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Welcome to: Radical Leadership: A Panel Discussion.

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1 Welcome to: Radical Leadership: A Panel Discussion

2 Today’s program is presented in partnership between Global Corporate College and 2

3 Ronni Townsend Solutions Architect Anne Arundel Community College Why Radical Leadership?

4 What is Radical Leadership? Google leadership – 491 million Amazon has over 28,000 books on leadership Global Corporate College series – Radical Leadership 4

5 Radical Why ‘Radical’ Leadership?  Affects fundamental nature  In chemistry  In chemistry - an atom that has an electron free to form a bond  Not prescriptive  Not prescriptive – depends on your organization & its needs  What you do  What you do – flexible approach rooted in values 5

6 Y2K vs 2020 Y2K:Y2K: navigating the rapids of turbulence, currents of change Future: VUCAFuture: VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) What’s different?What’s different? 6

7 The Generation that Leads Baby Boomers 7 Millenials

8 Leadership Skills for an Agile Workforce 10 skills identified in10 skills identified in Leaders Make the Future by Bob Johansen 3 leadership clusters3 leadership clusters –Creativity and Freedom –Connection and Collaboration –Embracing Differences and Change 8

9 Creativity and Freedom Leadership Skills Rapid Prototyping Clarity Immersive Learning Bio-Empathy 9 GCC’s Observations Design thinking- brainstorming to “KIS” Critical thinking/problem solving Continuous learning process on-the-job

10 Connections and Collaboration Leadership Skills Maker Instinct Commons Creating Smart Mob Organizing 10 GCC’s Observations Trust Nurture/Grow Inspiration Collective “WE”

11 Embracing Differences & Change Leadership Skills Constructive Depolarization Dilemma Flipping Quiet Transparency 11 GCC’s Observations Strengths-based coaching Authenticity Perspective “Grace Under Fire”

12 Radical Leadership Today in Maryland Our Panelists –leaders of successful organizations of different sizes and different industries –share their experiences in ‘radical leadership’ Your mission: –Define ‘radical’ leadership for yourself and your organization 12

13 Radical Leadership: A Panel Discussion Dr. Jean M. Runyon Associate Vice President of Learning Advancement and the Virtual Campus Anne Arundel Community College MODERATOR:

14 Panelists Brett Kelly Vice President of AIRMALL® at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) 14 Dr. Patrick Mish Founder of M-Edge Accessories Joyce R. Phillip Chief Human Resources Officer, University of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc. Jerry South Founder and Chairman of Towne Park

15 15 Today’s program is presented in partnership between:

16 Questions

17 17 For today’s PowerPoint and handout, as well as simulcast recording visit our website at:


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