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MGH Psychiatry Department Diversity Committee October 21, 2010.

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1 MGH Psychiatry Department Diversity Committee October 21, 2010

2 Overview History of Department Diversity Committee History of MGH Diversity Committee 2002 Summary and Report 2008 Retreat Goals and Strategic Planning Where are we today? Where do go from here?

3 History MGH Diversity Committee transitioned from Board of Trustees Subcommittee, 1997 MGH President Mongan asked MGH Dept chiefs to create hospital wide Diversity Initiative, 1997 MGH Psychiatry Diversity Committee convened by then Department Chair, Edwin Cassem,MD, 1997. Psychiatry is only department to create a formal committee.

4 Diversity Leadership MGH Diversity Committee James Mongan, MD 1997-2003 Peter Slavin, MD and David Torchiana, MD 2003- Psychiatry Department Diversity Committee David Henderson, MD 1997-2002 Jerry Rosenbaum, MD 2002 Greg Fricchione, MD 2002-07

5 MGH Commitment to Diversity “Massachusetts General Hospital provides a welcoming and supportive environment to employees of all ethnic backgrounds, cultures, ages, lifestyles and physical abilities.”

6 MGH Diversity Committee Initiated programs in each area of focus - MGH as an Employer - MGH as a Provider of Care - MGH as a Member of the Community

7 Psychiatry Dept Diversity Committee Mission Statement “Our mission is to promote awareness and understanding of the values of cultural diversity to enhance relationships, tolerance and ability in our community.”

8 Psychiatry Diversity Committee Summary Report, 2002  Trainee Recruitment  Track/discuss trends  Letter to Black Medical Students  Trainee Curriculum  2000 Trainee Survey showed trainees felt understanding issues of difference important but not integrated into didactics  Department Survey  Estee Sharon, PsyD created; 22% response rate

9 2002 Summary Report  Psychiatry Grand Rounds  David Mischoulon, MD brought diverse speakers to inc awareness  Psychiatry Patient Diversity  Need more accurate data; “unknown” race category; tracked visits not individ patients  Little change from 1997-2002: 14% minority on inpt and 7% outpt  Senior Staff Recruitment  challenges include dept culture of hiring graduating trainees and insufficient funds

10 Retreat June, 2008  17 Diversity Committee Members and Psychiatry Leadership  Presentation on MGH Diversity Committee/Retreat 2006 Elena Olson, JD (MAO) Deb Washington, RN (Patient Diversity Services) Allison Rimm, MS, Vice President of Strategic Planning  Strategic Planning with Allison Rimm, MS Guiding Principles Mission and Vision Statement SWOT analysis Goals

11 Guiding Principles: What are we about? Honesty Transparency: openness and accountability Equal Opportunity Safety: create safe environment for expression and learning Committment: hold hospital leadership accountable Open to Self Awareness

12 Strategic Planning Mission Statement: Defines fundamental purpose succinctly Vision Statement: Outlines what the organization wants to be. Concentrates on the future and is a source of inspiration. It provides clear decision making criteria.

13 Strategic Planning SWOT analysis: Strengths - characteristics that gives an advantage relative others Weaknesses -characteristics that place us at a disadvantage relative to others Opportunities – External chances to make greater growth/profit Threats – External elements that hinder/cause trouble for organization

14 Goals 1. Psychiatry Diversity Committee representation on MGH Diversity Committee 2. Get support for Psychiatry Diversity Committee initiatives from department 3. Work with HMS re: faculty education 4. Provide orientation for new department members 5. Define cultural competency/sensitivity 6. Make diversity a part of GME orientation

15 Goals 7. Exit interviews for trainees/employees 8. Incorporating multicultural views into clinical/research practice 9. Survey faculty about awareness of diversity issues 10. Involve Chief in recruitment/retention 11. Track faculty/patient diversity trends 12.Explore patient satisfaction surveys

16 Where are we today? Committee Membership – Active Working group – Diverse: trainees, directors, junior/senior faculty,staff,clinicians,researchers – Attendance/participation Recruitment – SNMA letter – Cross-collaboration with Visiting Clerkship program, MAO, Training Directors – Trainees /Training Directors on Diversity Committee – Breakfast with URMs Revisiting MGH/ interested in Psychiatry Education – Speaker Series – Frances Bonner, MD award – Collaboration with HMS, MAO – Speakers to Committee meetings – Reading Room

17 Where are we today (continued )? Demographics - Staff survey subcommittee - Research patient statics, subcommittee Communication – Webpage/IT subcommittee – Relationship building Partnerships/Collaborations – SNMA – HMS – McLean Hospital – MGH Diversity Committee – Disparities Solution Center – MGH Multicultural Affairs Office – MGH Patient Diversity Services – Harvard University Health Services

18 Where are we today (continued)? Accountability – Membership – Subcommittee reports – Biannual report to Chair of Department/Leadership – MGH Diversity Committee (Action Plan, Presentation in Jan, 2011) – Annual presentation/visit by Chair of Dept to committee meeting

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