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History of the Elks of Canada n September 26, 1912 - The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (B.P.O.E.) were founded. They were incorporated in.

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3 History of the Elks of Canada n September 26, 1912 - The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (B.P.O.E.) were founded. They were incorporated in 1913. n First lodge established in Vancouver, BC, in 1912 n Charles E. Redeker became the first National Leader and wrote the ritual and procedures n The Elks spread rapidly across Canada

4 Principles of the Elks CharityLove JusticeFidelity Characteristics/Virtues E - Equality L - Love K - Kindness S - Service

5 The Elks of Canada Today n Largest ALL-CANADIAN, Fraternal and community service organization in Canada n Approximately 16,500 members n About 300 Lodges across Canada n National headquarters located in Regina, Saskatchewan n Royal Purple of Canada - affiliated for over 80 years n Elks open to both men and women as a result of the 1998 referendum

6 Elks of Canada Organizational Chart

7 Mission Statement “A National, Fraternal and Charitable Organization promoting and supporting community needs through volunteer efforts of local lodges” Vision Statement “To be the most progressive family focused organization in Canada, meeting community and member needs and expectations”

8 Parliamentary Procedure n Purpose: ¬Decorum - ensures debate is kept within the bounds of respect and propriety. ­ Order - to safeguard the rights of each member. ® Procedure - to handle the business of the meeting smoothly, quickly and efficiently. n Lodges are guided in their deliberations by: Ý The Grand Lodge Constitution and By-Laws Ý Parliamentary Procedure at a Glance by O. Garfield Jones ÝRobert’s Rules of Order

9 Lodge Committees n Executive: Exalted Ruler (ER) (chair), Immediate Past ER, 3 Knights, Membership Director, Secretary/Treasurer, Esquire & Chaplain. A new Lodge can operate for the first 5 years with an ER, 3 Knights, Membership Director & Secretary/Treasurer. n Membership & Finance: Are the only two “standing” or mandatory committees. n Other: The ER may appoint committees consisting of such members as are required to deal with any item of business. Examples are Charities, Lodge Activity, Management, Sickness and Distress and By-Law committees.

10 New Lodge Grant n A maximum grant of $5,000 is available to new Lodges if funds are approved for such a purpose at a National convention. New Lodges may apply, 1 time only, for up to 2 years from the date they receive their Charter. n Eligible purposes might be lease/rental agreements, utilities for a building, renovations for a building other than those related to licensed premises, and fundraising equipment. n Alcohol and renovations for bar facilities are not eligible.

11 Elks & Royal Purple Fund For Children n National Registered Charity of the Elks of Canada n Founded in 1956 - known as the Elks Purple Cross Fund until 1998 n Focus - to help Canadian children under the age of 19 years who may have special needs, where there is no available money from another source. n Operates - on behalf of the members, mainly through the generous donations and support of local Lodges. n Administration - directed by the National Charities Committee n Application - can be made by a Lodge on behalf of a child who needs personal assistance (under conditions of the Fund’s focus)

12 Provincial Programs n BC - Elks Family Hearing Resource Centre, BC Children’s Camp Society n AB - Institute for Stuttering Treatment & Research (ISTAR), n SK - SPARC (Sask. Pediatric Auditory Rehabilitation Centre), Senior’s Homes, DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Program n MB - Central Speech & Hearing Clinic, Westman Regional Hearing Clinic, Camp WannaKumbac, Manitoba Special Olympic Floor Hockey n ON - Ontario VOICE n PQ - Cochlear Implant Program n NB/PEI - Elks & Royal Purple Deaf Camp n NWT - Elks Hearing Centre, Elks Youth Centre n NFLD/Lab, NS, YK, NU - Local and Community Directed Programs

13 Other National Programs n Personal Assistance n Ongoing Provincial/Territorial Programs n May is Hearing & Speech Month - promotional material available - most at no charge. n Scholarship Program - for students studying audiology or speech pathology, as well as research in children’s speech and hearing. n Addictions Awareness – includes Literary & Poster Contest n Project Good Turn n Friend of the Fund

14 National Sports n National Curling – Saskatoon, SK, March 19-24, 2006 n National Darts –Gander, NFLD, May 26-28, 2006 n The National Sport Pin Program helps to subsidize National Sports n Playdowns occur at the Local & Territorial levels to qualify for the Nationals

15 ALTAR EXALTED RULER (Fidelity) CHAPLAIN LOYAL KNIGHT (Justice) LEADING KNIGHT (Charity) MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR LECTURING KNIGHT (Love) SECRETARY-TREASURER Membership Director, Historian ESQUIRE Members Immediate Past Exalted Ruler Optional officers: Inner Guard, Tyler, Publicity Director, Organist, Historian   DOORDOOR

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