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1 1. Content lesson 4 E-mail: sending and receiving messages.

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1 1 1. Content lesson 4 E-mail: sending and receiving messages.

2 2 2. What is E-mail? Electronic mail: Letters, photos, pictures. Sending – receiving – storing. You need: A place to deliver the mail. And an address.

3 3 3. E-mail addresses A provider provides the internet connection and a postbox. That provider may be a company, ministry, university etc. Address: yourname@provider.extension Company: (example) University: (example) Ministry: (example) Company:

4 4 4. To choose an e-mail provider. We choose Hotmail: Free. You can use it on many places in the world. Offers a lot of languages to communicate. When you do’t use for a month, you have to reactivate it!

5 5 5. Obtaining an e-mail address. I’ve made an e-mail address for you. E-mailaddres Password:don’t forget it! Secret question: don’t forget it! My address:

6 6 6. Go to Hotmail Open Internet Explorer Go to: Favorieten in the menubar Choose: Koppelingen, Gratis Hotmail Type in the box “aanmelden”: –Your e-mailaddress –Your password Click on”aanmelden” /sign in

7 7 7. Home page options Hotmail Main options: –Today –Mail –Contacts Other important e-mail options: –Options –Help Other options: –MSN options –Web search –Sign out

8 8 8. Mail Today How much storage are you using? How many new messages are there in your box? Choose Inbox my messages or Inbox by clicking on it. Go back to Today

9 9 9. Reply a message Go to: Mail Got to the message: Crailo-mail Click on : Reply Type an answer in text box Save a copy Push on “Send”

10 10 10. Sending messages Go to Mail Choose:New. Type the address of your teacher: Type the name of a subject. Write a short message in the text window. Choose: Copy Message to Sent Folder. Push Send. Go back to Today

11 11 11. Different Options Go first to “options” – Look at the possibilities. You may change your language her in French or English –Look at the other options Go to Today. Look at the different possibilities of the other options If there time is left you may e-mail to others

12 12 10. Next time. Close Hotmail by choosing Sign-out Don’t forget it! Next time we continue to e-mail. We will learn how to send information from Internet to other people.

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