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By Jess, Emily, Kate and Casey

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1 By Jess, Emily, Kate and Casey
La By Jess, Emily, Kate and Casey

2 Christopher Columbus's Ships going to America.
Who were the conquistadors? ‘La conquistador’ was a name which refers to the Spanish Soldiers, explorers, and adventurers . They worked for the Queen from the 15th through to the 19th century. They conquered many lands and became feared in numerous countries. Christopher Columbus's Ships going to America.

3 Conquistadors fighting the natives.
What did they conquer? Conquistadors fighting the natives. The conquistadors brought much of America into the control of Spain in the 15th through to the 19th centuries following Europe's discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus in They conquered the Incas, the Mayans and the Aztecs.

4 What is their history? Before they invaded South America, the conquistadors were part of the Spanish army. They were strong men, skilled only to kill. When the army was not fighting in wars, they had nothing to do. The men were to high up in ranks to work on a farm, and they also had no skill to work, so they resorted to fighting and killing each other.

5 Why did they do what they did?
It is believed that the Conquistadores went to America mainly for: ~Wealth, like gold, silver and spices ~Power ~Growing opportunities for Spanish trade ~Spreading the Catholic Religion to natives ~To build a Spanish Empire. Gold.

6 How did their history influence their
future decisions? La conquistadors were trained to kill and conquer. They were all under the queen of Spain’s control and they were her army. When the war they were fighting in was over, they had nothing to do and no work to perform. As the Conquistadors were of higher class than farmers or peasant workers, and the only skill that they had was to kill, they were left without any income and all they had were their weapons and horses. As the numbers of unemployed Conquistadors was so great, and the work that they could perform was little, the Queen had to do something about their current situation. The answer to her problem then arrived. Christopher Columbus was planning to go on an expedition to the ‘New World’ and he needed many men to help him and because the Conquistadors were trained to kill and conquer, he took them to help Spain to conquer America.

7 When did it happen? The invasion began in America against the Aztecs in February 1519 and was announced victorious on August 13, 1521, by an army of Spanish conquistadors. FEBRUARY 1519 AUGUST 1521

8 What happened? The conquistadors were Spanish warriors who conquered the native people of North and South America during the late 15th and early 16th centuries. As the Spaniards began to arrive in the Americas, they claimed territory for Spain. They conquered this land by conquering the Aztecs in Mexico, the Mayas in southern Mexico and in Central America, and the Incas in western South America. The native people, who travelled on foot and defended themselves with spears and knives, were defenceless against the conquistadors, who rode on horseback and were armed with guns. Many natives also died from illnesses that the Europeans carried to the Americas.

9 that this event happened? Why?
Was it necessary that this event happened? Why? This occurrence of this event was not necessary. The Conquistadors were the Spanish army. When the war had finished, the army didn’t know what to do. They had no work experience. They only skill they had was killing people. The Queen ordered the army to invade South America in order to expand the Spanish Empire. So this event was not necessary, it was a way of occupying the Spanish army and to keep them from killing each other.

10 the rest of the world? How?
Did this event affect the rest of the world? How? This event did affect the rest of the world at the time. The Spanish Conquistadors encouraged countries to explore the world and find new lands. They also spread the Spanish Empire throughout the world, and killed many innocent people from the South Americas. These Native peoples were defenceless against the powerful Conquistadors. The wars that raged for several years between the Spanish and the Natives, destroyed many cultures, families and kingdoms. World Map.

11 How did this event affect the
world today? This event effected the world today a great deal. If it wasn’t for the Conquistadors, New Lands wouldn’t have been discovered, we would still think that the world was flat, and new people and cultures would not have been discovered. But this event also had a bad affect on the world today. The wars that went on between Native South Americans and the Conquistadors, destroyed many cities, cultures and sacred artefacts. These would show a great deal about how people used to live.

12 What was the Queens involvement
in this event? Explain. The conquistadors were all under the Queens power, and they were her responsibility. When Christopher Columbus wanted to go on an expedition to the ‘New World’ it was the Queen who volunteered the conquistadors for this job. Spanish Queen

13 Recommendations To Her Majesty, the Queen Of Spain
These people are not beasts; they are being treated unfairly and unjustly. These beings do have souls; therefore they should be treated as such. Drastic measures will need to be taken as soon as possible to reconcile all hostility that we have caused between our troops and the natives. A treaty must be formed fairly and both groups, troops and natives, shall have to agree on it before it is put in place. Some suggestions I have collected for the treaty include: ~ Land shall be divided between the two groups evenly ~ Each group shall be made to understand the other groups culture, beliefs, and way life ~ People from each group shall be treated the same, and in trials the outcome will not be based on their group ~ No-one is to discriminate against each other because of their group ~ Those from either group who have lost loved ones during the fighting shall be compensated for If these laws are put in place then we can be sure that peace will be restored to this vast land. Our men and the natives shall be able to get along and you, my queen, can be certain, that in doing these small simple steps, you shall be rewarded greatly. In the future Spain shall have control over much of America and the goods that we are exporting and importing shall become bigger, and better, and more goods means more gold. I can honestly see Spain, in the near future becoming a very wealthy country indeed. Regards, Sir Pablo, Commander in Chief

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