Programme Review
Migration Adoption / Migration Support Proposed Product Roadmap 2015 Migrations Module Specific Projects Targeted Enhancement Projects Statutory Updates New Solutions Technology Roadmap 2015 Social Care Update Case Management Vision Beyond the next 12 months…

3 Migration Programme Review

4 Migration Programme Support
v3 Sunset Based on customer take up and fit for purpose “De-Support” Access to existing Knowledge Base No fixes provided to v3 module “De-Commission” Removal of access to v3 module

5 De-support & De-commission dates
Module v4 v3 Availability De-Supported De-Commissioned A&T Back Office Available Autumn 2014 A&T Online Attendance B2B:Student Autumn 2015 Bases Children in Employment Autumn 20141 Summer 2015 Children in Entertainment Children's Support Services (CSS) Early Years Education, Planning & Monitoring (EPM) Autumn 2016 To be scheduled Exclusions Governors Grants & Benefits Hearing and Vision Impaired (HIVI) Music Tuition Population Forecasting PULSE Special Educational Needs (SEN) Training Manager2 Transport2

6 Proposed Product Roadmap 2015
Migrations System v4 EPM v4 POP4 v4 Module Specific Projects A&T Auto Reallocation B2B Scheduled Tasks Youth Offending – AssetPlus

7 Proposed Product Roadmap 2015
System Specific Projects Performance Improvement Project Targeted Enhancement Projects Early Years Governors HiVi CIEE G&B eStart Statutory Updates

8 Proposed Product Roadmap 2015
New Solutions – Portals Provider Self Update Pupil Premium SEND Parent / Professional Portal Child Attainment A&T Waiting Lists / School Ranking New Solutions – Information Services PRIME BI Child Profiling Tool

9 Technology Roadmap 2015 Selected Highlights Mid Tier Servers
Database Layer Oracle Server (One Only) Version 12C – Planned support from Autumn 2015 (v3.58) SQL Server (One and eStart) SQL Server SP1 & SP3 – No longer supported from Summer 2015 (v3.57) Mid Tier Servers Windows 2012 (64 bit) – Planned support from Autumn 2015 (v3.58)

10 Technology Roadmap 2015 Client Oracle 12C
Microsoft Office 365 from Summer 2015 (v3.57)

11 Capita One Social Care Mission
Capita One Social Care Mission Supporting local authorities in transforming the delivery of social care services and achieving better life outcomes for children, adults and families

12 Social Care high level development plan
Today Ramp-up Expert input and review Shadowing Requirements gathering & Definition Workshop programme Development & Testing Scope Alpha 1 Alpha 2 v1.0 v1.1 V2.0 2014 2015 2016 J F M A S O N D J F M A S O N D J F M A S O N D v1.0 Alpha 1 Initial children’s and families solution Initial functional drops for pilots and ‘war-games’ Full children’s and families solution, early adult’s v1.1 Alpha 2 Full adult care management solution V2.0

13 “ “ Every Local Authority will want One Social Care…
They just don’t know it yet

14 Case Management Model Request Initial Assess Allocate Assess Plan
Request received and evaluated, accept or reject Allocate Assess Plan Provide Review Review request, prioritise, categorise and queue, SLA determined Case assigned to worker Information gathered, assessment performed, plan created Outcome

15 One Case Management – Current Solutions
One Core SEND HIVI Exclusions Child In Emp Child In Ent Youth Social Care eStart CSS One Case Management

16 Beyond the next 12 months…..
Completion of Migration Programme Development of Family Social Care Solution Investigate developing a more integrated approach for Case Management Increase Hosting and mobile working capability Investigate developing a consolidated view of family records from One, Health, Police, Voluntary Sector etc.

17 Beyond the next 12 months…..
Investigate developing multi-tenanted capability to allow multi LA usage of a single system (support consortium models) and allow for 3rd Sector access Web Portals to support Citizen, Service Providers and Professionals Business Intelligence / Predictive Analytics – identify trends, recommend interventions, monitor effectiveness of service Extend B2B to bring in more data from schools and other sources.

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