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2 Peace Dove Poems The students whose poetry and artwork is shared in this presentation attended Van Buskirk Elementary School in Tucson, Arizona in the school year. These students and their families have given me permission to share their work in order that other students, teachers, and librarians can learn from their experience. Thank you, children, for your generosity and for your heartfelt expressions of peace. Sincerely, Judi Moreillon

3 Peace is… a present. precious because you give it to your friends colorful. being friends, but the most important thing is… Peace is in our hearts. Susim Islas

4 Welcoming Peace I am welcoming peace with my heart. because I am loved. by helping people. by taking care of my dove. Somewhere today a boy is welcoming peace to the world just like me. Francisco Aguirre

5 Today in My Home Today in my home there is peace. My home is very peaceful. The peace comes from our hearts. We do things together to keep our peace. We have peace because we don’t want our lives to be ruined. Our family makes peace by not doing bad things to each other. In my heart, I see people having the best days of their lives. Vanessa Lopez

6 Today Inside My Classroom
we are peaceful with others always. we are powerful always. we work peacefully we are friends everybody is loved always loved. Mayra Lucio

7 Doves Are a Sign of Peace
White as snow They have a unique message. Their wings send them to deliver their song That this is a wonderful world we all live in. Elizabeth Gourdin

8 Peace is Love Peace is proud. Peace is precious. Peace is being friends with everyone. Peace is powerful. Elissa Maldonado

9 What Lies in Peace Peace is the music in the wind. Peace is the green in the trees. Peace is the dew in the grass. Peace is children playing. Peace is found in friends of all colors. Peace is freedom from evil. Jeanette Gaxiola

10 Peace is… Peace is love and caring. family, freedom and sharing. Beautiful, wonderful and friendly. Julian Ochotorena

11 Today in Our Classroom Today in our classroom everyone is being peaceful by doing their work. we are working hard. we are being powerful. Carlos Aguero

12 Someone May Be… Someone may be rich. Someone may be poor. Someone may be happy. Someone may be sad. Someone may be young Someone may be old. Everyone wants PEACE! Anna Medina

13 Peace is a word that means…
Love for everyone, Something sweet, a present for you, The little birds singing, The sun that shines so bright, And the wind blowing gentle. Peace is a word for everyone! Peace is our dream. Daisy Mata

14 Peace is Something Peace is something we all care about but now we don’t have peace. How can we help? We can stop this war and make peace all around us today. we all can show to our friends, to our family, and to strangers, too. Peace is something people love everywhere. Cesar Valenzuela

15 Peace Today is a day without fighting with peace for my friends and me. Jorge Acosta

16 Peace Today in our town we are showing respect for each other. Today in our school we are being friendly to everybody. Today in our classroom we are learning something new. Today in our home we are remembering our lifeskills. Today in our family we are loving each other. Elizabeth Leon

17 The fourth grade “Peace Room” created this Peace Dove Project as an expression of their understanding of the concept of peace. The students worked with the art teacher to interpret Picasso’s peace doves. They read children’s literature related to achieving individual and community peace. Students experienced many forms of poetry and explored the power of language to convey feeling. They composed their poems to accompany their artwork. This was a collaborative project between the students and their classroom teacher, art teachers Tracy Ross and Cindy Jameson, teacher-librarian Diane Skorupski, and literacy coach Judi Moreillon. The Peace Dove Project will travel to other schools as part of the Global Art Project. © Judi Moreillon .

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