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Smart Mobile Studio today

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1 Smart Mobile Studio today
Primož Gabrijelčič

2 What?

3 How? browser phonegap / cordova html5 css3 javascript pascal dwscript
node.js micro- controller

4 Why? Run everywhere!

5 Who? Lennart Norway Jørn Christian André Primož Eric

6 When? Now!

7 Demo time

8 Application types Console Canvas Visual WebWorker NodeJS Espruino

9 Application types Console Canvas Visual
Text mode stuff, running inside the browser Small test programs, unit testing Canvas Games Simple applications Visual Forms & components Visual designer

10 Application types WebWorker NodeJS Espruino Browser multithreading
Server applications Espruino Microcontroller programming

11 Good for business Connectivity Forms & components Visual designer
HTTP+JSON (AJAX) RemObjects DataSnap ODATA Forms & components Chart, grid Visual designer Free command line compiler Runs everywhere No special requirements on Android

12 Components Smart Component Library 3rd party components Package Manager

13 Runtime library Forms & components Hardware support Layout
Acceleration Touch Geolocation

14 Runtime library HTML5 CSS3 Inet Local storage Cookies WebSQL Effects

15 Language enhancements
Lambdas Properties with anonymous storage Property expressions In-line variable declaration Type inference Multiline strings Conditional operator … and more

16 Final thoughts

17 Documentation Smart Mobile Studio A Smart Book Forum Stack Overflow [smart-mobile-studio] Smart Programmer blog

18 $199 itdevcon2013 Availability Smart 2.0 Editions
November 2013 Editions Basic, $42/yr Espruino + Canvas + Console + Node.JS Professional, $149/yr Basic + Visual Enterprise, $399/yr Professional + database connectors Free for educational use - Games/Canvas? Price? Difference between Pro and Enterprise? $199 itdevcon2013

19 Remember Be Smart!

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