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Gemex Business concept Gemex : Gemex shall be a natural part of an efficient belt transmission Gemex shall be synonymous with high competence and solutions,

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1 Gemex Business concept Gemex : Gemex shall be a natural part of an efficient belt transmission Gemex shall be synonymous with high competence and solutions, which are technically simple and economically optimal

2 Gemex Gemex provides: Always correct alignment. Always correct belt tension. Always minimum downtime.

3 Gemex What about ”motor attachments”? The motor attachment is not only an attachment, it’s the tool for maintenance and the function and quality of this tool will of cause decide whether you succeed or fail in having an effective maintenance. Above all it’s the tool that shall guarantee the best possible function of the belt drive, correct rpm, long lifetime of the components and highest possible efficiency. Gemex is much more than just a motor attachment.

4 Gemex Gemex provides: Higher availability Optimum conditions gives maximum lifetime to the components. The design makes it possible to drasticly reduce the time needed for maintenance/repairs. To shift belts takes no longer than 15-30min, a retentioning of the belts takes maximum 2min. = Longer time between downtime and shorter downtime.

5 Problems today Correctly installed v-belts have a lifetime of 25 000 hours, in general, and a theoretical efficiency of 97%. Lifetime in reality!  30% of the belts have a lifetime of 5 000 hours or less.  50% of the belts have a lifetime of between 5´ and 12 500 hours.  20% of the belts have a lifetime of 12 500 hours or more.

6 Gemex Are belt transmissions up-to-date? Some people argue that belt drives are not up-to-date, that the function is not satisfying. They are partly right, but the belt drive is not the problem, it's the maintenance that is out of date and that is because the tools for maintenance are not by far reaching the demands of modern industry. The solution is not to change the type of transmission but the tools for maintenance. All types of transmissions need maintenance, and knowledge of how to do it properly.

7 Reduce ”everyday problems” The number of breakdowns will reduce when reducing the number of ”everyday problems” Time Breakdowns

8 Gemex Gemex provides: Higher efficiency Optimum conditions gives minimum losses and a better power transmission to the machine. To low belt tension or not correct retensioning leads to accelerated wear of components and losses in rpm wich often influence the production directly. Inexact alignment leads to higher friction and thereby lower efficiency and a rapid wear of belts and pulleys wich leads to a poorer power transmission.

9 Problems today Flexure of shafts Flexure of shafts, which is a relatively unknown problem in the industry, lowers the efficiency and increases the wear of belts, pulleys and bearings. The problem is that the static load of tensioned belts bend the axles, if the pulleys are aligned with the axles bent, then the drive will run with incorrect alignment.

10 Problems today 1. The belts are tensioned. Traditional tensioning rulers

11 Problems today 1. The belts are tensioned 2. Aligning is done with tension on the belts. Traditional tensioning rulers

12 Problems today 1. The belts are tensioned. 2. Aligning is done with tension on the belts. 3. When the rpm increase the shafts will straighten and the alignment will become poor. Traditional tensioning rulers

13 Project Stora Enso Fors The machine is a pump for chips. Motor power = 110 kW. Belts/pulleys SPB 8 grooves. Before the first measure new belts and pulleys where installed, the belts were tensioned as recommended by manufacturer and the drive were aligned using a laser alignment tool. The motor was attached on a traditional motor mount. The second measure had the same conditions as the first with new belts and pulleys. The motor was attached on a Gemex motor mount. Alignment was carried out with no load on the axles to avoid problems with flexure of shafts.

14 Project Stora Enso Fors

15 Project Gruvön Extract from study made of the University of Karlstad.

16 Energy losses  Flexure of shafts  Incorrect alignment of the drive.  Vibrations derived from the belts.  Belts with incorrect tension or unequal lengths.  Frequently changed belts.  Belts and pulleys which are worn. Generally bad maintenance. This will lead to that the belt drive dosn´t do the work it´s calculated to do.

17 Gemex Gemex provides: Maintenance-savings Lower component consumtion and a lower cost of doing the maitenance work. I general reduces the Gemex customer his consumption of components with aprox. 60%. The time for belt changes and retentioning reduces to a fraction compared to traditional systems. Both to high belt tension and inexact alignment leads to higher loads and wear of shafts and bearings. Gemex provides a guaranteed high quality of the maintenance work.

18 Problems today In some situations urgent reasons leaves no choice but to use force to bend new belts in place. This will either result in too low belt tension, or cause damaged pulleys and/or belts. Furthermore many serious hand/ finger injuries have been caused by actions like this. Solve the cause of the problem! What about belts in real life?

19 Gemex What shall you expect from the maintenance tools? It's not reasonable that it shall take one or several hours for one (or even two!) skilled mechanic/s to change belts on a machine. It's not reasonable that you have to realign the belt drive and measure the belt tension in a complicated way if you only want to re-tension the belts. Belt drives are small links in the chain of production, but they are important! In an effective industry they should not cause any problem.

20 Gemex provides Higher availability Higher efficiency Maintenance-savings

21 Gemex Installations Top mountedHorizontally mounted Vertically mounted

22 Some of our Scandinavian customers Albany International AB Amersham, Uppsala Astra AvestaPolarit Billerud, Karlsborg Billerud, Gruvön Boliden AB Byggelit, Laxå Cementa, Slite Crane AB, Tumba Dalum Papir, Odense Denmark Danisco Sugar, Eslöv Enso Oublication, Finland Franschach Fundia, Mo i Rana Norway Glomma Papp A/S Norway Holmen Paper, Hallstavik Kappa Kraftliner, Piteå Stena fragmentering, Huddinge StoraEnso, Fors StoraEnso, Kvarnsveden StoraEnso, Hyltebruk Södra Cell Värö Bruk Titania, Norway UPM - Kymmene Finland UPM - Rauma Finland UPM - Jakobstad Finland Vattenfall, Drefviken Vattenfall, Uppsala Zinkgruvan Kemira Chemicals, Finland Korsnäs AB Lagamill, Markaryd LKAB Luftfartsverket Arlanda Modo, Husum Mondo Minerals OY, Munksjö Norsk Hydro, Norway Nynäs Refining Ovako Steel, Hofors Outokumpu, Kemi Finland SBE, Ulricehamn SBE, Norberg SCA Ortviken SCA Wifsta, Östrand SCA Packaging, Munksund SSAB Luleå, Oxelösund

23 Some of our customers outside Scandinavia ABB Benelux AGFA, Belgium Air Traitement, France Akzo Nobel, Holland ALZ Steel, Belgium Artic Paper, Poland BASF, Belgium Bayer, Belgium Bekaert, Belgium Belgomilk, Belgium Borealis, Holland, Belgium BP, Belgium, USA Burgo Ardennes, Belgium Cargill, Belgium Celanese, Belgium CBI, Italy CBR, Belgium Carmeuse, Belgium Cloos, Luxemburg Stora Enso, Belgium Philips, Holland Prayon, Belgium Procter & Gamble, Belgium, USA Sappi, Belgium, Holland Solvay, Belgium Sult, Germany Terumo, Belgium Tessendelo group, Belgium thermPhos, Holland Timac Potasco, Belgium TotalFinaElf, Belgium UCB, Belgium Umfurm Technik Erfurt, Germany Unilin, Belgium Volkswagen, Belgium, Germany VPK Paper Industry, Belgium Cockerill Sambre, Belgium Corus, Holland Dalkia, Belgium Disa, Germany, Czech Rep. Duracell, Belgium Electrabel, Belgium Evtac Mining, Canada Feller Rock, Belgium Ford cars, Belgium, Germany Gefi, France GlaxoSmithKline, Belgium Heckett Multiserve, France Huntsman, Holland Intermoselle, Luxemburg Isvag, Belgium Kappa, Belgium, Holland Monsanto, Belgium Norit, Holland Norske Skog, Holland

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